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Forbes Agency Council is an invitation-only, fee-based organization for executives in successful public relations, media strategy, creative and advertising agencies. Find out if you qualify at ... Media Relations Tips Insights and advice on pitching, writing, planning and more from media professionals In today's media landscape, getting reporter attention requires a blend of logic, art, relevance, timing and reach. Since the start of public relations, media placements have been the holy grail of PR success. However, with shrinking newsrooms and journalists being bombarded with pitches, how does a media relations campaign stand a chance in this new age?. After attending Ragan’s PR & Media Relations Summit in New York, it’s clear relationships are still the foundation of good PR. As a therapist with over a decade of experience working with couples, here are my top tips for how to have a good, healthy relationship. The key is being communicative and proactive. 1. Do the things you did the first year you were dating. Relationstips shares the love, provides relationship tips and advice and help guide you when you are feeling lost. The articles in this site aim to take it to the next level and coach you to create strong relationships with yourself and your loved ones. To keep your love alive and strong, here are 21 tips to make your long distance relationship work: 1. Avoid excessive communication. It is unwise to be overly “sticky” and possessive. You two don’t really have to communicate 12 hours a day to keep the relationship going. Many couples think that they need to compensate for the distance by ... Labor Relations Union Communication Guidance: TIPS and FOE #Celeste Purdie and Jim Rhollans By Celeste Purdie and Jim Rhollans April 26, 2016: During a union-organizing campaign, business leaders ... Start with our list of 101 public relations examples, strategies, and tips. PR can be a strong addition to your marketing mix. Start with our list of 101 public relations examples, strategies, and tips. Public Relations (PR) helps build and maintain positive public image of your business to the public. At the heart of this form of communication ... Here are seven leadership behaviors you should implement to foster positive employee relations: 1. Carefully select employees and quickly build a relationship with them Don’t just evaluate candidates for skills. Consider the candidate’s values as well by asking questions about how they handled peer and management interactions at other jobs. Grow Public Relations Tips and Tricks for Your Business Creating an efficient PR and marketing plan is a cornerstone to building up your organization's success.

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a reddit for PR professionals and, or for anyone who wants to share public relations and marketing news, tips and also resources.

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This subreddit is devoted to the mystical arts of public relations in games. Feel free share inspiring examples of PR done right, PR faux pas (or worse), tips & tricks, incredibly bizarre reviews—you name it.

2012.09.14 23:54 Mithryn Lifehacks, and survival tips for those who have left mormonism behind

Leaving the mormon church means a chance whole new set of values. A new set of introspection, life altering experience. It means new dating situations as well as perhaps therapy bills and divorce courts. It means a whole host of things that matter in day-to-day living. This subreddit is about getting on with life. No posts about proving the church is true/false or for ranting about how the church is hurting you or church memes ([/exmormon]( exists for that niche

2020.09.19 07:50 zannet_t My personal impressions playing the Open Beta

Let me be clear upfront: I won't be answering any comments or messages asking how to access the Open Beta.
To put everything I'm about to say in context, I've only played for about 15 hours in the past 4 days (if ID is any indication, I was the 10499th player in). I went in pretty much blind and have been just doing whatever struck my fancy without trying to min-max. In other words, I haven't attempted an exhaustive sweep of the game and this isn't a comprehensive analysis by any means.
Unsurprisingly given that I've spent so much time on it already, I think Genshin is a fun game. The exploration and combat in particular have been its biggest drawing points for me.
I. Exploration is accessible early on and it feels organic.
Exploration may seem daunting when you start the game, but the world opens up as soon as you are able to accumulate some Oculus to upgrade your stamina a few times. By the time I acquired about 20 of them (there are currently two kinds, Anemoculus and Geoculus, corresponding to Mondstadt and Liyue) there was nothing I couldn't reach with smart stamina management, and these things aren't hard to get (usually involves climbing high and gliding down to snatch one midair), so they really aren't setting a high bar for you to dive immediately into exploration. It's no secret that Genshin drew inspiration from Breath of the Wild and I actually think it's surpassed BotW in keeping exploration interesting. The scenery is a treat if you like the aesthetics--I've been constantly climbing up or teleporting to a waypoint high up, gliding down, and looking at the varying landscapes and architectures as I go for my next objective. In the beginning you probably want to get all the waypoints activated ASAP (particularly the major ones called Statues of the Seven that heal you) so you can use them as beachheads for each area. Then if you're not looking for a nearby Oculus, you could be finding Seelies (spirit-like beings) that guides you to loot. Failing that, you could be going around chest-hunting by beating up monsters or destroying impediments. None of it feels forced either. I enjoyed just running around and checking out whatever that's nearby as I traversed the land.
A crucial aspect of exploration is maintaining the right balance on content spacing and I'd say Genshin did well with it. When I was watching videos I thought there seems to be too much empty space, but once I started playing myself I didn't feel like it's an issue because there's so much to do and look at (at least for now) and if there were more enemies populating the map I'd probably have gotten a bit of combat fatigue. In this respect I consider Genshin to be fairly analogous to Horizon Zero Dawn--where you have content to engage with almost whenever you want but it never felt overwhelming. My biggest exploration-related complaints are the fact that (1) there is some delay in your item pick-up time and (2) you have to pick up items from chests after they explode into the surroundings. The latter really pissed me off once when I had to climb up a giant tree twice to unlock a chest, whose contents promptly spilled onto different branches and the ground far below...
II. The combat permits a good amount of creativity and keeps you on your toes.
I think by this point everyone knows about the elemental interactions that form the backbone of the combat system. It's pretty intuitive once you're a day or so in. For instance, you can make an enemy wet using a hydro skill (or the enemy might get wet from stepping into the water) and freeze them temporarily with a cryo skill. This encourages you to set up parties in a way that takes advantage of elemental interactions and/or environmental factors. It was pretty satisfying creating a mini-snow storm with Traveler's whirlwind elemental burst after making the enemy in front of me wet and applying freeze. Simple things like blowing up explosive barrels (and following up with hydro) work too. And I particularly relish rainy days because Lisa can pretty much electrocute everything in her path. The important thing is to set up a party that makes sense for you, whether in terms of weapon or element. I like having an archer because I've played FPS before and I like circular firing on higher level enemies, but not everyone will care about that. Somewhat more importantly, you might end up setting up a party that doesn't feature all your strongest characters but has the most elemental synergy. Of course, the elemental interactions work the other way around too so you have to watch out and learn to back off at the right times. Being frozen and absorbing hits from all sides is not fun, even when the enemies are lower level than you.
Speaking of enemies, there is a decent variety of enemies that populate the land with their own tendencies (and elements). I have not encountered anything super complicated, but they do reward you playing to each enemy's tendencies (shooting golems in their head twice in quick succession to stun them for instance). So each battle can feel like a different mini-puzzle with different combinations of environmental factors, your party members, and the enemies put in play. This has kept things fresh for me.
Overall I'd say Genshin is definitely worth trying out. I've said my piece on the exploration and the combat already, but I also think the writing and soundtrack are fairly competent, and that's pretty much all I can ask for at this stage.
This is not to say all I've only seen positive. I think my biggest potential concerns lie with its gacha economy and content update scheduling.
III. The premium currency income feels abysmal.
As a gacha gamer for years I can confidently say Genshin is easily the least beginner-friendly I know in terms of gacha income. Excluding the 20 rolls you get from the prereg and reaching adventure rank 10 (they will give 10 more rolls when you reach AR7 after global launch), at this point I've scrounged up a grand total of 11 or 12 rolls. Yes, 11 or 12 rolls after about 15 hours of gameplay and having explored a supermajority of the available map. That might seem surprising because you get Primogems from pretty much everything: opening most chests, finding waypoints, achievements, quests, and even viewing battle tips (surprisingly, no daily login and I have no idea if it'll be a thing). But the sums are absolutely paltry. I think you get 2-10 gems (if any) for each chest depending on the difficulty of the mobs you had to kill/the amount of effort you spend to find it. Each waypoint is 5 (I forget if Statues are 10). Achievements are generally 5 with a few being 10. Quest tend to give more, but they also take a lot more time. I remember in my first hour or so I thought I did a lot of things, opened up the menu, and thought you only need 160 gems to do a tenfold, only to realize no, 160 was one roll.
Now you might argue, hey you've been screwing around for 15 hours so maybe you aren't doing it right. Sure, but in my years trying out gacha games I've never ever had to gun for premium currency at the outset just to pick up a few tenfolds. The faster way to gain Primo gems seem to be daily quests (which give 60) and Spiral Abyss (which not only require AR 20 but also at least moderately leveled parties), but given the changes to the Spiral Abyss we've heard about, I'm not sure how viable it is for new players, particularly F2Ps and light spenders, for who knows how long. Particularly concerning is the fact that Spiral Abyss level 8 or above require highly leveled parties and levels 1-8 only give you a combined one-time reward of 15 rolls. So let's take a high projection and assume all existing one-time rewards (i.e. story/free character quests, exploration, and Spiral Abyss levels 1-8) gives you something like 50-60 rolls in total. That's...not a lot, especially considering the rates in this game. Every gacha I've played has given me more rolls much faster when starting out, and most of them have better rates.
This is where I'll veer into subjective commentary and advocate for two things given the low gacha income. One, to the extent that you think you'll probably keep with the game for a few months, I'd suggest that you reroll. Yes, you get a guaranteed SSR unit if you save up 90 rolls for a rate-up banner...but I can't imagine 90 rolls coming earlier than the 2-month mark given how low my Primogem income has been so far. And since you're probably playing the same party for that entire period so you can access/complete Spiral Abyss ASAP (not to mention you'll be saving up for 90 rolls), you really don't want them to be bad. Like, get a waifu or a high-tier SSR so you can get rid of Amber at least. I enjoy FPS and kiting as much as anyone and I still want to replace her every waking moment. Yes, I know rerolling will suck. You will most likely give up your Get Ready for the Road rewards. PS4 players may find it too daunting to reroll since they're going to need to create a new PSN account each time, and PC/mobile players will have to bank on them not completely neutering salted email accounts. If you're the type of person to be burned out because of the reroll process, then don't reroll and dive right in. But think of it as a way to get a good start and be able to start saving for someone else you might really want right at the outset.
Two, I would recommend people wait a few weeks or months before breaking out the credit card. Yes, I know Venti's coming. Just reroll for him if you want him. But the gacha economy really feels bad enough that I do not think Genshin deserves your whaling until you have better clarity on what the income looks like in the long term, how event rewards factor in, and whether the content is something you will actually enjoy after the freshness wears off. This brings me to my final major point...
IV. I'm not sure at this juncture whether the content release schedule will keep pace to sustain interest.
This is probably my least substantive point and it's more of a "we will have to wait and see" comment than anything else, but I think it deserves a bit of space. We don't know what's going to happen from here in terms of content release schedule, but at this point there's not that much meat to the game. You can finish rummaging through the map in a week or two if you're somewhat methodical about it. The enemy variety is decent but you can adapt in at most a week's time And the quest lines don't seem that long. All that is to say you can probably clear out most if not all existing content in a month or so. After that point you'll only be grinding daily quests and some recurring chests (which I hear are a thing but haven't confirmed myself) along with Spiral Abyss bi-monthly (to the extent you can manage). I'm not necessarily knocking on Genshin for not having multiple months of content now because on some level all gachas end up being a set pattern--maintaining the periodic grind while waiting for new content. And I also recognize that new games always tend to feel a little thin and uncertain in terms of content release schedule. But I do think monotony can set in a little harder when the optimal strat may well be to save for 90 rolls and the Primogem gain is so slow. So you may want to pace yourself a little starting out (with the one thing I would rush being your AR to gain access to more content/quests).
Again, I want to emphasize that I have enjoyed Genshin a ton and think it deserves a fair try from anyone who's interested in the open world fantasy genre. Whatever concerns I have are secondary to my generally positive impressions and outlook of the game.
I'm happy to try to answer as many questions as I can, but please understand that like I said I went in blind so I don't consider myself very knowledgeable.
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2020.09.19 07:49 atlasstudios Why install alarm systems before Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and with it the most special times of the year. Time for family reunions and friendships, also on vacation; But Christmas can turn into a nightmare if thieves show up. Installing alarm systems is the best way we have to combat burglars , since among the most common types of thieves are professional gangs specialized in robbing during parties and vacations when homes have been left empty.
Why install an alarm system this holiday season
Faced with the latent threat of being robbed, the use of home alarms is the key for us to enjoy the Christmas holidays with peace of mind. Although there are different types of alarm, all of them are a security element and have a deterrent effect on thieves. In addition, today, there are alarms for all budgets and all types of home, be it apartments in the city or a house with a garden. It is also one more way to avoid squatters, who can take advantage of our absence.
Related Post: Little guide to home security
At Christmas , the Police reinforce surveillance in commercial areas , reducing patrols in residential areas on the outskirts of cities . Buying Christmas presents makes the loot more palatable to thieves . As the most important dates of these festivals approach, thieves also increase their task of guarding homes, both in the early hours of the day and in the afternoons or nights. This activity is key to discover when houses are emptied.
As usual, money and jewelery are the most precious objects for lovers of other people's things in Christmas robberies. Quality perfumes and colognes are a fairly common Christmas gift, and thieves don't lose sight of them either. Something similar happens with electrical devices such as televisions, computers, game consoles, tablets, smartphones, smart watches ... They have some outlet on the black market and are very striking. Something similar happens with clothes or toys.
Types of home alarms
Not just Christmas, but the weeks after the holidays are busy times for thieves. More, if the gifts have been flaunted on social networks, that is why an alarm should be installed according to the type of home. For example, in flats the best option is motion sensors, focused on balconies or windows. A video surveillance camera can also be installed pointing at the door. For chalets and / or houses with gardens, the ideal would be to install perimeter sensors that control the exterior, in addition to internal surveillance or bars.
Christmas safety tips
In addition to installing the alarms, there are other security tips to prevent theft that we can follow all year round, but that have a special impact on Christmas. One of them is the use of armored doors, both in flats and in chalets, which make it difficult for them to be forced. The bars and anti-break glass in low floors or chalets are also recommended. Home automation can also simulate that someone is at home. It is enough to leave the lights programmed to turn on at the right time or leave a half-raised blind to convey that feeling.
In short, no matter how many preventive measures we take, installing an home alarm systems in Chicago this holiday season is the only way to go on vacation with the confidence that when you return from Christmas break there will be no unpleasant surprises. Alarm systems are the ideal solution to all your Christmas home security concerns.
The most effective resource to anticipate a possible theft is to hire the most up-to-date alarm systems on the market. Each particular need is a world, so the ideal thing is to have a home alarm comparator to help us select the most suitable for our case
Getstealth you can make a comparison to find the best offer to keep your home or business protected, taking into account all the characteristics of the home. The comparison is free, don't wait any longer.
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2020.09.19 07:49 chonkier Posting on reddit until I get a girlfriend #179 ( THE END )

Day 1: I know this isn’t the most creative thing to do here, but I have never been in any sort of relationship and hoped I could get some advice from you redditors. This might take over a year or more to do before I either get one or give up, but good luck future me I guess...
Day 2: No
Day 3: Any tips on how I should hit up my crush?
Day 4: Thinking about messaging her and saying hey to get a conversation started but I have to work up the nerves to do it
Day 5: Love it when I have no internet for online school
Day 6: Beep Boop
Day 7: I think I might wait to try anything until this whole global pandemic thing slows down. It’s been a week and Ill Ive done is realize how boring I am with these posts lol. Probably wouldnt be thinking about this so much if soccer season wasnt cancelled... Anyway, beep boop bye boys. That was a lot of writing...
Day 8: I DID IT GUYS! I TALKED TO A GIRL! Jk no I didnt lol
Day 9: Yes this is day 9.
Day 10: After 10 days, my preditction for how long this will go on is... idk fucking forever
Day 11: I tried starting a conversation with my crush on snapchat and she didnt even open it :(
Day 12: Last night she responded to my snap message from 2 days ago and now we might have a streak
Day 13: I am bored today no news lads
Day 14: We dont talk about day 14
Day 15: I have acquired a 4 day streak with my crush and I rly want to talk to her but my scaredness is overtaking my temptation
Day 16: Nothing happened today
Day 17: When you cant stop thinking about a person is not an epic gamer moment, especially cuz we’re stuck at home and cant do anything about it. i want this to be over already so i can try to talk to her.
Day 18: Hi again guys and gals
Day 19: Dont worry Im just passin’ by you sorting by new
Day 20: Woohoo day 20! I tried to talk to her... i snapped her and said hey but she didnt even open it i guess she dont care. that was last night too.
Day 21: Now beginning to realize that this has the potential to take years
Day 22: Just passing by your feed for the day hope you guys are doing well :)
Day 23: Hello
Day 24: Hello #2
Day 25: How are you guys doing today?
Day 26: If I was a news network, I would be bankrupt because I have no news
Day 27: Helloooo
Day 28: I want someone to talk to lol
Day 29: Hello #3
Day 30: Hooray day 30 only like 2 more years to go
Day 31: Im pretty much giving up on talking to girls online so im gonna wait until school starts in the fall and start trying there, so the minimum for this chain of posts in probably like 150.
Day 32: I officially give up... for now
Day 33: 333333
Day 34: technically its actually day ((9(4)+8)/2)+(3(4))
Day 35: Life huh
Day 36: So glad I finally have someone to talk to here on reddit
Day 37: Today’s date is April 28th
Day 38: I almost have 20 followers from doing this like what
Day 39: Its getting harder to remember to post
Day 40: A new milestone aha
Day 41: shit wack
Day 42: Bing bong your opinion is wrong
Day 43: What videogames do you guys play
Day 44: Badabadabada babaaa badabadaba badabaaaaaaaa
Day 45: Whats ur favorite color
Day 46: Day 40 feels like yesterday wth
Day 47: Ice cream yum yum
Day 48: Im posting this at 4:20
Day 49: Ok, so like, um, haha, maybe?
Day 50: Ah, day fifty. You know, I heard that a girl doesn’t want you if they don’t text you first. And guess what happened today.... Nobody texted me I don’t think a girl has ever texted me first now that I think about it
Day 51: I looked at the mirror today and I was like damn i look sexy ahahaha
Day 52: egg
Day 53: Tomorrow’s my last day of online school yerrrrrrr - Also I have somehow now gained 32 reddit followers from doing this shit
Day 54: Shablam shazam
Day 55: Dos rosquillas por favor
Day 56: Is it just me or do the colors purple and turquoise go perfectly together
Day 57: Hangin out with my friend shut up stupid i dont care
Day 58:
Day 59: B
Day 60: I
Day 61: N
Day 62: G
Day 63:
Day 64: The days are beginning to feel shorter and faster...
Day 65: holy hell
Day 66: But you gotta fall back from doing all that extra Why you dancin wit the devil
Day 67: Im the definition of a bandit
Day 68: Idk why bro but i cant get over her even though i only barely ever see her on sc... today was her birthday and i said happy birthday she said thank you.. im ranting but tomorrow eh? nice.
Day 69: Self explanatory joke please leave your laughs in the comments.
Day 70: I accidentally flushed one of my airpods down the toilet when it fell off so now I only have one airpod. it sucks and im sad and then im even more sad bc i realize that having one airpod is this big of a problem to me
Day 71: big sad?
Day 72: Hooga Badooga Googa
Day 73: The internet ruined me
Day 74: I dont want my depression to come back but today I felt it for the first time in a while...
Day 75: Nononononono I changed this one
Day 76: Summer is cool and all, looking at snapchat stories of all the people you know hanging out with each other while sitting in bed alone
Day 77: Hung out with friends today, UNO reverse card ()()()
Day 78: Bliggle ba giggle diggle
Day 79: Have you ever put butter on a poptart... It’s so frickin good... Have you ever put butter on a poptart... If you haven’t then I think you should
Day 80: •_•
Day 81: He just gon’ throw shots at you before he throw subliminals
Day 82: mBeebopmSkeetleebebopmDopm
Day 83: You a lame, you aint gang, so I cant hang with ya
Day 84: He haw he haw
Day 85: I have 78 followers because of this. 78.
Day 86: RipCity?
Day 87: Salmon, rice, mango
Day 88: Yall ever just E E E E
Day 89: xue hua piao piao bei feng xiao xiao
Day 90: Just mixed the Bape with the Simons, my bad
Day 91: There are two types of lonely people. Those that are lonely by choice, and those that are lonely due to circumstances. And I don’t know which one I am.
Day 92: I want to kill myself. I hate my family I hate everyone nothing is good I want to die
Day 93: I think Im bipolar. I either feel very happy or very sad and I think these posts are kinda proof of that. I try my best to stay happy but its hard a lot of the time. Anyway, IgotblackIgotwhitewatchuwant
Day 94: Im gonna start rating my day out of ten on here. Today was a 9/10
Day 95: 4/10
Day 96: 8/10
Day 97: 8/10
Day 98: hmmmm 7/10
Day 99: 9/10 also tomorrow is a big day for this series of posts
Day 100: Wow um okay that went fast. I feel like for today I should give some sort of little update or speech kinda thing. So basically, I kind of have a crush right now but I dont know if I want to pursue her its complicated. Right now its summer break so imma wait til school starts again to try for real again. I can actually talk to girls in person cuz they dont talk to me online lol. I dont know how long this series will go but I will try to post every day until it happens. As of right now my confidence in finding a girlfriend is very low. I dont know how long this is gonna take but probably quite awhile. All I want is for someone to love me for me and a girl that I can share my feelings with, since right now I dont have a person to do that with. I want to lose my virginity, but before that I want to have my first real kiss, or before that even, I want to hold hands or hug a girl. I live a lonely life. Dont be me.
Day 101: Egg penis
Day 102: hooga badooga gag
Day 103: Gooba
Day 104: I havent had a conversation with a girl online or in person since March. (•_•)
Day 105: Blippa blop i guess but like its the 4th of July i guess
Day 106: My copy is ready for pasta
Day 107: Do I even want a girlfriend tho
Day 108: I mean like kinda
Day 109: You dont want no problems at ur party dont invite me ahahaaahaha jk i dont get invited to things ahahaa
Day 110: just another post for my 120 followers to enjoy
Day 111: 111 111 111 111 111 111 111 111
Day 112: I am on vacation u^
Days 113: Yeah going on vacation is cool but have you guys tried sex? ... me neither
Day 114: I dont understand how like literally the ugliest people can be in relationships but like Ive never been close to having one
Day 115: Today I went on a 7.5 mile hike up to the top of a mountain and it was really cool
Day 116: Last day of vacation :( 10 hour drive back tomorrow so sad so saddd
Day 117: Sad pony
Day 118: Stop telling me this wont work its not supposed to work its just something fun to do until I get a girlfriend
Day 119: So da salamilid aint gon fit (wont fit) and the salami (lami lid) wont fit like dat
Day 120: Ive been doing this for 4 months now
Day 121: Im posting this at 3:20 am cuz why not lol
Day 122: I am sad right now
Day 123: Looolalooloooladeedadaloodaleeleeda
Day 124: IMPORTANT READ THIS - So a lot of you guys are telling me that posting on reddit wont get me a girlfriend. Obviously it wont. If I do ever get a girlfriend I would want it to be a girl at my high school that I know, not some random girl I meet on reddit. Remember, I am doing this for fun, I am not even close to getting a girlfriend. I dont have a crush, and I dont really have any friends that are girls. So... with all that said, The salami lid aint gon fit like dat.
Day 125: I am 62.5% of the way to 200 days
Day 126: If any of you are wondering if Ive ever tried to ask a girl out before, I kinda have. The summer before my freshman year I confessed to my crush who I had talked to a lot over about a year and a half. I got friendzoned pretty badly, and kinda gave up with girls for like at least 2 years until I started this
Day 127: Hello to my 144 followers
Day 128: Drop yo Xbox names and what games you play
Day 129: Happytime
Day 130: I dont know what to say its 4 am
Day 131: Dont fire me plz
Day 132: z
Day 133: z
Day 134: z
Day 135: z
Day 136: Confusion
Day 137: Abandonment
Day 138: There is no way Im getting a girlfriend in the next year
Day 139: Why do people like me get created what even are we supposed to do
Day 140: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh whyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Day 141: Wrist keep spinnin like a fuckin rotisserie
Day 142: Bruh i literally have to go to school tomorrow ughhhhhhhhhh
Day 143: It felt good to be back at school it felt like I had a purpose finally and I got to see a lot of people for the first time in a while :) Anyway this one girl... jk theres no girl i lied
Day 144: How many of yall are virgins
Day 145: I dont want to be horny anymore... I want a girl I can text until 3 am and cuddle with while watching NBA games :(
Day 146: Would post Juice WRLD lyrics here but I cant relate to any of them cuz im too lonely
Day 147: I had a great day today. I hung out with people, was very social, told jokes that made people laugh, my team won, I had fun. Its important to recognize these days that are good
Day 148: Goodbye free time and enjoyment, I have to go to school now.
Day 149: eenanashe kabikabi wam dadesh kabikabi dee bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh
Day 150: Wow 150. Another landmark. Pretty cool huh. But anyway since schools started ive been talking to girls that i know more
Day 151: Dopdopdopdopdododododop
Day 152: fuck the system
Day 153: Secrets are hard to keep but Im good at lying
Day 154: I have to write a 400 word descriptive story about my first ever date for English class... now i havent exactly ever been on a date so yall wna give me ideas
Day 155: Please stop commenting stuff like “We will watch your career with great interest” or “This is some dedication” everybody always says it
Day 156: blam blam
Day 157: Posting on reddit until I get a girlfriend #157
Day 158: gotalottanewshit
Day 159: Yo can like 3 more people follow me so I get to 200 followers that would be pretty cool
Day 160: I am not enjoying this whole thing much right now
Day 161: I wonder if you know
Day 162: How they live in Tokyo
Day 163: If you see them and you mean it
Day 164: Then you know you have to go
Day 165: Its so nice talking to girls again mow that school is back
Day 166: If you are reading this dm me and tell me ur favorite food cuz im bored
Day 167: Why do I find like 75% of girls attravtive bruh
Day 168: fuck... fuck... fuck fuck fuck FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKK
Day 169: We have officially reached funny number + 100
Day 170: Drove that pack from Houston, OKC, I feel like Chris Paul ~_~
Day 171: Hassan Whiteside
Day 172: Almost forgot today
Day 173: :371 yaD
Day 174: How did day 173 get three awards bruh
Day 175: Yall be saying this is pathetic but like how is it pathetic
Day 176: I feel like a zombie sometimes
Day 177: I dont even want a girlfriend
Day 178: I am ending this sometime soon probably
Day 179: Yeah so I cant really find the motivation to do this anymore I dont even really want a girlfrend so Im done. Thanks to all the people I met along the way and the hundreds of reddit followers I gained. Maybe someday I wont be single, but its far in the future. Its been a good run, but I just am gonna go now...
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2020.09.19 07:46 uhoh-stinky-poopy First year student help

Hi I’m In first year in the BBA program, and I’m currently overwhelmed and struggling to keep up with content even though I have a relatively “easy” schedule. Could any first years or upper years give me some tips and advice for first year of BBA.
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2020.09.19 07:29 Acanthophis_metalis Help with my family situation

I am currently facing a family predicament and am really unsure of what the correct path here may be. I would greatly appreciate some help. I am 18 by the way.
I currently live with my father, who openly to me hates my mother. She has wronged him in the past certainly but he is behaving in an unfair and unreasonable manner related to this. He brought me from living with my mother due to her new volatile boyfriend but now there are significant problems with him. He is massively struggling with having me and my brother here for numerous reasons and I feel it would be best if I move away.
He has told me that, if I speak to my mother at all, even if I see it is best, that it would be the ultimate betrayal to him and that it would mean he and I have no relationship. His behaviour is currently very toxic and is distracting and harmful to me but I know, as unreasonable as it is, he will suffer lots if he thinks I am giving my mother any joy. And he wants revenge on her, even if bad for us.
He is also suffering lots with me simply being here inherently and we aren't getting along very well, which is why I see moving away as a good idea.
However, my moving away would be greatly aided by having contact with my mother and I do find myself wanting a relationship there too.

My question is, will my dad's suffering related to him making up that I have betrayed him, even if entirely unreasonable, outweigh the goodness that could come from it? Is it the worst thing to have him suffer more, even if by his own cause? How much do I have an obligation to placate and tip-toe around him to not upset him due to it lowering his net happiness? Staying here is bad for both of us and moving away would be much better for me and he has expresse that he wants it but he will likely suffer a lot from it too due to knowing that my mum is getting some happiness from seeing me.
I am struggling significantly with this and would be very thankful for any advice.
Thanks heaps.

My Dad will be unreasonably very unhappy and destructive of our relationship if I have anything to do with my mother due to him wishing suffering upon her and feeling isolating me and my brother from her will do this. I currently see that, despite the bad she's done in the past to myself and my Dad, I would be best to have a relationship of some sort with her. I am trying to move away from here (my father) as I am struggling with some of his toxic behaviour and it is affecting my diagnosed physiological condition for the worse a well as being a massive distraction and he is unhappy with me here but doing so would likely mean involvement with my mum and help from her, and he would find out. Is his suffering from my mum getting happiness reason for me to put up with his behaviour and not seeing my mum whilst staying living with him?
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2020.09.19 07:28 Acanthophis_metalis Help with my family situation

I am currently facing a family predicament and am really unsure of what the correct path here may be. I would greatly appreciate some help. I am 18 by the way.
I currently live with my father, who openly to me hates my mother. She has wronged him in the past certainly but he is behaving in an unfair and unreasonable manner related to this. He brought me from living with my mother due to her new volatile boyfriend but now there are significant problems with him. He is massively struggling with having me and my brother here for numerous reasons and I feel it would be best if I move away.
He has told me that, if I speak to my mother at all, even if I see it is best, that it would be the ultimate betrayal to him and that it would mean he and I have no relationship. His behaviour is currently very toxic and is distracting and harmful to me but I know, as unreasonable as it is, he will suffer lots if he thinks I am giving my mother any joy. And he wants revenge on her, even if bad for us.
He is also suffering lots with me simply being here inherently and we aren't getting along very well, which is why I see moving away as a good idea.
However, my moving away would be greatly aided by having contact with my mother and I do find myself wanting a relationship there too.

My question is, will my dad's suffering related to him making up that I have betrayed him, even if entirely unreasonable, outweigh the goodness that could come from it? Is it the worst thing to have him suffer more, even if by his own cause? How much do I have an obligation to placate and tip-toe around him to not upset him due to it lowering his net happiness? Staying here is bad for both of us and moving away would be much better for me and he has expresse that he wants it but he will likely suffer a lot from it too due to knowing that my mum is getting some happiness from seeing me.
I am struggling significantly with this and would be very thankful for any advice.
Thanks heaps.

My Dad will be unreasonably very unhappy and destructive of our relationship if I have anything to do with my mother due to him wishing suffering upon her and feeling isolating me and my brother from her will do this. I currently see that, despite the bad she's done in the past to myself and my Dad, I would be best to have a relationship of some sort with her. I am trying to move away from here (my father) as I am struggling with some of his toxic behaviour and it is affecting my diagnosed physiological condition for the worse a well as being a massive distraction and he is unhappy with me here but doing so would likely mean involvement with my mum and help from her, and he would find out. Is his suffering from my mum getting happiness reason for me to put up with his behaviour and not seeing my mum whilst staying living with him?
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2020.09.19 07:17 bobbydawn25 I’m an a-hole and it’s ruining my marriage

So I (35F) have a plethora of issues, typically related to my mom but mostly how I’d been coping with all these issues.
I’ve been married 14 years to an amazing human being, he’s kind, thoughtful, patient, and consistent. Not to mention smart and funny, and fun to be around.
I’ve always thought deep down how he deserves to be with someone better, but as he says, he wants to be with me, however I am.
Because of this I’ve been working on being the best version of myself every day, but I can feel myself being irritated or not interested in listening.
He doesn’t deserve attitude or any of that, so my question is, since I can usually feel myself getting bitchy, does anybody have any tips I can practice when I excuse myself for a moment, or maybe what to do in that moment before I even excuse myself?
Any help would be appreciated thank you so much to anyone who read this!!
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2020.09.19 07:16 SociallyAwkward_Life How to actively contribute in a case competition team (or any other group projects)?

I'm a business major who is interested in joining case competitions. I recently joined a practice mini case competition (which only gave us 1 hour to discuss and create a PPT), but am feeling pretty hopeless afterward.
In the past group projects, I had a bad habit of giving inputs without really putting much thoughts into it because I wanted to appear like I'm actually a contributing member. I decided to work on this problem by actually becoming a more attentive listener, only giving inputs when necessary, and putting more thoughts into my ideas before speaking. But here's another problem - I'm a slow thinker so by the time I come up with an idea, everyone's moving onto the next topic. And this was exactly what happened in this practice case competition, which means I haven't really contributed much to the group. Also, the group that I was assigned to consisted of two very active members and another member who was also pretty quiet. This isn't an excuse for getting away with my lack of contribution but it's just that with active members, the pace of our discussion becomes even faster so I find it even more difficult to make valuable inputs.
So my question is, how do you think more quickly while maintaining the quality of your inputs? How do I become a more active and meaningful contributor to a group? Any other tips that relates to working in a group project is also greatly appreciated!
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2020.09.19 07:14 notworriedatallright Work/volunteer for premed during this madness

Hey everyone, I've just started a postbacc this fall and it seems my program doesn't offer any "easy" ways to get experience and such for med school. They don't even include calc in the program which I've been told is necessary for my application?
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone out there had any tips for jobs or volunteer opportunities I could be looking for during this time when every hospital and such doesn't want to take volunteers. I don't have any certifications or med related work experience to branch out of. I've spent my time being a part time teacher and working basic jobs. Thanks in advance!
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2020.09.19 07:14 ThaFilth Follow up Cake Day Post! Tied for 1st on my written promotional exam thanks to Anki. Some best practices for the community.

As a small payback to the Anki community on my cakeday here’s a write up of my promotional exam studying procedure for the last 1-2 years which relied heavily on Anki, as well as some best practices I picked up along the way. This recently culminated in my tying for the top score on my organization’s promotional process written exam. There seems to be a ton of Anki users in this community who use our lord and savior for either medical or language learning, but here’s a bit of my experience using it for promotional exams.
For my first exam cycle in 2014, I played around with Anki a tiny bit, but still relied on paper note cards for the most part as I studied for this multiple-choice exam. I just re-read the debrief I wrote after that exam cycle, and funnily enough I wrote that I wanted to use Anki more in 2016 when I went for the next promotion.
In 2016 I used Anki a bit more, but I still had paper note cards and I think I still, gasp, relied on re-reading my sources throughout the process. So I didn’t quite understand yet how to optimize my study methods. I had to sit out the 2018 cycle as I didn’t have enough time in my current role to test yet. So, I went to work keeping my materials updated and “learning” how to learn. Want a good book to go check out as you transition away from simple rereading?
TIP #1: Go read “Make It Stick” and learn about interleaving, spaced repetition, and active recall. I’m in love with this book.
I also used this break from being able to test to simply search like crazy for study techniques. That brought me to the Ali Abdaal Youtube page, where I saw a couple videos I liked and subscribed to his page for a couple months. I perused the...handful..of useful videos he has made with study tips. Do yourself a favor and check out these videos:
How to Study for Exams with Google Sheets How to Study for exams - The Retrospective Revision Timetable How to Study for Exams - Spaced Repetition Evidence-based revision tips
My promotional cycle’s first step, a multiple-choice exam, relies HEAVILY on either seemingly exactly the same past exam questions, or very similar questions. There is tremendous benefit to getting your hustle on and getting past questions from those who tested before you. I’ve become the guy at my organization that bothers you for exam questions, compiles them, and gives you back the compilation. Sure I constantly get harassed by others for questions because they know I have some, but I have a massive collection for myself, and this benefits me tremendously.
TIP #2: Get past exam questions to practice with
I took these previous exam questions and did a couple things with them. I put them in binders where I had printed my various source materials and… Ah, let me interject with…
TIP #3: Get your sources as PDFs that you can print and put in binders. This makes your sources easy to separate into chapters, search on your computer, and copy and paste into ANKI.
...and I also put these past questions on half sheets of paper cut lengthwise into these binders so I could see exactly where in the book they had come from. This opens your eyes to the particular sections the testing company likes to draw questions from. Mine likes tables, diagrams, definitions, and beginning paragraphs of a new section for example. They also like to revisit the same section for future exams.
More importantly, I put these exam questions into Anki. I created cards that showed me the question but hid the answer choices in a Hint field. So I would try to answer the question for myself, then I would reveal the answers, then I would pick the answer and grade how I did. When it comes to multiple choice exams, you should be studying like you’ll take the exam. One of the best things you can do on your actual exam is:
TIP #4: Cover the answers on your exam with your answer sheet and force yourself to answer the question before you’re confused by the distractor answers.
On my exam I just completed, I marked the hell out of it, writing every answer out before I even looked at the answer choices. Then as I revealed answers one by one, I made a note of how I felt about it as a correct answer. It doesn’t matter what you write, just consider each answer separately before you look at the next. Then once I had selected my answer, I circled that answer. If I was 100% sure it was the answer because ANKI had beat it into my subconscious, I wrote that letter in the Right margin of my exam booklet. If it was somewhat a guess between answers, I wrote it in the Left margin of the exam. I was sure an answer was Right so it went to the Right, get it? Then when I was done with my exam, I knew which ones to pay more attention to during my review, to see if I made an obvious error. But I didn’t change any answers, I trusted my gut.
But back to the long months of studying. I took what I learned in Make It Stick (listen to the audiobook from your local library guys, the apps Overdrive, Libby are your friends) and after a few months of studying, I had to reorganize my decks. To start with, I had decks organized by the source material. And it was fine. I’d study Source A, then B… But one day I had the realization that I was probably giving myself hints from previous cards and not challenging myself at much as I could. So I implemented the “Interleaving” concept from this book. I no longer structured my decks simply by source. I took all the great material from each source and put it in my most frequently seen deck. For example, recently used exam questions from the past 2 years I’d put in subdecks under a parent deck, and I’d ensure I’d see every one of those cards every 2 weeks or so. Then other cards I had created from that source that were not as important, I’d put that in a deck I’d only see every 4 weeks or so. I had about 4 of those parent decks with different maximum intervals. Then I’d only study the parent deck and it would show me a card from Source A, then B, then C. And it was great, I was challenged to recall what the answer could be, I wasn’t given a hint by a previous card. Don’t be afraid to limit the max intervals on the materials you know are super important. For me this was test questions I’d obtained in the last year or so. Those I wanted to see every two weeks.
TIP #5: Use parent decks in Anki to interleave your material
I kept hustling to get more cards created and I brought a study buddy onboard the Anki train. I showed him the benefit, had some troubleshooting lessons with our lord and savior, and eventually he was up and running using Anki effectively. He actually took additional practice sessions with a couple “consultants” that sell their practice questions/exam services to candidates in my promotional process, and he would send those questions my way and we’d add them to Anki. I would say our scheduled study sessions and this injection of fresh questions went a long way to keeping me motivated and learning which topics I needed to brush up on.
Here’s another good tip if you’re entering multiple choice questions into Anki. On the backs of my cards, after the correct answer, I always include a block of text from the source material where that question came from. I always knew why an answer was correct. When I’d get a new batch of exam questions from promotional exams or from my buddy, I’d import and immediately suspend them. Then I’d open the source, copy/paste/format that text into the card, and then I’d unsuspend and start to study.
TIP #6: Use Google Sheets as well
Let’s go back to Ali Abdaal for a second. I really fell in love with the Google Sheet method he showed in one of the above videos. The concept of putting your questions into a G.S. document and then “hiding” the answer in a column by turning the text white. That immediately seemed like such a good idea to me. One of his criticisms is that Anki randomizes all the info, which is good when the info can stand on its own, but what about when you’d like to study material in order?
Using Google Sheets is a good answer. Google Sheets became a useful companion to Anki. I created a new G.S. document for each of my sources. I created a new tab for each chapter I had to study. I went through the chapter, copying and pasting in bulk into the document, then creating a “cloze” of the text from a cell when possible. All the prior exam questions I had relating to that particular chapter? I put it at the bottom of the document.
It was so easy to share a document with my study buddy, give them “viewer” access while we were having a video chat, and we would review the same document and questions. If we had a quick tangent to go off on, questions we remembered similar to the topic/question we were looking at, we’d talk about that before moving on to the next question. I should probably throw in here that my study buddy was testing for one level below me but most of our material was the same. He ended up tied for 2nd on his exam. So we both did excellent.
Now then, here’s a template that I came up with for my Google Sheets documents:
My Active Recall Google Sheets Document
So on the first tab of each document I would keep track of when I last did a chapter or section. Each one of my sources had one of these Google Sheets documents. Some had dozens of rows that I would put the date of my review and by coloring it Green (good), Yellow (ok), or Red (bad) I could get a glimpse of how I was doing on that topic and the source overall. I pretty much copied Ali Abdaal’s example.
Now go into the other tabs and notice the columns on the left. I formatted them with drop downs to select how well I knew that row’s item. The beauty here is you can copy one of the selections like “knew immediately” and just use the keyboard to paste that answer repeatedly and quickly as you go down the rows. The text will automatically fill in with Green, Yellow, or Red based on your answer.
So every time you review that tab, place the date at the top of a new column (copy and paste a new “grading” column) and grade yourself. Make sure you hide the previous session’s column. Now, as you are nearing your exam date and you’ve gone over that tab (chapter) a few times, you’ll be able to see what you know very well and what you don’t. Now right click and hide those rows that are green. As you approach the end you’ll have fewer and few rows to study and your studying will be laser focused on what you need to brush up on.
As much as I love Anki, I love this Google Sheet method for seeing exactly what you need to work on.  
And that’s pretty much it. I went “all-in” with Anki for my note cards for my promotional cycle. I shredded my paper cards after I ensured they were in Anki, not unlike burning my ship and destroying my only possible way back. I could only go forward with Anki, and it rewarded me handsomely. And then I added in the Google Sheet method, with its ability to easily share with a study buddy, and see material in order, and it worked great.  
I hope you learned at least one thing and give my Google Sheet template a try for your studies. This was me paying back the community after sipping from your knowledge fountain the last few years.  
ThaFilth out.
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2020.09.19 07:08 Photo_Model_Maker I am always so close, but I can't get any further.

I experienced hynagogia, focused on different senses, I keep experiencing white lights, some dim static, creepy imagery, and a ringing in my ear, but that's all. This happened to me 99% when I did an attempt with lucid dreaming. My mind just wouldn't shut off.
Any tips to shut off my brain fasteeasier?
Full story:
So basically during my attempt with WILD or FFILD, I had the songs from the Caretaker Album: An Empty Bliss Beyond This World, playing in my head non-stop. I focused on my breathing, as I did before, and I got to the hynagogia stage fairly quickly. I don't experience anything really creepy during this stage besides creepy imagery in my mind, and paranoia. I then decided to focus on the Caretaker songs that was playing in my head continuously, and it further increased my hynagogia. After a little bit of doing this, I thought I saw the lights in my rooms, like as if my eyes were open, but I could only see bright lights. There as then a sudden loud ringing sound in my right ear(where my ear damage took place), and focused on it. I then noticed during when I focused on the ringing, that there were lights that were seemingly getting pulled into the direction, where my ear is. I have dissociation, and that means thoughts and imagery gets distorted, warped, skewed, scattered, fragmented, silenced, etc at random moments. I believe if I let my thoughts and imagery go wild, I would naturally get pulled into a lucid dream, as I am allowing myself to calm myself down more, but it didn't help a lot. I eventually noticed the images did get distorted, warped, skewed, scattered, fragmente, silenced, etc. There were images of Star Trek:Voyager, with the captain appearing at random moments, the main station, as both of these images sometimes distorted or warped in some way. Sometimes it relates to the TF2 map 2-fort, and the scout. There were also creepier images such as a woman with black hair, no eyes, white skin, like the image is in black and white, and a jaw that is torn in the middle, leaving a giant gap, and a large noticeable hole. The further I tried to keep the images happy, normal, and undistorted, the harder it was to control it. Sometimes I see what looks like a dim, but colorful static. I also felt my skin suddenly becoming cold or hot. After a while of attempting it, I gave up, but I was scared I was going to hallucinate and see something scary, so I said while covering my eyes with my arms, that "I will not lucid dream" "I won't lucid dream", etc. I felt greater effects when I did that, than if I tried willing myself to actually lucid dream. I quickly turned on the light, to avoid any scary hallucinations. Then I went to reddit, and posted this.
Every time I do these attempts, it always does this, where it has some hynagogia hallucinations, and that's all. My mind doesn't like to shut off during these attempts.
Any tips on shutting off my brain better and easier?
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2020.09.19 06:48 Caaros My analysis of the Monster Hunter Stories 2 Announcement Trailer, along with further discussion

This post is meant as a collection of all the things that I have noted upon my many, many times watching the announcement trailer. Of course, if there is something you've noticed that I didn't mention here, then I would love to hear it. The more information we can gather together, the better.
I also have a few points that I wish to discuss after I list off these notes.
To start off...
  1. The Wyverian girl in green here, who is shown multiple times through the trailer, is obviously running from something. However, there are scoutflies following her. This implies one of a few things; She's running from someone as opposed to a monster, she's running from a monster that has mastered scoutflies (a terrifying thought), she's running from the scoutflies themselves, or her batch of scoutflies is just really bad at keeping up.
  2. This might just be a Stories visual design thing, but the Wyverian girl in green and the Wyverian rider(?) atop a Legiana do not display the classic digitigrade legs that Wyverians normally do. Could easily be nothing, but still worth noting.
  3. The festival or celebration shown briefly near the beginning seems to be very Rathalos themed, given the kites flying through the air and the masks being worn by the performers, along with the colors on the important-looking lady's headdress. To add to that, a few male characters and who I assume is the player character appears to be wearing what looks like a unicorn horn headband, akin to a low grade Kirin hat replica.
  4. Maybe the Wyverian girl isn't as tall as I think she is, but the Rathalos she is talking to and gets the egg from seems huge. Furthermore, this Rathalos is likely ancient given the fact it has moss covering it, although it is important to note that he shows up later in the trailer without this moss. Some people also seem to think that this is Ratha, but I personally don't think it is since Ratha's scar goes fully through his left eye and doesn't cross over to the right side of his face like it does with this Rathalos. I could be wrong, though.
  5. Judging by the Pilot Hares and Blissbills, there seems to be endemic life in this game. Neat!
  6. Also, the presence of ancient ruins. This note contributes to a discussion later in the post.
  7. Our Rathalos doesn't seem to have any sort of scar or mutilation like Ratha did (yet).
  8. This is a big one. Both the Tigrex and the Anjanath later in the trailer possess a red mist flowing off of them and a pinkish glow obscuring their eyes. Furthermore, there are at least two scenes in the trailer that show a body of water glowing with an ominous red light. I believe that this is some sort of "Red Blight" or something of the like, although what might be important to note is that it seemingly does not affect the local flora, given the normality of the terrain surrounding these creatures and bodies of water.
  9. This might be of note to me only because I've only played World/Iceborne and Stories so far, but there was a Felyne for a moment verbally and audibly speaking english. Like, usually from what I've seen, when a Felyne speaks it is just a meow of some sort followed by the text of what they are saying, the furthest it goes being the Monster Hunter Language gibberish that Stories uses. Personally, while I don't mind voice acting, I hope that I can switch the spoken language to the aforementioned Monster Hunter Language, to keep just a little bit more of the charm from the first game.
  10. The hunter(?) in the trailer states that their mission is to find a specific monster that might have catastrophic power. To add to this, the tag line on the official website for Stories 2 reads "A bond with the power to destroy the world", which is very interesting. It also seems that the hunter and his team aren't (at least initially) on good terms with the Wyverian girl, which all may tie in with what I mentioned in point 1.
  11. "Rathalos are disappearing from their natural habitats". This could be anything from something as simple as the Legiana migration that kicks off Iceborne to something that is far more involved throughout the plot. It also appears as if it might have something to do with the aforementioned "Red Blight" I talked about on point 7, judging by how they are all seen flying out across a large body of water that is shimmering with the stuff.
  12. The icon used for the title image, along with the "Wings of Ruin" title itself, might be indicative of the "big bad" monster of the plot, meaning the final boss. Although, without further evidence this is admittedly a stretch.
Now, onto the discussion points.
For one, there is the major question of whether or not this takes place in the New World or the Old World, along with when this takes place in relation to the first Stories and Monster Hunter World. The presence of ancient ruins, which are presently unheard of in the New World, would normally cinch that this is in the Old World, yet the presence of monsters only so far confirmed to exist in the New World such as Anjanath and Legiana complicates things (MH Rise has the same dilemma). Presently we have no confirmation on which series of landmasses that the game resides on, but I expect there to be some form of clarification at some point, possibly when they show us more information at the Tokyo Game Show later this month.
Another thing I'd like to discuss is character equivalents. Specifically, if there will be equivalents to the gameplay roles played by Navirou and Dr. Manelger in the first game. Navirou played the role of an informational assistant, providing combat tips throughout the entire game and giving valuable, if a bit strange to decipher, information about the properties of eggs that we found in the wild (use of terms like heavy or smelly actually apply to genes, if you didn't know). The information provided by this odd Felyne was immensely helpful, which makes me wonder if we will get another Felyne type character to do the same for this game. Then of course there was Dr. Manelger, who played the extremely unique role of the first (and presently only) human antagonist in all of Monster Hunter. In a narrative where the main characters make a living out of being in harmony with nature and are generally doing things well, Dr. Manelger was essential as a force that kept conflict going, be it either through his intentional and often malicious actions or his sheer repetitive incompetence when it came to keeping his "creations" in check. It will be very interesting to see if Stories 2 keeps the ball rolling with a human antagonist of its own (Or better yet, a Wyverian one. Oh the things you can do with that).
Unfortunately we don't really know enough about this "Red Blight" to even really discuss it (including whether or not that is what it is called), but the two important things to note is that it doesn't seem to afflict plant life, and that we saw no giant kinship ore crystals for it to latch onto like the Black Blight often did in the first game. Food for thought.
That's all I have to say for now. I'd love to hear what people think, and if anyone caught something of note that I didn't. Otherwise, I wish you all a nice day.
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2020.09.19 06:33 edgy_secular_memes 21 [M4F] Canada Anybody wanna play some Animal Crossing and talk politics

I hope wherever you are you are safe and sound and not sick, also your loved ones. Friends cancelled on me this weekend, so I’m looking for someone to play Animal Crossing with. But I’m also looking for something else. I'm looking for a fellow human being to connect with, and maybe even deeper. I tried this over a year and got some responses but I got ghosted mainly, unfortunately. So, I'm shooting my shot again, so here we go. Here are some basic facts about me right off the bat - I am a political junkie, I even went all the way down to New Hampshire for Andrew Yang ( got even to meet him) and to Michigan for Bernie Sanders. I'm also frequently involved with the Liberal Party of Canada in volunteering and I love discussing everything and everyone related to politics. I try not to be judgy of other's people's views and I'm pretty open to new ideas politically (unless you're a Nazi, no thanks) - I'm on a huge Star Trek binge right now, I'm halfway through Star Trek: the Next Generation and I finally watched all the original movies lol. I think I'm becoming a Trekkie. So, if you wanna watch Star Trek together or any other thing ( as long as it's not horror lol) -Personality-wise, I would consider myself an extrovert but I do have introverted qualities. I enjoy being around other people, but I'm not afraid to send time by myself. I'm pretty outgoing and confident in my ability to do things I would say - I'm 6'4, a little on the heavy side but I also love to stay active by working out and going to the gym ( not at the moment haha, that's where home workouts come into play) is one of my favorite things to do. If you have any tips that would be great - I'm a third-year journalism student by trade, so I also love writing and I have a blog where I try and write about anything I find interesting or enjoy or I think is worth sharing. -I also love to travel and I've already been to ten different countries in my lifetime ( the United States, Cuba, Spain, Italy, Taiwan, Vatican City, Switzerland, Gibraltar, Poland, and Ukraine) and I would love to exchange some travel stories with someone :) and maybe find a travel buddy -My favorite video games include Uncharted, Just Cause, Animal Crossing: New Horizons ( finally got into it, also hit me up if you give me some cherries or turnips, please), Assassin's Creed, Star Wars: Fallen Order, Minecraft and much more. I also play Call of Duty from time to time. - I also love film and consider myself to be somewhat of a film buff. My favorite film is the Dark Knight, followed by the third Lord of the Rings. If you're also into film, that's awesome :) - My music taste mainly consists of rock (particularly that of the 60s and the 70s), hip hop, pop, EDM, jazz, indie ( love me some Bon Iver), alternative, or anything that I think sounds good. -Finally, some of my favorite T.V shows include, the Office, Breaking Bad, Star Trek: the Next Generation and the Regular Show at the moment. If any of this interests you, feel free to PM me :)
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2020.09.19 06:08 LightStormPilot Did failure to understand (or care) and ageing business ideas bring it to this point? Better solutions make more money. Some thoughts on better solutions and the serious mistake being made.

They are seriously missing out by not being aware of all their potential customers or their needs. (Side note: Adobe learned some lessons when they went to a subscription model that Autodesk is about to repeat.)There are new business paradigms emerging with the potential to become one of the largest 3d modeling customer bases.
I'll talk about a portion of the 3d printing revolution. It's relatively still in it's infancy and not so obvious as it will be when easy to use consumer grade printers are in nearly every home. Don't believe that? Take a look at what was said about radio, TV, and computers when they were relatively new.We aren't there yet, but here's an example of one type of 3d modeling software user:There are thousands of designers who do not manufacture their designs but make them available for 3d printing. They get tips, sell the files and/or use Patreon to help support their hobby, some even make a living at it. Most do not, but there are a Lot of them that would be willing to pay for an affordable small business version. This means being able to pay monthly, not just less. The "Startup" model with the expectation that a company will manufacture the product is starting to age even if it's not going away. The classic startup business model is not what the vast majority of these new businesses plan to do.
Other types of CNC are getting cheaper and more common for hobbyists and small businesses too, Laser cutters, engravers, plywood and plastic sheet cutting machines, 3d wood milling . People are even starting to venture into hobby grade water jet cutting machines for a tiny fraction of the cost of the cheapest commercial machine. The cost of entry for what was once industry only machines is coming down and people need software in a range to match.
Small business tier: $10-$15 a month, no human support, no software limits, learning materials included. Limit $35k/year per employee. Upgrade to commercial required with business growth. Annual review for customers with a business license. List of employee names for cross-reference to keep people honest with their no. of seats. Let the IRS catch those without business licenses, they would probably have pirated software and paid nothing if it wasn't easier not to.
Independent student: $5 a month. no human support, software limits on export only, learning materials included. For those looking to learn on their own, upgrading to a business tier removes commercial restrictions on previous work.
Free tier: Be honest, call it a trial because that's what it effectively is with peoples work locked behind a paywall. (edit - assuming the new changes stay as they are, don't have a fair proposal to changes that accomplish the goal of preventing license abuse this time)
This leaves people who aren't selling anything but need to share .step files for group collaboration in the situation of needing to pay for Small Business tier. (open source hardware developers, robot hobbyists, etc. who need and/or want to share their work in .step) I don't have an immediate suggestion for that, but imagine that $10 a month would pull in a lot more sales than $15.
100 users that can afford F360 at $10 a month brings in a lot more money than a few that can afford $300-$500 a year paid all at once. Just looking at big businesses as your main customer base is classism and stupid.
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2020.09.19 05:57 caes2359 A little questions for all that can relate somehow

So i would say im pretty introverted most of the times... this comes with some problems.
as we intros all know its no biggie to be alone for some time... we need this to recharge. to be lonely on the other side is pretty devastating even for us. So I decided to change that while picking up some hobbies. I tried that before though. I always have trouble to get into a group that already "exsits". I always kind of feel wrong in place, because most of the time I just go there do the sport and leave. I always get the feeling that if you dont instantly talk with anyone and do smalltalk, connect and stuff like that you are labeled as a weird person. This really feels bad and that feeling often is the reason I leave. Although I actually enjoy the sport Im doing. Social pressure in a way...
I got a new job that I hopefully can keep. I want to start all over in a new city and Im pretty happy about that because I wanna leave the town Im living in all my live soon. No reason for me to stay here.
I just fear, that it happens again.. social pressure and I get isolated and then I just quit and feel bad. Is there any way people will accept me for my introversion? I always feel Im supposed to talk and do smalltalk to form connections and when I dont do that immediately I just get left out.
Can someone relate and give some tips on how to handle my feelings?
Have a nice day fellow introverts!
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2020.09.19 05:48 kizzzang Trail riding tips?

Hello fellow onewheelers!
I finally pulled the trigger and picked up a onewheel pint a few weeks ago (thanks Wren from Corridor). I've been putting in the time to practice when I can (about 20 miles so far) and grown pretty comfortable on concrete and bumpy grass, but there's one terrain I can't wrap my head around, dirt trails.
There's a great park near my house that I've been practicing at. It's very spacious with lots of different inclines/declines on different terrain. I haven't been able to conquer riding on the dirt trail. The ground is solid and relatively flat with some small rocks poking out, but there's a lot of loose sand everywhere. I can maybe go a few feet before I lose traction and have to bail by jumping.
Does anybody have a few tips they can share to help me maintain my balance on a trail like that? I should mention that I've only been trying at a slower speed. Would it be better to gain more momentum? Or do I need to get a treaded tire before I try to ride a trail like that? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
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2020.09.19 05:33 caes2359 Hello I got a little question for you guys

So i would say im pretty introverted most of the times... this comes with some problems.
as we intros all know its no biggie to be alone for some time... we need this to recharge. to be lonely on the other side is pretty devastating even for us. So I decided to change that while picking up some hobbies. I tried that before though. I always have trouble to get into a group that already "exsits". I always kind of feel wrong in place, because most of the time I just go there do the sport and leave. I always get the feeling that if you dont instantly talk with anyone and do smalltalk, connect and stuff like that you are labeled as a weird person. This really feels bad and that feeling often is the reason I leave. Although I actually enjoy the sport Im doing. Social pressure in a way...
I got a new job that I hopefully can keep. I want to start all over in a new city and Im pretty happy about that because I wanna leave the town Im living in all my live soon. No reason for me to stay here.
I just fear, that it happens again.. social pressure and I get isolated and then I just quit and feel bad. Is there any way people will accept me for my introversion? I always feel Im supposed to talk and do smalltalk to form connections and when I dont do that immediately I just get left out.
Can someone relate and give some tips on how to handle my feelings?
Have a nice day fellow introverts!
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2020.09.19 05:18 camogamer469 Looking to start keto.

Hey narwhals. Looking to start keto. Looking for work week keto weekend relatively normal, but not binge. Any tips or recipes or books on recommendation? Im trying to make a new life style not a flash diet.
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2020.09.19 04:59 udaspool Theory: The Doctor might have prevented a major war from happening

Second time doing this sort of thing, hopefully it reads well. Probably a bit of a reach (maybe more then a bit) but I like connecting dots and filling holes in the story. Also the original premise was going to be "How the Doctor might have changed the course of Terra" but it sounded a bit silly.

Warning, going to be talking about Darknights Memoir cause it's pretty much impossible to talk about the Doctor's past without referring to it. Also Chapter 7
Arknights Lore I Will be Referencing

Setting the Board
This is a pretty bold claim on my part but I think there is quite a bit to suggest that the event the Doctor seems to be somewhat infamous for, the Kazdel Civil War could have had major ramifications of the whole of Terra had the Doctor not been there. Being the "player", the one who control the pawns and pieces, the Doctor would be in the ideal position to be the one to influence the outcome. But how would a mere civil war possibly have a major effect on Terra?
Other Threats: Lion and the Angels
Unless the royalties in Victoria and Laterano are useless trash with butter for brains, no one would allow Kazdel a breather after it's reunited. - Hedley (Darknights Memoir)
There is a possibility that the Kazdel Civil could have ended up becoming a much bigger conflict and if the above quote isn't convincing enough lets look at another example of potential interference. Prior to the trio of Ines, Hedley, and W staying at the ship called Rhodes Island, W mentions in DM-1-END mentions that Hedley had robbed the Laternos showing that there were minor conflicts while the civil war was raging. While not exactly connected to the war could serve as a potential casus belli.
Another example is the incident that led to Mostima becoming a fallen angel as when she talks about it with Suffering in CB-ST3, Suffering refers to that event as "what happened at Kazdel". While it isn't ever stated when this incident happened it's likely around the 4.3 year time gap that Exusiai last saw Mostima as Suffering and Mostima seem to wish to keep Exusiai in the dark about what happen and what better time to start distancing herself then right after said incident occurred.
Victoria doesn't seem to have any events directly linking them to the war but there is one after said war. Theresis, the one who initiated the civil war, ends up taking over the throne of Victoria some time after the civil war. Heldey seems to imply that Theresis had already set his sights off of Kazdel not long after Theresa's death and I doubt Theresis just walk up to the throne of Victoria and say"hey it's mine now". So the logical conclusion would be some kind of conflict occurred, who was the aggressor? Who knows but I don't think it matters.
Other Threats: The Great Bear
This idea is mostly based off this post [Theory] Talulah's Shadows and Koschei the Deathless. Why would a skin on a character that has no ties to Usrus refer to Koschei? It's not like Nightingale has any ties to Talulah. One answer is that Koschei and possibly Usrus was either involved or planning to be involved in the Kazdel Civil War. In Chapter 7 Talulah, who seems to have her personality dominated by Koschei, has a very interesting view of the Sarkaz. To be honest, I'm not ever sure how to describe it, maybe like mockery. Hell, Talulah seems to be aware that Theresis is currently ruling over Victoria as she refers to W as "W of Victoria". This would imply that Koschei having knowledge on the Kazdel Civil War. It should also be noted that Kal'tsit and by extension Theresa have a connection to Usrus due to Kal'tsit involment with the core of Chernobog due to the conversation between Crownslayer and Kal'tsit in Chapter 6.
Quick Note: Patriot seems to freak out when he realizes that Talulah has some kind of connection to Koschei. Not sure what to make of this tho
The Vultures Are Waiting to Pick The Demon's Bones
Imagine having to deal with an enemy, while worry about other enemies. Not a fun a experience I would imagine. Well this what I believe the Doctor had to consider. If you think about, it really shouldn't be that hard to see a nation taking advantage of the situation in Kazdel. It's not like the politics in Terra are all that stable either. As stated earlier a war had occurred between Usrus and Lungmen 20 years prior to the main story but their are even more examples. Doberman was involved in a civil war, just read Hellagur's archive file, and Patriot mentions that in his time in Usrus (which doesn't encompass all of the 200 years he has lived) he has fought against, Victoria, Kazimierz, and Laterano.
World War Terra
Having other nation become a participant in the war poses a serious problem as Ines implies that much of the civil war just a stalemate. Any outside nation could theoretically join and break the deadlock. Or they could just declare war on Kazdel, taking advantage of its vulnerable position due to the civil war. While it's possible Theresa and Theresis could put aside the civil war to deal with said threat there is no guarantee that would even happen and if Kal'tsit statement about the Doctor not even trusting her at the time is true then I don't think they would take that chance.
This isn't even considering the possibility that one nation intervening could cause another one to do the same. Maybe as an opportunistic move or as a way to keep the balance of power. It's entirely possible that other nations could use Kazdel as the stage for a great war, something akin to the 30 Years War for example.
How would one go about preventing such a thing from happening? Well one would need a deterrence and there is a perfect one. A strong Kazdel. In order to get a strong Kazdel the civil war would need to end sooner rather then later as even as war is devastating. You might lack the resources to mount a defense if they were used to fight a previous war and the populace might just not be willing to commit to another war. Therefore the sooner the war ends the better position you would be in to scare off potential enemies.
But could the Doctor actually pull this off? Play out the war in a way which the war could be brought to a conclusion before it escalates? Well the Doctor's tactical ability is honestly just something else.

The Weight of a Nation And The Player's Skill
It is not that I doubt the Doctor's Skill. The Doctor can indeed tip the scales. Without the Doctor, Kazdel would be dust in the wind. - Scout (Operational Intelligence)
As of Darknights Memoir no one else seems to have done anything tactical on Theresa's side besides the Doctor. Theresa even makes sure that any information that Heldey gave after Babel/Rhodes Island rescued the trio would be told to the Doctor. This isn't even mentioning how good the Doctor actually is at tactics and commanding.
Scout in OI hypes the hell of the Doctor, just like at the quote above. The Confessor is not please with the fact that the Doctor has returned to Rhodes Island despite the fact that his side won the civil war. It seems that only Silverash seems to think the Doctor is an equal. Even someone as smart and crafty as W consider themselves second to the Doctor.
If that isn't enough to show the Doctor prowess well consider that fact they forced a conclusion in 6 months.
What happened in the past six months? This is way too fast... - Ines (Darknights Memoir)
While it isn't confirmed that this referring to Babel/Rhodes Island's arrive to Kazdel it's likely as not long before Heldey talks about the Babel tactical contact they finished a month prior. Forcing an ongoing civil war to end in a matter of months is impressive, also consider the possibility that the encounter with the trio of W,Ines, and Hedley with Babel/RI was possibly the first time the Doctor ever set foot in Kazdel during the civil war.
And it's not like the Doctor was someone who dedicated their life to the battlefield. They are described as a cutting edge oripathy researcher and may have a degree in neurology (don't remember where I saw this so it might be false). Silence says that they were involved in the creation of some of Rhodes Island technology, Eyjafjalla considers them an expert in disaster studies, and in Skyfire trust tap line she asks the Doctor to explain some theory, which judging by her personality is probably related to arts.
The Doctor's tactical ability is even more absurd when you consider the fact they have like no feats outside of Babel/Rhodes Island, so it's entirely possible that Babel was the Doctor's first job and the Kazdel Civil War possibly being the first true experience of war. The Doctor being B101 would suggest them joining before its creation and it's entirely possible that Babel isn't all that old. I mean neither Crownslayer nor Patriot mention it.
But enough Doctor wanking, lets look at another question. Didn't the Doctor lose? I mean Theresa is dead, Theresis is the de facto ruler of Kazdel. How does the Doctor prevent an escalation by losing?
Just Because The Queen is Lost Doesn't Mean The Game is Over
Pretty easy, the Doctor never truly lost. On the surface they lost but remember Amiya still exist. The Doctor's ultimate passed pawn, the pawn that will become a queen. If you have ever read a story about runaway royalty you will probably understand what I'm getting at.
The Doctor definitely planned this as a possibility as W questions to Scout about the Doctor managing to let spies in.
W: How did these spies get in?
Scout: ...
W: Don't you think...these battles we're fighting are getting a little odd?
Scout: This isn't our place to say. If you have issues, find the Doctor.
Darknights Memoir
I take this as the Doctor showing "weakness" therefore inviting Theresis to commit to an operation.
The operation seems to be some sort of raid, as one of the participants of the operation describes is as shedding blood over the halls of the Babel. We can compare it to another raid-esque operation, the one the got Flamebringer's squad killed.
{@nickname}, you remember that battle, right? After killing all the ambushers, I lead the survivors and charged straight into the traitor's fortress. I was the only one who made it out alive. How'd that all start? Oh, you know the answer to that. I've seen you before, and my memory is very good.
Flamebringer (Talk After Trust 2)
I am suggesting that the Doctor could have beaten Theresis but it doesn't really matter. I mean a 100 different things could have gone wrong their. Maybe Theresa and the Doctor were betrayed. Who knows? It's pretty irrelevant, it just to show that the Doctor should have been in some way comfortable allowing this.
If that is the case then the Doctor should have been prepared for the 2 obvious outcomes. As stated earlier if Theresa dies, then they have Amiya as a fallback and considering that RI had successfully left Kazdel. Therefore Kazdel is reunited, while never truly losing the civil war.
The Kazdel Civil War could have ended up being a much bigger conflict. The result of a bigger conflict would have been devastating, potentially dooming a generation to a big regional or a possible global conflict. Nothing good comes out of escalating wars and the Doctor was in the position to prevent it. As the "player" they would be the with the opportunity and the means. Even if the the result would be the side the Doctor supported "lost" the game would continue. A unified Kazdel, one not at the whims of the surrounding power waiting to be reclaimed by the rightful heir to Kazdel, Amiya.
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2020.09.19 04:49 shinney Crazy Tips To Get A Boyfriend Funny Hacks And Relatable Situations Only Girls Will Understand

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2020.09.19 04:36 camperes [IWantOut] 26M Brazil -> Europe or Anglo world

Currently doing a master’s in international relations. After that, I want to spend some time abroad.
Planning on finding a job or enrolling in some course.
I haven't had much work experience so I'm accepting an entry-level job
I do have Brazilian and Portuguese nationality
The main search is for a job at an international organization, NGO, or private corporation.
What tips do have for me?
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2020.09.19 04:30 CharmeleonGurl From the seven brothers and other characters in Obey Me who would you friendzone, have a romantic relationship with, break up, or marry & etc among them? [discussion]

This is mine’s...
Friendzone: Levi and Belphie, I’m sorry fans of Levi and Belphie it’s just that for me they are too precious for me to have a romantic relationship with. I mean they may not be pure according from the fanfictions out there, but for me those two are pure and should be protected.
Best friends: Asmo and Luke. I would love Asmo to be one of my best friends, ‘cuz who wouldn’t want beauty and skin care tips, right? (I know some of you isn’t into beauty and skin care, but this is just my opinion haha), and I would also have a shopping companion that doesn’t get annoyed if I’m being indecisive with the clothes I’ll buy(and I’m going to get a bonus, because maybe Asmo will give me an advice which what to wear.). And Luke! The oh so adorable Luke! I love cooking and so does he! I think I would always get motivated to cook if I have a best friend like him. And who wouldn’t want a protective, loving and a tsundere friend right?
Friend: Satan and Beel. I don’t know if this will also fall to the friendzone type, but I think it is. Not really a Satan stan, but I would love to have a friend like Satan, like he would educate you with some of the things that you don’t know, and he would recommend you books, and if you want to talk about some philosophy, I think he would be the great guy to talk to. Beel, that sweet and cuddly Beel! I think I would go and have a friendly lunch date with him and maybe we could have a contest on which of us will finish the food first, but I’ll doubt I’ll win(okay, there shouldn’t any doubts cuz I’m definitely not gonna win lol). So, I think this friend section is not really a part of friendzone but I think this section is leaning more on that there’s a chance for me to like these guys more than being a friend.
Just a big brother: Diavolo and Simeon. Diavolo seems like a cool brother, and for me he gives off the vibes of a caring and sweet big brother. If I could have a big brother I would choose Diavolo. I would love Simeon to be my older brother, because he seems like the kind of person who’ll listen to you and offer you his presence when you’re feeling down, and he also seems like the kind of brother who will support you no matter what. And I didn’t put Simeon as one of my romantic relationship because it feels like I’m being really sinful if I do so, haha.
Acquaintance: Barbatos. I can’t see Barbatos as my friend or best friend, mostly because from his personality? I think our personality is kind of similar, like I’m mostly calm like him and sometimes I can come of as someone sarcastic. But I think we would get along when we talk about culinary and other stuff that relates the hospitality and loyalty.
Fling: Asmo and Solomon. Yeah, I know it’s Asmo again, but he’s really charismatic that I think we would’ve kissed, given that he’s the Avatar of Lust. Solomon, from the texts I’ve received from him in the game he looks like he’s flirting, but I don’t know if it’s his way of baiting me to be with him and maybe he could kill me cuz I had made a pact with the 7 brothers hahaha. But even though I sometimes think of that, I can’t help but be attracted to him.
Boyfriend: Lucifer and Mammon. I know you think that their the most picked characters, but these are just my own preferences. I think I would love Luci as my boyfriend, ‘cuz I’m more a submissive than a dom, and I just want someone to lead me hahaha. And I don’t know, he seems sweet and matured, and that’s what I like from a guy. What I love about Mammon and why I would love him to be my boyfriend ‘cuz whenever he blushes he’s so cute, and he seems so genuine. Even though he would love Goldie more than me. I like him because he’s a tsundere and I’m a type of person who doesn’t hide what I feel and I think our relationship would consist of me saying I love yous to him and him being embarrassed but eventually saying I love you too.
Marry: I don’t want to be married. Hahaha, well this is just for fun but I think I would love to marry either Lucifer, Mammon or Beel. Luci because he’s so responsible. Mammon, because he loves us (us MCs) so much. Beel, cuz he’s so cuddly and even more genuine. So the leading brother here is Luci cuz I wouldn’t go bankcrupt with him and my food supply wouldn’t be in danger.
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How to Deal with Relationships?  Sadhguru - YouTube Relationship Tips from Ian - Episode 5 - YouTube Relationships Tips - YouTube How to Improve Your Relationship - YouTube Relationship Advice For Men - YouTube Relationship Tips from Ian - 2nd Episode - YouTube Relationship Tips 69 #1 - YouTube 6 Tips on Maintaining Long Distance Relationships - YouTube 10 Habits of Healthy Relationships - Healthy Lifestyle Tips

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Sadhguru looks at how human relationships are not absolute, and are always variable, and need a lot of attention. He explains that the need for a relationshi... Here are the 5, important pieces of relationship advice for men that are discussed in this video: 1. Creating a relationship dynamic based on the fear of get... In this episode of 'Relationship Tips from Ian', Ian discusses the life stages and particulary the impact of these life stages on relationships. If you would... Long distance relationships also known as LDR's is when two people are dating from across a distance. This can be continents apart. Someone you meet online, ... Email your QUESTIONS: [email protected] Add my new INSTAGRAM: -Please put Relationship Tips 69 in Subject -Please leave ... Mp3/transcript of this episode: Get Brendon's new book free: Join Brendon's 2MIL FB fans: http:/... In this episode of 'Relationship Tips from Ian', Ian discusses the 5 Levels of Communication that are so important to sustaining a happy and cohesive relatio... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Tips for relationships- 13 best - (2020) -video explains how to improve relationship- have strong relationship -good relationships- by following 13 tips The Habit Harvester Book (includes 10 Healthy Habits): Get a FREE audiobook of your choice: Watch all of the vi...