Seria Extreme Love

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Analysis of squad from a lifetime Jose fan and a football fanatic

2020.05.17 14:35 codename1441 Analysis of squad from a lifetime Jose fan and a football fanatic

GK Loris Gazza DR Aurier DL B.Davies Sessenon DC Alder Vertongen* Foyth* Sanchez Dier Tangenga MC Ndombele Sissoko Lo Celso G.Ferandes Winks Skipp* Alli AMAML Moura Son Bergwijn Lamela* ST Kane Rumored to be sold or loaned *Lamela Skipp Foyth Vertongen
Im a Jose Fan i follow him around from club to club since he was in Chelsea the first time. In this short time in tried to find out club philosophy on transfers, which seems to be:develop from within, try buying british and go for barggains, last summer being an exception. This summer thanks to apocalypse i think Levy will return to his thrift shop ways.
GK- fine for another year. Upgrade needed but not a primary problem of this team
Dr- 1 world class winger roleplaying as right back. Club will definitely buy or sign a player for this role 2 players are rumored to be discussed. Munier(Psg) and Max Arons. Munier is big strong and reliable,great at defending bad when attacking,reverse Aurier. Max Arons if religated with Norwich would be cheap no more than 25m He is extremely fast and takes up superb attacking positions in attack and covers a lot of ground in defense. British, young and premier proven he is Levys wet dream. For me as a Jose fan Munier is great. Won't cost anything leaving transfer funds for other players. He is more defensively minded creating a balance with Aurier and on LB where u have Davies and Sessenon u can combine that into Sess Aurier defence with which u can overlap and strech opponents that are set in a low block or Davies and Munier vs stronger opposition in a more defensively minded tactic.My preferred way would be to combine 1 attack minded and 1 defence minded player and to transition into 3 at the back when attacking and 4 in the back when defending.
DC- 6 players on paper 2 in reality.I understand that Vertonhgen is a cult hero among fans but hes not good enough to start and is my understanding that he probbably wont be in a club next year. Alder is amazing,Sanchez can be amazing, Foyth will be loaned or sold and Dier and Tangenga are unproven prospects for a Title contending team as weird as that is to hear for Dier.If Jose can make wing backs out of Valencia and Young he can create a no nonsense defender out of Dier. Club should buy a defender my fear is that it wont. 1 thing is for certain it wont splash the cash on Upamecano or Koulibaly. My solution is Smaling. He had a great year in Roma, Roma wont activate buy clause because of financial problems and Man u wants to get rid of him. He worked with Jose , he is premier leauge proven and would cost around 20m. I was wathing him for 2 and half years week in week out and he really isnt a bad player to have on the bench.
DL- Sess was a promise that never delivered , can he be a player that everyone tought he will be and does a title contending club risks for another year or loans him out? Luckily for him Spurs are not Man city and Mourinho isnt Pep,club wont sell both Davies and Sess and buy 3 50m left backs, it will risk with sess and go with Ben Davies.Davies wont win you the game and probably wont lose you the game he can be a reassurance for Sess if he doesnt make it.
MC- Sissoko was a gift that was stopped from giving,if he returns as good as he was Jose has a great player to work with. Lo Celso is amazing, Gedson Fernandes isnt anything yet,he just it 21,doesnt have a main position,hes strong and a fine passer, he is a test for Jose , a blank paper lets see if Jose can create a player out of him. Winks is a squad player not good enough to start but he has enough desire to always be on the bench and to push starters to work hard. Skipp will go on a loan. What is Alli? Amc,second striker,false nine,central raumdeuter ? Whatever he is ive placed him at amc,Jose didnt play him as a winger or a striker when everyone was fit, he played him as amc. If Jose Ndombele love hate relationship found a happy ending with a midday jog in a park club has 6 good players to choose from in the middle. Recent rumours of Matic and Hojbjerg make little sense if Ndombele is staying and when u have Alli and Lo Celso Sms really doesn't make any sense. 6 good players to choose from if a balance can be found we have a title contending midfield.
AM L -Son Berwijn can play both left and right so ive combined these 2 positions,and probbably Jose will too playing best 2 at the time regardless of their main position. Moura will stay,he will play and if everybody is injured he will lead our attack. His output wasnt amazing but when he was the only option he ran for 90 minutes 4 times in 14 days and never complained amazing guy amazing player. Lamela doesn't play allot yet he is wanted by few Seria a clubs, if he stays he can be an option (to get most out of our medical staff) but if club can sell him Perišić is the way to go. Can play left of right Jose tried to get him for 3 years ,wont cost allot and has 2 or 3 more years of peek football in him.
ST- Kane , problem with Kane is that if he's even semi fit he will play for club and country every minute. Corona break and more importantly postoponing euro2020 will give Kane enough rest for him not to be injured mid season like last 2 years,still striker and right back are 2 positions club will reinforce for sure. Insigne was linked , he is a free transfer but Inter is looking at him if they sell Laurato , Chelsea added a year to Girouds contract so they stoped Us from getting him and will probbably try to sign Insigne aswell. Basically club needs a big stronger Striker that doesnt cost allot and is willing to split time with Kane and when i say split i mean play when Kane is injured or tired. A Perfect solution would be Mitrović if Fulham isn't promoted. Pshysical beast Mourinho type striker wont cost above 30m.
So to summarise my option. In Munier Smaling Mitrovic Out Vertonghen (contract) Foyth (loan or transfer) Skipp (loan) *If Lamela is sold Perišić in
Sry for any grammatical errors not my primary language I know its long most people wont read it , im not a casual football fan I am a football fanatic so i wrote a long post and if even 1 person enjoys it im happy. *Only rumored players were mentioned when talking about signings and only rumored players were shipped out for loan.
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2020.03.29 23:16 TimBaril Epic Seven Abyss Guide - Floors 91-100

Epic Seven Abyss Guide - Floors 91-100
Epic Seven Abyss Guide - Floors 91-100
Read a lot of posts, saw vids, while doing Abyss. Thought I'd give back. Long post.
One of the best parts about Epic 7 is the Abyss. It is by far the most challenging content.
Expect the Abyss to require a lot of experimentation — which is the fun of it! Try out different characters and combinations. You’ll be surprised at what works. Look forward to levelling up and gearing new characters. Best advice is to tackle new floors during free equip events as you’ll want to play around with gear, and that otherwise gets super expensive, fast. But it’s great fun to see how you can transform someone into being more powerful, or see what they can do with a counter set you’ve never tried before.
You don’t necessarily need top heroes or gear for Abyss!
I have an OK range of heroes and OK gear, but I’m not a top player. On almost every floor, my team was red labeled WEAK and the game warned me that the opponent has a much higher Combat Power. Did I really want to proceed? Yes! It made it more challenging and therefore exciting.
So while the floors can be frustrating, and despite the grumbling out there, a wide range of characters can be used to win, and you don’t need godly gear. Remember that and have fun with it.
Have hope!
Teams below all utilize level 60 and 6* heroes unless otherwise indicated. Skill upgrades are in brackets (S1/S2/S3).
I did not level up Clorina until Abyss 99. I did not summon Tamarinne until 97 and didn’t get Kitty Clarissa and Iseria until 100. And only at 100 did I have the free unequip event, so some heroes didn’t have my best gear, proving that stupid amounts of patience, RNG and some strategy can work.
After putting my best gear on Clorina, I really wish I’d done that ages ago. The entire Abyss would have been way easier. lol. I plan to go back and do it all over again with Kitty, Clorina and Tama-Iseria just to see how it goes now. Love that team.

Charlotte and ‘Shrooms
AoE doesn’t work against the mushrooms so bring two single-target DPS.
The key is taking out the mushrooms first to get the right bonus after they die. Once dead, they debuff Charlotte. The purple one gives you defence break, which is the most useful. It’s easiest to just take out purple first, then focus down Charlotte, and repeat.
My Team:
Luna (Draco Plate+15 - 3/0/3) 3107 ATK, 887 DEF, 12k HP, 170 SP, 72% CC, 226% CD, 50% EFF, 0% ERES - Set: Att/Crit
Angelica (tank) (Potion Vial21 - 0/5/5) 1600 DEF, 18k HP, 167 SP, 30% EFF, 25% ERES - Set: SP/HP
Diene (Rod+9 - 0/6/2) ATK 1400 DEF, 17k HP, 168 SP, 70% ERES - Set: SP/HP
C. Dom (Joker+15 - 5/5/5) 3837 ATK, 900 DEF, 10k HP, 143 SP, 60% CC, 244% CD, 0% ERES - Set: Att/Crit

Tywin and Roman
Roman buffs Tywin and hits right alongside him. As a duo, they’re powerful. They are too strong to just go after Tywin directly, even with massive poison stacks. Take out Roman first, then tackle Tywin. Keep Tywin stripped or he’ll summon guards to help.
My Team:
Basar (Etica’s+6 - 3/3/5) 2457 ATK, 1364 DEF, 11.5k HP, 218 SP, 80% CC, 150% CD, 83% EFF, 30% ERES - Set: SP/HP
Kiris (Level 50, 5*) (Rosa Hargana - 5/3/0) 1400 ATK, 700 DEF, 9k HP, 150 SP, 50% CC, 160% CD, 120% EFF, 20% ERES - Set: Lifesteal/Hit
Bellona (Judgement+15 - 0/0/3) 2500 ATK, 1000 DEF, 13k HP, 180 SP, 84% CC, 250% CD, 47% EFF, 15% ERES - Set: Dest/Crit
Angelica (tank) (Potion Vial+21 - 0/5/5) 1600 DEF, 18k HP, 167 SP, 30% EFF, 25% ERES - Set: SP/HP
It was tempting to try Kiris and Alexa out together for massive poison damage. I really wanted to use Alexa somewhere even though I only had her at 50 with poor gear. But even with all that poison stacked from the two of them, without good stats, Tywin and Roman teamed up to destroy us all.
The key here was taking out Roman first, then going after Tywin. Basar’s strip and crowd control debuffs really helped to sustain the team and prevent Tywin from becoming stronger. Bellona’s S1 does major damage, and with the Sword of Judgement artifact, she has a 15% chance of using it back to back, then auto-using her S3, doing sick damage. Plus defence break. She’s a superhero boss killer.
Dominiel and Zerato
You can’t land debuffs on Dominiel as she counters more often and transfers them back. Bellona’s S1 and Joker don’t work here. She gets stronger over time, hitting more targets at 70% and 40% health. She does more damage if you’re rebuffed, so make sure to cleanse. You can kill Zerato, but she revives him.
If you hit with enough power, just focus directly on Dominiel while doing everything to heal and cleanse.
My Auto team:
Luna (Draco Plate+15 - 3/0/3) 3107 ATK, 887 DEF, 12k HP, 170 SP, 72% CC, 226% CD, 50% EFF, 0% ERES - Set: Att/Crit
Angelica (tank) (Potion Vial+21 - 0/5/5) 1600 DEF, 18k HP, 167 SP, 30% EFF, 25% ERES - Set: SP/HP
Diene (Rod+9 - 0/6/2) ATK 1400 DEF, 17k HP, 168 SP, 70% ERES - Set: SP/HP
A Momo (Level 50) (Magaraha’s+14 - 2/5/5) 1100 DEF, 13k HP, 178 SP, 30% EFF, 20% ERES - Set: SP/DEF
In order for to beat the floor with one DPS, I had to rearrange equipment so that Luna was doing more damage, about 9000 per turn (and I only used her S1 because you can’t land debuffs on Dominiel). Diene’s attack up gave her more power too.
Three support and one DPS made this a safe, easy run on auto.
Assassin Cidd and Shades
This is an AoE floor. Bring AoE DPS.
If you’re poisoned, you heal less. Missed attacks give Cidd’s shades speed up. Shades can’t be counterattacked. Cidd stuns when alone, and with shades they get a CR boost when he attacks while cleansing them. Cidd’s ult decreases defence and dispels buffs. He summons 2 shades, then 4. He deals lots of debuffs. If you’re under 30% health and he hits you, it kills you and deals extinction.
Immunity and cleanse are key to handling the debuffs. Bring some AoE damage and some crowd control to mitigate damage. Tenebria is awesome here. So is Basar.
My Auto+Arky Team
Basar (Etica’s+6 - 3/3/5) 2457 ATK, 1364 DEF, 11.5k HP, 218 SP, 80% CC, 150% CD, 83% EFF, 30% ERES - Set: SP/HP
Tenebria (Etica’s+15 - 3/3/5) 3500 ATK, 1000 DEF, 12k HP, 162 SP, 90% CC, 200% CD, 44% EFF, 5% ERES - Set: Lifesteal/HP
Angelica (tank) (Potion Vial+21 - 0/5/5) 1600 DEF, 18k HP, 167 SP, 30% EFF, 25% ERES - Set: SP/HP
A Momo (Level 50) (Magaraha’s+14 - 2/5/5) 1100 DEF, 13k HP, 178 SP, 30% EFF, 20% ERES - Set: SP/DEF
I tried to build a team that could auto the floor, despite the fact that it gets nasty when Cidd is lower health. Almost did it. Being able to use Arky here (while on auto) really helped. Actually, he ended up winning it. lol
Basar doesn’t do a lot of damage but he really helped with crowd control, keeping survivability up. He can also transfer his debuffs away. I tried with Bellona, whose S1 hits like a train when A. Cidd is alone, but she didn’t have enough HP and DEF, so when we got down to the end and 4 shades really started doing damage, she died. Plus, RNG meant she’d sometimes take four hits in a row with defence down and that sucked. Tenebria’s sleep was key for crowd control and she does defence down and hits hard. MVP.
Etica’s Scepter was a key artifact. Shades only take AoE damage, so that artifact meant a lot more AoE attacks and more AoE crowd control.
Charles and Krau, Corvus, Bask, Diene
A tricky fight. You’ll want to take out the helper team quickly before they start having an impact. They don’t get revived, which is nice. Charles is Charles and he hits hard, so be prepared for restarts.
There’s a window at the beginning of the fight to hit hard and kill people off before things get harder. Use it.
Take out Diene first because she gives massive heals. Take out Bask next because he gives a defence up buff that is harder to push through. Take out Corvus and Krau in any order.
My Team:
Bellona (Judgement+15 - 0/0/3) 2500 ATK, 1000 DEF, 13k HP, 180 SP, 84% CC, 250% CD, 47% EFF, 15% ERES - Set: Dest/Crit
C. Dom (Joker+15 - 5/5/5) 3837 ATK, 900 DEF, 10k HP, 143 SP, 60% CC, 244% CD, 0% ERES - Set: Att/Crit
Angelica (tank) (Potion Vial+21 - 0/5/5) 1600 DEF, 18k HP, 167 SP, 30% EFF, 25% ERES - Set: SP/HP
Diene (Rod+9 - 0/6/2) ATK 1400 DEF, 17k HP, 168 SP, 70% ERES - Set: SP/HP
There’s a small window before the support team starts using their big skills. The key to this floor was using Bellona to set up defence break, then Challenger to land big hits so that I could kill off the support team before they started making a difference. There was much luck involved because Charles can hit hard and sometimes devastated Angelica the tank, or others, forcing a restart.
Bellona and Broomsticks
Boss Bellona has guaranteed defence down and does more damage the more debuffs you have. She silences and transfers debuffs back to all of your heroes. She does AoE damage and if you’re not buffed, you lose 100% CR then get stunned. And she revives allies one at a time.
She gets a 50% CR boost if you use a non-attack skill, punishing healing/stall teams. If you have 2+ buffs on when you end your turn, the brooms get a CR boost. If you do 20% damage on her, she heals 15%. Ice heroes do less damage and reduce her skills faster.
Brooms drop poison and steal souls and heal, and get more powerful every time one of them dies. Use AoE to take out the brooms first and prevent their healing. Take them out again when revived.
There are lots of debuffs, so cleansing is important. A Momo may not be strong enough on her own, so Lilias or Destina or Kitty Clarissa are a plus.
Bellona’s S1 and Joker work here.
My Team:
Bellona (Judgement+15 - 0/0/3) 2500 ATK, 1000 DEF, 13k HP, 180 SP, 84% CC, 250% CD, 47% EFF, 15% ERES - Set: Dest/Crit
Tenebria (Etica’s+15 - 3/3/5) 3500 ATK, 1000 DEF, 12k HP, 162 SP, 90% CC, 200% CD, 44% EFF, 5% ERES - Set: Lifesteal/HP
Lilias (tank) (Proof of Valor+15- 0/0/3) 1600 ATK, 1300 DEF, 19k HP, 192 SP, 35% CC, 160% CD, 60% EFF, 45% ERES - Set: SP/Hit
Destina (Potion Vial+14 - 3/2/3) 1300 DEF, 14k HP, 141 SP, 35% ERES - Set: CounteHP
Immunity and big cleanses here are a must, so Lilias and Destina were awesome there.
Tenebae’s beautiful AoE easily deals with brooms. Bellona’s powerful S1 made short work of Bellona the villain. It’s fun watching the two hotties beat each other back and forth. lol
Violet and Cronies
Violet is perma-buffed and if you strip he gets greater buffs.
Violet and his cronies do a fair amount of damage, especially when it comes behind the target debuff. When that lands, you might get hit 2 or 3 times in a row, which can devastate anyone, especially a DPS with only 10k HP. Cleanse and immunity are vital here.
The ‘right’ way to do this floor probably involves hitting the two green cronies at the right time, giving you defence and attack buffs and changing Violet’s buffs to lower ones. But this is complicated and a bit RNG.
You’ll want to cleanse very quickly and keep that target debuff off as much as possible. Violet steals souls, so use Arky when you have him.
If you attack invincible allies, you get counterattacked by Violet and it’s nasty. So AoE is difficult here.
If you land 2+ debuffs on Violet, he heals. If you have someone that can land unhealable on Violet, this floor becomes much easier. Then you can use multiple debuffs on him. Mascot Hazel with Vial would be a great support healer here. In fact, with a fast, strong Hazel, she might be all the healing you need if you can then bring a team that can crowd control things, like Basar and Tenebria.
You can do this floor slowly and fairly safely with Kiris and Arky. Ignore the helpers. Don’t use her S3. Simply use her S1 to land a single stack at a time on Violet and whittle him down. And hope that if the target lands on her, you cleanse it very quickly.
My Team:
Kiris (Level 50, 5*) (Valor+15 - 5/3/0) 1400 ATK, 700 DEF, 9k HP, 150 SP, 50% CC, 160% CD, 120% EFF, 20% ERES - Set: Lifesteal/Hit
Destina (Potion Vial+14 - 3/2/3) 1300 DEF, 18k HP, 180 SP, 35% ERES - Set: SP/HP
Angelica (tank) (Potion Vial+21 - 0/5/5) 1600 DEF, 18k HP, 167 SP, 30% EFF, 25% ERES - Set: SP/HP
Diene (Rod+9 - 0/6/2) ATK 1400 DEF, 17k HP, 168 SP, 70% ERES - Set: SP/HP
This took many tries. Random chance meant that Kiris or whatever DPS I was using got taken out a lot when targeted and I couldn’t cleanse fast enough. I tried a stall team with a beefy Dark Corvus but that eventually wore down. Used C. Armin, and she was great as a tank to soak up damage and the invincible was clutch at times, but she didn’t do enough to keep the DPS alive. I tried so hard to make this work with Tamarine because I just got her before this floor and levelled her up, but for some reason it wasn’t working for me. And my A Momo just wasn’t healing enough.
But patience and Kiris won out.
The key to this was using Arky and only using Kiris’s S1, so there was never more than one poison on Violet. It was slow and I had to time heals and get lucky, but it worked. Having both healers using Wondrous Potion Vial to auto-cleanse the target debuff was clutch. (Having Mascot Hazel or other unhealable hero would have allowed much more poison to be used and the floor would go much faster.)
I had to change Destina from ok counter gear (14k HP, 140 SP) to much faster speed gear (18k HP, 180 SP). And she uses the EE which brings her countdown to 4. That was an expensive upgrade changing all that gear around ($450,000), because there was no free equip event, and then my speedy Shadow Rose needed new gear! :(
Leo, the Burns and the Bomb
Pray to the gods of random chance. lol. Very interesting floor design; imaginative. This took a lot of tries before the timing clicked on everything. Don’t lose hope, just keep restarting until everything works out. You may need to take extended breaks to reset your temper. It’s not your units (mine are perhaps average), it’s about smart play, patience and chance.
Can’t use Kiris here, he’s immune to buffs.
Cleanse and immunity are important, and invincible might be vital.
In the opening round against the monsters, the amount of healing the Caides does is annoying. Once again, Mascot Hazel and her unhealable debuff would be great here. (I get the feeling like these many green floors were partially designed with her in mind.) You can take out the helper monsters to prevent healing. This buys you more souls, for use against Leo later.
There are many things going on for this phase; it’s complex. At the start of battle, Leo drops a bomb on one of your players that can’t be dispelled. It gets bounced around from player to player when the hero with the bomb hit the crystal. When it goes off, it does big damage and stuns. If you have the bomb on a player with immunity, however, when it goes off the bomb doesn’t come back, making your life WAY easier. C. Armin or Elena is HUGE here. (Bombs do come back in force though, when Leo is at 30% HP.)
If you don’t have buffs up, you’ll get hit with unbuffable. Every time you hit him, he gets a CR boost. Support units should attack the crystal.
Use Arky against Leo to make sure that you have buffs on your heroes at all times or you’ll be hit with an unbuffable that cannot be cleansed. You lose all souls when Leo hits 30% health, so use them up before that. Then you will start gathering them again.
Bellona’s S1 does a lot of damage here and is all the DPS you need. Having the Sword of Judgement artifact allows her to use her S1 twice in a row, which is awesome. Though be wary that each time Leo is hit, he gets a CR bump. And Bellona can go Dual Attack S1 - S1 - S3 in a single blow when you weren’t expecting it. Major damage, but it could screw up your timing. Other DPS would be fine, but use someone doing major damage or the fight will last longer and there are more chances that timing will screw up and you’ll restart.
After he drops the bomb, use your invincibility buff to permanently kill the bomb. Time immunity with Angelica’s S3, Carmin’s S3, or soul burn Momo’s S1 to prevent massive burns. Cleans any burns that get through. They do huge damage.
Be very conscious of timing, when to hit Leo and when to hit the crystal. It takes practice.
My Team
Bellona (Judgement+15 - 0/0/3) 2500 ATK, 1000 DEF, 13k HP, 180 SP, 84% CC, 250% CD, 47% EFF, 15% ERES - Set: Dest/Crit
Tamarine (Potion Vial+14 - 0/0/0) 1700 ATK, 1000 DEF, 13k HP, 206 SP, 50% CC, 150% CD, 40% EFF, 40% ERES - Set: SP/HP
Carmin (tank) (Potion Vial) 1500 ATK, 1500 DEF, 15k HP, 137 SP, 40% CC, 150% CD, 25% EFF, 120% ERES - Set: DEF/RES/HP
Angelica (Potion Vial+21 - 0/5/5) 1600 DEF, 18k HP, 167 SP, 30% EFF, 25% ERES - Set: SP/HP
Carmin was MVP for using invincible to kill off the bomb.
Tamarine helped here because her Idol form gave me a few extra key attacks when Leo was below 30%; that helped kill him fast. My Bellona was doing 20k damage per S1 hit, so having her hit twice because of her artifact, and the dual proc off of Tamarine, made the last bit go fast enough to survive. I did have to restart sometimes because her auto S3 though.

How can you be alive? You have no HP! You should be too dead to kill me!!
Destina -> Ruele and Judge Kise
The floor can take a lot of tries. Random chance, like many Abyss floors, may make you want to tear your eyes out and throw them at people in frustration. You have to be patient. It is a contest of emotional endurance. But it can be done if the RNG goes your way.
Unless you have amazing gear and a DPS that both hits like a tank and takes damage like one, then Arky will do a lot of your damage. But the enemy steals souls, so you need characters that can build souls fast.
Both Destina and Ruele seem to have high defence, greatly reducing damage done to them.
Lilias, Kitty and Tamarinne are great as each dual attack gets you an extra soul. Clorina builds souls fast because she cycles so many turns with her CR boosts. And she doesn’t land debuffs. A great A Momo with Tomb can cycle fast. Counter sets build souls too. However, be careful with A Momo’s S1 or anyone who can land a debuff on Judge as you will be judged harshly for it. Judged with a scythe.
Recommend at least 14k HP on your DPS (though it may cost you attack). Or that you have super fast and amazing healers. Even then, the more HP, the better. There was a TON of random chance here. You just get unlucky if that DPS gets targeted twice in a row. Then you have to start the whole, long process all over again.
Monster phase is simple, just kill the main one. Save your souls.
The Destina phase is fairly straight forward. When the Suns shoot, notable damage splashes to other units, so keep healing up. The Suns also steal 5 souls each on their S3. If you can, try to save your souls here, so you have all you can for Ruele next. When Destina gets to 50%, she heals fully and turns into Ruele, who then brings in the beautiful but deadly Judge Kise, who does wicked damage.
Destina’s description should read: Heals HERSELF or an ally. She heals for over 40k, which is super annoying. But she doesn’t do it often.
Ruele is a soul-sucking vampire, taking 20 souls at a time on her ultimate, so use Arky as soon as he’s ready. Ruele can revive Judge, so whether you want to take her out or not is an option. It will make life way easier if you can kill her, but it may not be necessary (I didn’t), and she gets revived anyway. Also, the time spent hitting Judge means you’re not necessarily hitting Ruele.
Vildred’s AoE skills have no debuffs and would work, allowing you to whittle Judge down and give yourself a turn or two without her. Would really help survivability to not have her constantly kicking your ass. Ruele does zero damage without her.
Tamarine’s idol strip removes Ruele’s 3-turn barrier, which is probably why everyone loves her here. Without that strip, the fight will take way longer.
Use your souls right at the beginning, before she can steal them. If you’ve saved, you can use Arky 3 times before she starts stealing (almost half her HP!). Do your best to survive after that and build souls and slowly work Ruele down. Speed doesn’t matter as they don’t get more powerful over time. Stall teams can work, provided you survive random chance.
Ruele’s killer move: she dual attacks, launching Judge Kise at you, who drops a defence down debuff on your hero. Then Judge goes again, slaughtering your hero with AoE before you can cleanse. There can be a lot of random chance here, meaning lots of restarts. You MUST cleanse defence down debuffs or you will get destroyed. Potion Vial artifact is great here on top of cleanse.
Do not put debuffs on the enemy because it leads to nasty things. You can buff, but Judge does strip them every now and then.
My Team:
Lilias (tank) (Aurius+6 - 0/0/3) 1500 ATK, 1200 DEF, 16k HP, 164 SP, 35% CC, 160% CD, 50% EFF, 10% ERES - Set: CounteHit
Clorina (Proof of Valor+15 - 3/2/4) 3000 ATK, 900 DEF, 14k HP, 142 SP, 80% CC, 220% CD, 10% EFF, 15% ERES - Set: Dest/HP/SP (unmatched second set)
Tamarine (Shimadra+15 - 0/5/1) 1600 ATK, 1200 DEF, 13k HP, 197 SP, 50% EFF - Set: SP/HP
Destina (Potion Vial+21 - 3/2/3) 1400 DEF, 18k HP, 169 SP, 50% ERES - Set: SP/HP
This took forever. lol. So, so many tries and fails. Lots of experimentation on teams used. Personally, a stall team didn’t work for me because I couldn’t survive Judge’s RNG or build enough souls before they were stolen. Even my 30k HP Dark Corvus would get hammered, and he was too slow at 125 SP.
With Lilias having a 50% CR boost on her S3 and putting her on a counter set out front, she generated a lot of souls. Clorina also cycled fast, building up more. Tamarine’s idol and dual attack built even more. This just barely allowed me to build up enough souls to squeeze occasional Arkys out before Ruele used her ult and stole the souls. Arky did almost all the damage.
I used Proof of Valour +15 on Clorina, and Aurius +6 on Lilias to mitigate damage. Clorina was only hitting for 3-5k damage on Ruele, but it did add up a bit. I auto ran Phases 1 and 2 because they took so long and I had so many restarts, and so I started most rounds of Phase 3 with full souls, taking Ruele down to 50% health right away.
Then it was a matter of chipping away and hoping Judge didn’t land a defence break and then immediately use her AoE. Just kept trying until it worked out, and the RNG went in my favour.
The Apolalypse! Ravi and her Wyvern of Red Death
With more than some patience, this literally took me 200-300 attempts. No joke.
As always, Abyss is best done during free gear-change events. This is the first floor I had that chance and I needed it. Every team I had before the event failed and I needed to experiment more. Big thanks to the developers for having these events.
The key to this floor is doing as much damage as you can, as fast as you can. Some people have god-tier gear. But using defence down (DD), and attack up if you can, is critical for most of us.
We’ve seen the vids and posts: you do NOT need Tama/Iseria to beat the floor (though I eventually did it with them, I got very close with other teams). Plenty of other combos work. It’s a matter of luck and gear and ingenuity. The dual Lots-with-Red Schuri team is brilliant. Kiris and Alexa work, though they need decent stats (mine weren’t good enough). If you have the right gear, a wider range of characters are possible. I got lucky and things got easier with Tama/Iseria, but from all my attempts I know it’s doable with others.
Bring units with as close to 200 speed as you can. Everything is fast here. Attack up and defence down are extremely helpful, maybe even necessary. CR boosting is huge. So are dual attacks: Tamarinne, Lilias, Kitty Clarissa.
You must have close to 100% crit on everyone, even your healer. 5 non-crit hits on Ravi, including Arky and she gets a heal for about 35k. Also, hitting her without a buff on your hero gives her a CR push. She steals 20 souls on her ult, so use Arky before it or burn with skills.
You need two buffs up in order to survive wyvern’s breath. C. Dom has a crit chance buff which can mean putting more damage or HP on your other characters. Characters with attack buffs are great. Unhealable debuff allows you to hit Ravi more relentlessly. Dual attackers allow you to hit more often and generate more souls. Defence down is almost critical to doing damage fast.
Poison is possible and the Alexa/Kiris team actually works really well. But you can only put two debuffs on the wyvern at a time, so that stage can be tricky and slow. Accidentally land an extra stack with Kiris and he blows you (get it?). Don’t land enough stacks and the fight takes too long and he blows you.
This isn’t a high-damage floor. 2 healers aren’t necessary; just make your one healer your best. Focus on damage. A combination of the right team and DD works better than having 4k attack on your heroes. An aggressive strategy is better than a slow one (unlike some other floors).
Land DD immediately. If you miss, restart. If the mushrooms ult, you’re dead. (Unless you have enough poison stacked, then the lich will die when he tries to go.) Having DD and dual attacks is key to killing the lich before you wipe.
Wyvern is fire, so green units suck here. If you’re bringing Iseria or Bellona or Yufine, the rest of the team will have to carry them through, making it essentially a 3-hero team . This is where Tama/Iseria defies that a bit. Iseria’s reduce-countdown skill can still be used, making Tama much more useful.
But, other units are fine here too; you don’t need Iseria. If I had a better team, Angelica or Destina would be fine paired with a good Luluca or Shadow Rose, even Tenebria with Etica’s. In fact, this phase was far easier with Shadow Rose’s DD than with Iseria.
The key is being able to do enough damage to get through the wyvern’s barriers (at 70% and 40% health), while also being able to get two buffs up to survive his ults.
DD allows this phase to go much quicker. Save DD for his shields. Shadow Roses’s DD is 100% chance, which is nice. Serila and Luluca only have a 50% on their S1. Taranor Guard would be great here, though his DD is only 1 turn, but it has a higher chance to land.
Have a tanky team to survive wyvern’s ult (12k+ HP) or get 2 buffs up before he blows you. Arky can be used as a buff here.
Kitty Clarissa has a long immunity on herself, making her excellent as a tank here. The wyvern’s burn can’t land on her. Also, her S3 cleanses. Her dual attacks help with that shield a lot. Just an awesome hero.
There are two monsters. Purple limits CR boosts and yellow limits healing. Kill the two monsters and ignore Ravi because she’ll just heal after they’re dead and revive better versions.
The upgraded monster helpers prevent more healing and more CR boost, and their debuffs are only cleansed once they die.
If you have any CR manipulation on your team, take out the new purple first, to make things faster and easier. He will put perma-silence on your highest attacker. Yellow seems to put perma-unbuffable on your highest HP, though this wasn’t consistent for me. After you kill both monsters, Ravi will eventually revive one at a time with her ult, starting with purple.
The first time, if you can survive it, you might get both monsters down to almost dead, then let Ravi ult, then kill both monsters off in two shots, and then have a lot longer to focus on Ravi.
The key is being able to do enough damage to destroy the monsters and give you a turn or two to attack Ravi. Land a defence down on a monster and slaughter it. Then take the other out. As soon as purple is revived, take it out. If Ravi is down to a quarter health, you might be able to just focus on her and ignore the revives.
An unhealable or buff strip on Ravi makes things much easier because she heals after 5 non-crit hits. And she makes this difficult with a crit-down buff. Kitty Clarissa can strip and drop unhealable.
My Team:
Clorina (Wrath+15 - 5/5/5) 3650 ATK, 900 DEF, 10k HP, 135 SP, 80% CC, 312% CD, 10% EFF, 24% ERES - Set: Dest/Hit/Att (unmatched second set)
Tamarine (Shimadra+15 - 0/5/1) 1900 ATK, 1000 DEF, 13k HP, 197 SP, 90% CC, 150% CD, 40% EFF, 40% ERES - Set: SP/HP
Iseria (Level 50, 5*) (Candlestick - 0/0/0) 2000 ATK, 900 DEF, 11k HP, 198 SP, 100% CC, 150% CD, 20% EFF, 60% ERES - Set: SP/Crit
Kitty Clarissa (Valor+15 - 0/0/1) 1800 ATK, 1100 DEF, 15k HP, 194 SP, 100% CC, 150% CD, 30% EFF, 50% ERES - Set: SP/HP
I do not have amazing gear. I have ok gear. My win rate in RTA is about 40% and most of that is people quitting before we fight. I’m stuck in Arena Challenger 5 and can’t go up because my units are too slow. Every Abyss team so far has been labelled WEAK and winning was a lot of persistence and luck.
I tried using Luna for this. Her RNG hits bug the hell out of me. She’s beautiful, sexy, powerful, but she’d hit for 11k, then for 2.5k, like a wet noodle. But I had finally levelled up and now maxed out Clorina. With the free gear-change event I maxed out her power. FUCK ME. Why did I not do this an age ago? Clorina hits like a train. But consistently! Love it. I will take her over Luna any day now. Unless it’s a hotness contest.
So my team started out with Tama, Lilias, Clorina, plus some kind of defence down hero.
At first, I tried Serila, who is my highest CP at 110,000 CP. She has DD (see what I did there?) on her S1. Being fire, she could land it on the wyvern. Unfortunately, it just wouldn’t land consistently. I had to land DD on the lich right at the start and if I didn’t, I restarted. At one point, I restarted about 15 times because it missed every time. She carried me through to Ravi fairly often but I just couldn’t go all the way with her (see that? lol).
Tried Luluca, even though she was only 50 and 5*. Missed 34 times—in a row—with her defence down. Fed up, I stripped her of all gear and banished her forever.
Then I started using Shadow Rose. Shadow is awesome. I FUCKING LOVE this hero. Her DD (see what I did again?) is awesome. With a team of Clorina, Tama, Shadow and Lilias, I was was doing pretty well.
But fucking Lilias! That dual attack, while lovely, would utilize my healer 8 times in a row. A total waste of power. Fuck my life! I love the hero in so many situations, but in this case, it was nails on a chalkboard every time she used a healer to attack. And…reset. I couldn’t get past the wyvern very often.
After at least 150 tries with various heroes and gear, I rolled Kitty Clarissa. My world changed. The sun came out. Kitty Clarissa is da fucking bomb! Her dual attack triggers the highest attacker. Every. Fucking. Time. Clorina would go, hit her S3 for 50k on DD. Then Kitty would go and use Clorina to hit for another 25k. Orgasmic!
I got very close with Clorina, Tama, Shadow and Kitty. Down to 10% on one run. Then down to maybe 1 HP— I couldn’t even see it on the meter—and then I died. I could have done it if I’d kept at it. But the RNG was hurting me and the fight was taking a long time. Many, many tries went by. I almost threw my iPad at the wall a few times.
Then—I rolled Iseria from her banner. Threw Shadow Roses’s gear on her. The gear was enough; I could have used her at level 30 because I wasn’t using her for attack skills or to be tanky. But I had a few hours before the free unequip event ended, so I levelled her the hell up to 50. Luckily had most of the runes and catalysts already. The rune event gave me the epic runes I needed. Had zero molas for skills and no way to upgrade her to 60, but her level didn’t matter.
Clorina, Tama, Iseria, and Kitty came into the Abyss. I came out a TamaSeria believer.
The wyvern stage became MUCH harder without Shadow’s DD. I almost gave up on Iseria because of this. It took a fair number of tries before getting past it. Only having Clorina and Kitty hit so hard could I get through and carry Iseria. But once I did, I only had to face Apoc Ravi twice to beat her. I was shocked at what a difference it made having Tama’s idol form up a little more often. I’m still blown away. I don’t really understand how it all happened so quickly. I’m in shock.
I took out the purple monster first, then the yellow. Had tried it many times with yellow first using other heroes and it didn’t work, taking too long and I would die. Needed the CR push from killing purple. I took out the two and then I would have one turn to do some damage on Ravi and chipped away.
Used 3 Arky shots over the fight. Kitty’s unhealable was nice, Iseria’s too, and both stripped Ravi’s crit-down buff, which was awesome.
The real break came when Iseria miraculously landed a 35% chance DD on a random, accidentally wasted shot on Ravi. I quickly killed purple with the next shot, then I was able to use Clorina for a shot, then Tama dual-attacked with Clorina, then Kitty came in for another dual attack with Clorina. Then—Iseria landed her 2-turn DD.
Ravi used her ult and revived purple. But Iseria’s DD was still on her. 30% life remaining. What should I do?
I could have killed the purple and kept cycling but said fuck it. Let’s risk it.
I focused only on Ravi, was able to burn Clorina’s S3 for two shots with attack up. Kitty and Tama both dual attacked again with Clorina. A tiny sliver of health remained, Ravi was ready for her ult. Only Iseria stood in her way. She used her S3. Ravi died.
I may have danced around a bit in happiness. After 200-300 tries, it was pretty wow.
Summons from stones were Church of Ilryos Axe and Batisse (have both). Super depressing. I wish stones awarded from something like Abyss 100 guaranteed 4-5* summons. It’s quite the achievement.
All-in-all, great fun. I can’t wait for more Abyss floors to come out. Big thanks to the developers of Epic 7 for the content.
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2020.02.27 03:59 milo325 New Suggestion Idea: Relationship Bonuses

I have a new idea that I think would add an interesting new dimension to team building in Epic 7. I want to suggest it to SmileGate and SuperCreative but I thought it would be good to see if Reddit could spot problems and provide constructive criticism on how the idea could be polished and improved.
One of the issues in Epic 7 right now is the extremely restricted meta. You see the same characters over and over. SSB, F. Ceci, Basar, Luna, Yufine, Maid Chloe, C. Zerato, C. Dominiel, Tam-seria, Charles, etc. There is not a lot of variation in the teams you face in PvP or Guild Wars. There are a set of characters that are just generally considered overpowered compared to the meta average, and these characters are also overused. I think everyone would agree with this.
In contrast, one of the real strengths of Epic 7 is the large range of characters, each of whom gets their own showcases and moments to shine. Even relatively minor characters like Enott or Elson or Gunther have their moments to show their personalities. One of the ways this is represented in the game is the "Specialty" section of the Character Profile, where it shows the types of relationships a character has with a group of other characters (usually 3-10 others). This is great information which helps us flesh out the personality of the characters we play with, but it's really not relevant anywhere in game at the moment. It has no impact on the gameplay, just the storyline.
My suggestion is to add a new set of battle bonuses based on these relationships and the other characters in your party AND your opponents. In the game, these would function exactly like the bonuses given to selected characters in certain side stories. They would have their own icons that appear over the characters heads, and would be active at the beginning of the battle and could not be dispelled.
In my description, to keep things clear, I'm going to refer to the "hero" and the "party members". These bonuses would be calculated on a hero by hero basis, so each hero in the party would get boosts individualized to them based on the relationships. I know that sounds complicated but I have confidence that the developers could add this to the algorithm that currently applies bonuses (like imprints, temporary boosts, etc.) pretty easily. So when I talk about the hero, I'm suggesting that each hero would get this treatment at the start of the battle.
The different relationship statuses I've found are Friendly, Longing, Love, Hostile, and Rivals. I thought there was a "Trust" also, but I can't seem to find it now -- perhaps it's been removed and replaced with one of the others. I'd propose different triggers and benefits for each of these:

Friendly -- clearly, party members who are friendly and close together would get to know each other's fighting styles and skills and function more successfully as a group together. For each party member you have a Friendly relationship with, the Hero would gain 10%/20%/25% additional attack and defense. (Note that MOST relationships are mutual, so that would generally mean that both the hero and the party member would get a bonus.) Additionally, all heroes would get a +1 morale bonus for EACH friendly party member in labyrinths, regardless of what saying is selected -- they just enjoy being around each other so much. (That means a team who are all friendly with one another could gain an extra 12 morale with each campfire talk.)
Longing -- heroes who are longing for a party member will always be trying to impress them and assist them. Heroes who have a party member that they long for will get +10 speed and +5% dual attack chance. Any negative bonuses from a campfire line given by a party member you long for would be reduced in half. (For instance, if Angelica said something that would normally provoke a -8 morale response from Crozet, he would only lose -4.)
Love -- love is a much more nuturing emotion that just longing. You're not trying to impress but to protect. Heroes in love with a party member gain 20% additional def and HP. +2 morale bonus for camping with someone you love.
Hostile -- the antithesis of many of these other relationships, hostility hurts party morale and drives wedges between people who should ostensibly be allies. Any hero who is in a team with a party member they are hostile towards would lose 10%/20%/25% attack and defense. They also suffer an additional -1 on morale in labyrinth camp settings for each hostile party member. And since hostile relationships are usually two sided, if you put Arbiter Vildred in a party with Ras, Krau and Ludwig, not only would each of them suffer a 10% penalty, Arby would have a 25% penalty.
Rivals -- ah, rivalry. Not quite friendship but also not quite hostility. Rivals just want to prove their superiority to each other, and consequently bring out the best in each of them. A hero with one or more rival party members on EITHER team will get a boost of +25% critical hit chance and 15% critical damage. -1 morale for camping with any rival party member (one or more), as they are sure to argue and bicker.

So, let's look at some examples of how this would change team construction. From a story standpoint, grouping characters who are close in the Epic 7 world would offer some tangible benefits. For instance, you could field the Order of the Shield (Crozet, Maya, Lorina and throw in Angelica for some healing). Crozet is friendly with Lorina and Maya, so would get +20% attack and defense from them and he has a longing for Angelica (who doesn't?), so that would also give him +10 speed and +5% dual attack chance. Angelica is only friendly with Crozet, so 10% attack and defense boost; Lorina and Maya are friendly with each other and each long for Crozet -- they each gets 10% attack and defense as well as +10 speed and %5 dual attack chance. Does it beat Arby/SSB/Charles/Ruele? Perhaps not, but it would give a significant boost to characters who have a lot of positive relationships, and allow for some interesting ways to tweak your team. For instance, Crozet loves Jena. If you wanted to make him tankier, you could remove Maya and add Jena to the mix. He'd lose attack but double the defense boost and gain 20% HP on top.
Other pairings that have been referenced in the story would start to show real life benefits. Siblings like Luna/Yufine and Carrot/Cermia would get some benefits for being together. The Reingar PSC would have some significant boosts as almost all of them have interconnecting relationships. There are lots of intricate matches with the banshees, some of whom love each other and some who are very hostile. The Suin would have some synergy together. Violet is in love with both Iseria AND Bellona (and maybe Luluca will be added to that)? Violet and his angels could be super tanky. A squad of the Acolytes could be very strong together.
Plus, this would shake up the meta. There are characters that are CLOSE to being part of the meta now, but with an extra 10 or 20% attack, they might reach the power level of the current OP meta. Some characters might not become OP themselves from these bonuses, but might help push some other character over the gap when they are combined properly. Eventually, people would find the "best" min-maxed options, but I feel confident that there would be more options than there currently are (and especially new players might find combining characters in the early game to give them real significant improvements.) The best part is that this data is already in the Epic 7 database, so it's just a matter of modifying the calculations that determine the final stats to include these extra bonuses.
And as anyone who does raids regularly knows, we ALWAYS need more morale options. The people who have created labyrinth calculators would probably hate me for suggesting this, but it would mean that teams who have good synergy in the background would also be able to function better in raids.
I welcome any comments, suggestions or constructive criticism before I send this to the developers. I'm open to changing virtually any of the bonuses if people find them too powerful or too weak; these are just a starting idea to begin the discussion. If SuperCreative could do it, damage sharing or a counter effect might be appropriate for some of the relationships statuses too.
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2019.10.19 03:06 arthuristek Erroneous beliefs in LLDM that aren’t often criticizedCreencias erróneas de LLDM que no se frecuentan criticar

English: - THE UNOFFICIAL 5/10 YEARS DIFFERENCE RULE •How is it okay for a 21 year old to talk to a 16 year old? How is it okay for a 17 year old to talk to a 12 year old? It was so perpetuated in church lore that even I found myself justifying it in ignorance. It took some time for me to see how disgusting and wrong it is (thankfully I never did anything vile.) That’s societally and morally wrong. It’s so wrong. How many 15-17 year old sisters do you know that got married out of wedlock? I bet it’s more than one.
-THE DENIAL OF THE DEITY OF CHRIST, (even if not super blatant) •For me, now that I’m out, as soon as I see any religious sect deny the deity of Christ, I know they are a cult. If I, a human, bear child, my child is also a human and has my features and my essence. If God begets a son, by nature, would he not also be Godly and of the essence of an eternal being? Maybe LLDM can claim Jesus to be “divine” in hymns and explanations, but I assure you that if you tell 5 ministers the example I’ve shown, they will all give you an “answer” that dodges the original question. Denying Christ’s deity is how they easily make NJG more important than Christ.
-MEMBERS PRAYING ON THEIR KNEES WHILE A PHYSICAL MAN STANDS ON AN EXALTED ALTER. •LLDM loves to use the defense that they do not worship Panson, but that they honor him. They will use verses that state that you shall only bow to God and Jesus Christ. But, look at any “apostolic” prayer Panson does. He always starts his prayer standing while everyone else kneels and sobs. Panson stands on an extremely physically exalted alter. Therefore, they kneel before a human man, blaspheming against Jesus, according to their own beliefs.
-A NON-BIBLICAL EXTREME EMPHASIS ON HIS FAMILY BEING ROYAL. •Where in the New Testament does Jesus or an Apostle teach that his family deserve royal status or more respect than the rest of the brothers? Not one text.
I could go on for hours. Share your thoughts below if you’d like. Its what I love most about this subreddit: the discussions ❤️. God bless y’all.
-LA REGLA NO OFICIAL DE 5/10 AŃOS DE DIFERENCIA EN EDAD • Esta bien que una persona de 21 ańos hable con una persona de 16, o que una persona de 17 hable con una persona de 12? La regla es tan perpetuada que yo incluso me encontré justificándola en mi ignorancia. Tomo un poco de tiempo para que me diera cuenta de la perversidad de eso.(Gracias a Dios que nunca llegue a hacer algo tan vil.) Va en contra de la moralidad y la sociedad. A cuantas hermanitas no conocen que se casaron a los 15,16 o 17 ańos por salir embarazadas? Les aseguro que son mas de una.
-LA NEGACION DE LA DEIDAD DE CRISTO (incluso si no descaradamente) •Para mi, ahora que estoy fuera de esta secta, si veo que una organización religiosa niega la deidad de Cristo, automáticamente los veo como secta. Si yo, siendo humano, doy a luz simiente propia, ese nińo nacerá un humano y engendrará mis rasgos y características. Si Dios engendra a su hijo unigénito, que no seria también Dios por su esencia? Si, quizás LLDM proclame que Jesus es “divino” en sus alabanzas y explicaciones, pero les aseguro que si van con 5 ministros diferentes con este ejemplo presentado, solo recibirán vueltas y vueltas en vez de la respuesta apropiada. Al negar la deidad de Cristo, lo hacen menos y hacen a Panson mas importante.
-MIEMBROS ORANDO DE RODILLAS MIENTRAS TANTO, UN HOMBRE HUMANO ESTA DE PIE. • Le encanta a LLDM defender su adoración de Panson con la mascara de “honra a quien honra merece”. Usan textos bíblicos que dicen que solo a Dios y a Jesucristo le es la adoración y solo a ellos se les deba de arrodillar. Pero solo con mirar cualquier oración “apostólica” que Panson hace, la empieza el de pie, sobre un altar exaltado, mientras tanto, la membresía ora de rodillas. Así que, conforme a su propia enseñanza, LLDM blasfema contra Cristo al arrodillarse ante un hombre mortal.
-EL ÉNFASIS EN DECIR QUE SU FAMILIA ES REAL SIN EVIDENCIA BIBLICA ALGUNA. • Enséñenme un texto del nuevo testamento donde Cristo o algún apóstol diga que su familia merece un estatus real o respeto mas que a los demás hermanos? No hay texto alguno.
Pudiera seguir por horas. Compartan sus pensamientos si gustan hacerlo. Es lo que mas me gusta de este foro: las discusiones ❤️. Dios los Bendiga
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2019.01.02 23:51 DarthSatoris My journey through the novels as an anime-only fan #14: SS2 and SP

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone! It is 2019 and I've finally completed reading a whole bunch of little stories set in the Index/Railgun universe, which are likely never going to get an adaptation.
But since I was recommended to read them after the Acqua of the Back arc, and before the British Royal Family arc, I did just that. So here we are. It only took me since last year to get through them all. ;D
Since they're not getting an adaptation, I don't have anything to compare them to, so I'll switch it up, and instead do a 2-3 line commentary per story, so it's gonna be a long one.
Volume Arc Page count
SS2 Gemstones 144
Those who seek bundles of cash and a battle
So this is the first time Hamazura and Yomikawa meet, and it's when Hamazura steals an ATM with Hanzou and Ritoku. It's action packed and an easy read, and also a bit funny, considering where each character ends up further down the timeline.
A warrior and dancer from Norse mythology
Kanzaki and a seductress Valkyrie in a cowskin bikini battle it out in a clothes shop. This one was really weird, and I'm not sure what the point was. But I suppose it introduced a new aspect of Norse mythology into the mix.
A father's wish creates a point of contact and an interaction
Who knew Touma's dad and Lidvia Lorenzetti had met before. This one was interesting, because it showed a part of Touma's father and his obsession with the trinkets he buys on all his trips. And it also showed how his love for his son inspired Lidvia to use less extreme means to conquer Academy City which could have been the key point in foiling her plans. So nice on Touya for that one!
The true strength of the seventh of the seven
A-Ha! This is the first time we the seventh level 5 in Academy City: Sogiita Gunha. The guy who jumped out of a Shonen manga and somehow managed to land in the Index-verse and decided to call it home. He fights off a delinquent, shrugging off gunshots, and inspiring some poor sap to do his very best. He also has the lamest sounding attacks. "Amazing punch!", which is hilarious.
What is it that the world lacks?
Daddy Misaka. His first ever appearance in the Index-verse. Gotta say, his outing is interesting, if a little underwhelming. His skill is definitely useful and very influential, but he's not a badass in the traditional sense. I suppose he will become an important figure later down the line.
Getting to the heart of the discussion at the beauty salon
Kuroko and her hair stylist discussing the true purpose of Academy City. This was a very nice short story that asked a lot of hard hitting questions about the esper powers they were developing, and also getting into the subject of Gemstones, otherwise known as people with naturally occurring esper powers.
Someone behind the scenes is unprepared and has to clean up
Some guy called Ollerus has taken in a lot of orphans. He was supposed to become a Magic God, but didn't.
Man, what a strange story.
A Kunoichi is someone who appears unexpectedly
A ninja? A freaking ninja? Why? What? How? I don't know, and I'm not sure I wanna know. And why is she undressing for Hamazura? God dammit, this universe is just weird. Sometimes it's a good kind of weird. This one... I'm not so sure.
The relations of the real world are unneeded in the electric world
So some punk hacker thinks he can crack the security set up by Uiharu Kazari, aka the Goalkeeper? Think again! "That's a true hacker.", you're damn right it is.
Would you accept or decline an invitation for the night?
So Touma's dad and Mikoto's dad somehow managed to meet each other in a seedy bar somewhere in London. And they somehow managed to cause some commotion. Typical dads, amirite?
Every field has exceptions
The introduction of yet another new character, Kumokawa Seria. And it seems she has some pull in the dark side of Academy City. And they're once again talking about Gemstones. And America. And Russia. And their research into esper development. And how they're soooo bad at it, that they're looking into gemstones instead.
And she's apparently a member of Touma's school. Or am I reading that one wrong?
A debate between a sniper and a bomber
So SCHOOL's replacement sniper has a bit of a backstory. Interesting. And it seems like his work colleague is an idiot. Also interesting. Not sure if this story will ever lead anywhere, though. "One thing I know is that I will never die in an explosion no matter what." Mmmmmmm, about that.....
The accuracy of their collective fortunes
This is probably my favorite story in this collection, because it gives us a window into the SIster clones' daily life in the hospital. And their naiveté to the larger world and the bullshit in girls magazines is quite frankly hilarious. One thing I did make a note on was that Heaven Canceler has a lot to say about them in this one as well. About how since they all live their lives through a hive-mind, each and every one of them can experience every choice when given choices, instead of only experience one of the choices, like most other people. I also noted how he hopes that these branching choices would some day cause the clones to develop distinct personalities. A detail that is plastered on every single Sister's wikia page, I might add. I was wondering when he said that, and this is it.
It's also where we learn the clones' (and by extension Misaka Mikoto's) blood type.
A dance between Goalkeeper and Intruder
So Misaka Mikoto and Uiharu Kazari are having a hacking showdown. An advanced esper, and a master hacker. This one was very funny. And it also showed off Uiharu's more hot headed personality a bit, instead of her usual timid self.
Art is divided between geniuses and eccentrics
Kanzaki is having a midnight snack, and the Agnese forces smell the food. Kanzaki is a sneaky ninja and cleans up and leaves no trace before she is caught with the food. Not really sure what the point was, but it was funny. Especially when Sherry mistakes a piece of food stabbed with forks as art.
There is a reason they do not look like mothers
Oh look, Touma and Mikoto's strangely youthful moms are in the swimming pool, one working really hard to maintain her youthfulness, the other lazily floating about, possibly being older, and definitely looking far younger. Much to the envy of everyone around them. And it's hinted at that they may be gemstones where their power is being strangely youthful? Or am I reading too much into that?
B movies and unpolished gemstones
Hamazura and Kinuhata go see a movie. Kinuhata hypes it up, and Hamazura gets into it, only for Kinuhata to realize the movie is shit and blurts it out. I'm not much of a B-movie watcher myself, so I can't really relate, but I guess since the chapter has the word "gemstone" in the title, it could also be an allegory for a diamond in the rough just needing some refinement?
Worthy of carrying on that name
Again with that silly ninja stuff. And now Hanzou is one, too? Why. Just... I don't get it. And I probably never will. Luckily these guys seem to be even less than side-characters with no real impact on the overall story, so I won't mind, but man, are they ever weird.
Shining gemstones and bloodstained rights
Back to Kumokawa Seria. She seems to be quite an important figure, but I can't tell from these stories alone. They're once again talking about gemstones, and research facilities across the world trying to research them. And how to attack every single one of them at the same time to retrieve the gemstones.
How to respond to a number of simultaneous tragedies
Misaka clones on the warpath. This was a chilling chapter to read. Basically, every single of the 50 research facilities across the world were attacked by a clone each, and none of them could do anything about it. Which means that even at level 3 at their best, the collective power that is the Misaka network is still a dangerous force to be reckoned with. A veritable army of electricity based espers could lay waste to any army, anywhere, any time. And that's absolutely terrifying.
Those with an undetermined identity
Sogiita Gunha to the rescue again, paying absolutely no mind to the nine clones lying unconscious in front of the assailant. And that assailant being Ollerus, the man who was supposed to become a Magic God, but didn't, starts a fight with Gunha. And they battle. And Gunha is swiftly defeated.
Man, he is straight out of a Shonen manga, guts and all.
The conclusion cannot be grasped individually
The guy in charge of all the Gemstone research gets a visit from Kinuhata, and we all know what happened to Nunotaba when that happened. Sogiita Gunha reflects on his defeat and wonders at how much they do not know yet about the universe. And finally, Daddy Misaka lays down some truth bombs on Aleister Crowley, and threatens him on his life, should anything happen to Mikoto. Damn son, there's the badass I had heard about. Takes some brass balls to say that directly to Crowley's face. Go get 'em, Daddy Misaka.
Volume Arc Page count
SP Short stories 240
Stiyl Magnus
So this was a pretty long short story. And it's about Stiyl questioning his own orders, teaming up with a fellow magician who also questioned her orders, and fighting another fire magician from Necessarius, because that fire magician was mad at Necessarius because they thought his weapon broke a law between the magic side and science side.
Let's just say that this was a very strange read. But it gave a pretty good insight into Stiyl as a character. He is not just a guy who follows orders blindly, he can see when his orders are questionable at best, and immoral at worst. And his fight with the other fire magician, Richard Brave, and his sword that can burn through all things like a lightsaber, was quite thrilling. Would it be cliché to say it was fighting fire with fire? I just fits too well. Nonetheless, the trick behind his fire sword was clever, and I can see how it would skirt that line that the contract between the magic and science sides had established.
I was a little saddened to see that the whole Alaskan rune thingamajig turned out to be a McGuffin. I would have liked to see where that would end up. Alas, it wasn't meant to be. And Patricia Birdway never really got a meaningful part to play after all. But her being ignorant to magic, despite being sister to a magic cabal leader seems a bit far fetched.
Mark Space
Mark Space and his misadventures on a very large boat.
Oooohhh, tarot cards. A fine addition to the collection of items from the real world that have traditionally been associated with the occult. Card reading and the like. Now, I was aware beforehand that tarot cards were more like extensions or an alternative for a regular set of playing cards, but I was unfamiliar with the whole "Minor Arcana" part of the tarot business, with the whole "swords, wands, cups and coins" as alternatives for the hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds. You learn something new every day. And it seems Kamachi has done his homework on a lot of this stuff. And it lends some credence to the whole thing as a result. Even in such teeny tiny small short stories like this one.
This story didn't capture me as much as the other three, mostly because the protagonist is an unknown character I've never seen before, whereas the others are of people already introduced in the world of Index. So while it was exciting towards the end, it did also feel a bit like filler. I can't tell if the shenanigans that happen in this story will become relevant later on, but we'll see.
Kamijou Touma
So, Kamijou Touma is once again running around with a random magician he happened to bump into, and this time, it's from another magic cabal, and she intends to murderize a bunch of microbes from Mars. Or rather, a bunch of microbes that were subjected to the same conditions as those on Mars, because the bacteria on the robots we sent to Mars have become sentient and are sending radio signals.
What the fuck am I reading right now?!?
There have been a lot of weird stories in the world of Index, but holy mama Mary is this one contender for the weirdest one. Sentient bacteria from Mars? Are you actually god damn serious? I suppose you are, because that's what's happening. And the antagonist this time around can swing a whip real good and attack people behind cover. Not really that great of an adversary, but I suppose it will do.
And Index is just there being comedic relief, like she almost always is in science-side stories. Because she's a complete dunce when it comes to even the most mundane modern day things.
Uiharu Kazari
Wow, way to go out on a high note here! This short story was amazing. Thrilling from start to finish, and man, Uiharu being an absolute badass? Who would have thought she had it in her? I had always pictured her as this timid "man in the chair" type who was really good with computers, and not as physically capable as her entourage, but she really has some guts as Sogiita would say it.
On top of that, we have, once again, Yomikawa being awesome. When is that woman not awesome? Whatever she's doing, she's always kicking ass and taking names. She's Kamachi's default "badass heroine saving the day" character, and she not only kicks ass, she also looks good while doing it. Does she have one of those "respect" posts on /respectthreads/? If not, she really should.
And Saigou, the gorilla-sized PE teacher from Touma's school being a part of Anti-Skill? I should have seen that one coming, but I did not.
Kuroko and Mikoto making a small cameo appearance at the end was nice, but was it really needed? I don't think so. This was Uiharu's moment in the spotlight, and her performance was stellar. I really do hope we'll see more of Uiharu's badass side in the future, whether in the manga, or in the NT.
Whew.... That was a tough one. Considering I had to effectively read and comment on 26 different stories, some bigger than others, but still, that's quite a mouthful.
Now that that's over, it's back on the OT wagon and onwards to what people have nicknamed "Brexit", or the British Royal Family arc. Since it's not done with its run yet in the anime, I suppose that post will also deviate from the formula, if only a little, because it appears to be covered by 2.5 episodes per novel, resulting in 5 episodes. A bit of a strange one, but I'll manage.
Alas, I hope this read here was worth the wait. It has taken me all year to finish it.
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2018.12.16 04:08 Talukita 600b+ in WB 1 achieved / Fall of a hero (Theo)
So I have managed to 600b+ in WB1, which was my end goal for while sometime now. Originally I wanted to reach 600b with Theo which could have been done way earlier but the immense WB1 buff happened which made it a dead end because Sonia can't keep team alive and Theo needs her to keep the damage.
Also as much as I love him I have life and works to do and the amount of reset he needs is beyond imagination so there is no choice but to give him up
At the very least I manage to reach 700m+ DPS for him (though slightly cheating cause this is single DPS comp), which is another goal I have. This is probably his very end limit already (setup is 5* UW, 3* BoE, full perfect manti gears with enchants and 4* Shea / 2* Vero / 3* Viska). If you somehow can reach higher (within similar level of resources of course), feel free to share with me.
Also if you feel 700m DPS is impressive, here is the bad news, 3* Laudia with lesser gears and can do this much. And she is 10 times tankier cause why not.
May as well use this post to address some of Theo issues I guess because I feel like Vespa is still under the impression that Theo is a strong / top tier hero (which honestly he isn't)
Note 1: Before you jump at me, this is less of a whining post or crying for buffs. I know there are other heroes that could get more touches than him for sure. These are just some of my personal analyze and opinions about why Theo falls after relentlessly used him for almost an entire year, in literally every possible contents I can shoe him in.
Note 2: Also only covers PvE aspect.
Reference details about him can go here:
TL;DR: With his clunky kit synergies, lack of updates, mediocre UT and scalings etc etc, Theo now just isn't top choice for anywhere. Early PvE / Dragon farming? Artemia and Ezekiel are better. Bossing Kara and Laudia come in and murder everyone. AoE not his forte, and CC wise Lorraine is the new queen. While he is in still in a rather "usable" spot for many places, it's interesting to see how a hero can drop from god tier to mediocre by simply standing in one place.
I apologize if this comes up as offensive to those who love Theo, however I am also a hardcore fan of him and everytime I use him it's just frustrating to no end so I hope for your understandings.
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2017.02.09 03:43 OwlsAndDevils A Highlight of the Meta of Brave Frontier (from then to now) Pt 1. Early Days - Maxwell

First and foremost, I will say that I only started playing the game in September of 2015, so some of my analysis before that time may seem to some as a little iffy. This would just be before Avant Batch release, from what I recall. I did play the game for a little while in early 2014, but I recall rage-quitting at Morgan because 15 year old me was a total shitter. However, I'll try to the best of my ability to make a sound analysis of the progression of the game. So, without further ado...
The Beginning
Brave Frontier, in contrast to the SBB spam we see nowadays with all content, was designed to be akin to a Rogue RPG. Namely, where you had to use items accordingly when the situation calls for it, as well as taking into account elemental strengths, weaknesses, and assign which units to attack which enemy in order to maximize efficiency. BB was akin to a Limit Break as seen in some Final Fantasy games, only more common and mainly as a quick burst of dmg/utility. Spark existed back then as well, but considering normal attacks comprised of the majority of dmg output, not many really attempted to pinpoint the ideal timings for damage. This WAS an RPG, after all, not a fighting game. Leader skills, at least in it's earliest stage, wasn't really too mandatory for content, as like what was had, the enemies didn't really call for something necessary. Well, apart from using items in response to Paralysis/Curse spam from some mobs. (even early players would probably be forced to carry a few as they start off)
Progression of Meta:
Power-creep was probably at it's lowest during it's period, but that doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't present. As the majority of my experiences occurred during the 7* era, I'll simply talk about a lot of the highlights/major units which arrived during this era.
Just a note, I won't be including most of the leads for arena, that will be dedicated to the arena section:
If there ever was a precursor to the amount of BB spam we see all the time, look no further than this guy. With a 50% BB gauge fill rate, it essentially turned units with high BC drop from 'someone who can use BB quiet a few times' to 'PLZ STOP, HE'S ALREADY DEAD'. The best unit to combo with this was Serin. A F2P unit with a 24 BC requirement BB with a 16 BC drop per enemy hit. With a 50% percent drop increase, each duplicate of Serin could easily self sustain their BB while in turn, churning out a lot of damage which made farming dungeons trivial in time and effort. The icing on the cake was that Felneus' SBB further increased drop rate by an additional 30%, so the system pretty much ran smoothly and well.
This guy is essentially the 'luxury' unit who, to this day, is welcomed as a means for farming. In his 6 start days, he didn't have the EXP boost that he was known for, but he still had the Item drop boost which made farming things a lot easier to deal with. The fact that even without it, he was still a serviceable unit in his own right made him a well desired unit even back then.
Guy was able to give you access to all 6 elements, had a serviceable BB for damage, and had a BB gauge increase as an extra help to everyone. Giving 6 elements on one unit was a feat not repeatable until Zeruiah, so he fulfilled a niche that would have even taken 2-3 units to fulfill even in the 7* era.
Pretty much the 'White Mage' of this era if there ever was one. Didn't attack, healed for a lot of HP for the time, cleansed status ailments and prevented them altogether, you can pretty much attribute the decline in use of healing items to this guy due to how much protection he offered your units.
Back when mitigators were a rarity, out of all of them, Darvanshel is considered to be the greatest of that period. To put it simply, he was a 6*, which meant he had premier stats for the time, and he provided an additional DEF boost for 3 turns on his SBB. Hence, you were allowed an additional bit of tankiness even while his SBB was on cooldown. It was no wonder why he tended to be the MVP in Maxwell clears.
Duel SGX
60% crit buff isn't anything special these days, but back then, a crit buffer is highly sought out due to the prominence of critical dmg leads. Hence, Duel SGX.70 A unit that's able to bring a measly 10% crit rate to 70%, which meant that for over 2/3 of the time, someone's gonna get roughed up pretty hard. Yes, I'm well aware how having all your units crit isn't really anything special these days, but that's because crit resist is pretty much everywhere now. Back then, this guy pretty much made nuking bosses extremely consistent, so give credit where credit's due.
Being able to spam BB is one thing, but often, damage is optimized depending on how well sparked the team is. Douglas essentially took it one step further, not just because he had a pretty respectable spark blanket, but also due to him being the godfather to the now ever-present spark damage buff. When combined with the spark blankets of the era, the damage which you were able to attain off of sparking soared, further promoting the concepts of 'spark teams', which would set the cornerstone for nuking and FH.
Lily Matah
If Felneus was the guy who made BB spam possible, then Lily Matah essentially brought it to another level. BB on Hit LS, BB on hit buffs, and BB every turn essentially made her the grandmother of every Ares Buff LS after her inception, and essentially made any team she was in more consistent by an incredible margin.
If there are any more units you'd like me to put onto this list, let me know and I'll update it. I apologize for not being completely savvy of somethings in the 6* Era, but I promise, I'll be a lot more certain of 7* and Omni era.
There's a game called Puzzles and Dragons, which, even if you don't have the ideal premier units you would get from rolling, you'd still be able to make do nicely with farmable units. I bring this up in contrast since Brave Frontier, in its current state, pretty much requires very optimal units for the most recent content, the difficulty becoming absurd if you don't have them. Yes, some farmable units, especially Mifune, can be use, but the sheer power-creep introduced in difficulty, especially in the Omni Era, makes using farmable units essentially suicide. This is alright to some extent, as the sheer value of Omni Units can assist you in a plethora of content in just one variable package, but it pretty much makes farmable units obsolete now. However, in the 5-6* era, they were pretty amazing, if not exceedingly rare to get, so lets discuss about them
I'm fairly certain the creators didn't really account for how much crit would end up obliterating content when they made Zebra. I mean, sure, you could say that they intentionally made it OP for Zebra as he as an exceedingly rare drop, but still, it has to be said exactly how MUCH damage this guy gets off of his Leader Skill. The answer is, a LOT. Mare and Zurg followed this guy's example with their own damage boosts, but this guy pretty much introduced numbers on your screen you didn't know were possible.
During release, Zebra also had a 300% crit multiplier on his LS, which meant that with double leads, he was able to hit the crit cap. For a small period of time, there was actually a farmable, 5* unit whose LS was slightly below or potentially on par with AVANT in terms of damage. Let that sink in.
Essentially a side-grade to Zebra, Mare essentially dealt a crapton of damage as well, only instead of the chance-based crit, it was the huge spike in damage off of elemental weakness. Granted, every element is only strong against one other element, so the damage was only really applicable if you set up your squad for it, but if you did......ouch.
The third of the Disciples, he essentially trades off the least amount of damage in exchange for the most consistent damage boost. That is to say, an unconditional 100% boost to ATK scaling down as HP decreases. When it comes to cheesing content, Mare and Zebra are used more often, but when you wanted to make killing dungeons easy without having to swap teams, Zurg was essentially your guy.
Often used for FH, this guy was essentially a unit that you could slot in well for any team. Probably the best spark blanket for quite a while, his SBB was a 40 hit attack which had 40BC drop per enemy, which was amazing, as well as a 20% BC drop boost for good measure. In tandem with any BB sustain unit, this free unit might as well have been a message form Alim saying infinite SBB was here to stay.
The guy pretty much excelled in one thing, and that was doing a f*cking huge amount of damage. Didn't really have many mainstay places in teams, but if you ever needed a lot of damage, this guy was essentially your man. He also helped out a lot when it came to farming Metals, as his def ignoring LS combined with sphere setup made the process a whole lot quicker.
The Battle Maidens
These gals were essentially really good filler units in case you needed something to fill the gap, as they were all very serviceable 5* that could offer some utility to your teams
Hatsune Miku
If you didn't have Lily Matah or other meta BB units, then Hatsune Miku is a really good proxy for a free unit, being able to provide BC per turn, a decent LS and a pretty good 27 hit spark blanket.
Let me just say right now that Deemo is my favorite IOS game, and pretty much the reason I came back to try Brave Frontier again in 2015 when I saw the design for 6* Deemo. So seeing her as a favorite among the community for both design and use made me really happy. With a LS which could allow for F2P BB/SBB spam with spark blankets and a respectable spark buff for the time, she was definitely a unit that a lot of players want to have handy.
And now we come to the trial units, which, despite being accessible to everyone, was essentially the cream of the crop of the era. Ok, maybe not Karl too much, but as for the other two... well, lets get onto it.
Well, Karl on release wasn't drastically powerful, I'd put him on the same level as the 4 Fallen Gods sans Maxwell in terms of relevant use for the time, but for what he was, it was ok. I mean, he was a unit who was clearable even with 3-4* farmables in mind, so I'm willing to give him a pass in the filler department.
You can tell, just from the irregular order, who I'm saving for last, but for now, lets talk about Cardes. His leader skill was fairly unique, reducing BB consumption in contrast to other BB LS. He also has 20% reduction for Light and Dark, which hilariously, is a value still unsurpassed to this day. We're this far into Omni Era where things like Regil exist, and yet no other unit has gone past 15% except for this guy. The fact that it's likely to remain on Omni Cardes means that we might actually see use for this number very soon. But yeah, he also gives a respectable buff to Def on his SBB, and like all other of Lucius' disciples, he has a massive dmg multiplier on SBB. Essentially used in place of Grahdens for the same niche up until he stole it back when he got his own 6* evolution, and for what he was, I'd consider him pretty alright.
During the 6* era, any of the trial units in that period were useable due to having a really high dmg SBB, alongside being able to fill niche's which were free to obtain given you complete the trail. Zevalhua is what I'd consider the worst of the Four Fallen Gods in terms of practical use for her time, but honestly, that says a lot for the one's above her, and she herself is still a pretty good unit. Her LS was pretty good for BB sustain alongside an additional healing component in chance to heal %dmg when attacked, which makes up for a lack of stat bonuses on LS. Apart from that she was essentially a debuff/ailment unit, which is solid role fulfilled for a free unit. Not as spectacular as the others, but pretty alright nonetheless.
Dear LORD, did people love using this guy back in the day. Even as a 5* in a 6* era, he was still used for the sake of his Leader skill, which not only gave an acceptable stat increase all around, but also provided 15% damage reduction to Light and Dark units. Ya know, the element that the MAJORITY of bosses tend to be. Hell, he also gave Light/Dark buffs on his BB, so all your units were able to damage the boss with elemental advantage, so Grahdens pretty much made an entire THIRD of elemental enemies easier to deal with. With Double Grahdens, you essentially had Beiorg's on all units, which was really good for the time, and cut Light/Dark damage by nearly a third, atop of augmented defense boosts and mitigation. Easily the best 5* of that era, and would've even been in contention for the best unit period of the era. Well, would've, if not for the next unit. So, without further ado...
Ya know, I always find it funny how Maxwell eclipses her compatriots and even big daddy Lucius in so many ways. Popularity? Easily the most popular. Difficulty? Maxwell is arguably the hardest of the trials during initial release. Usage? Well, Lucius was barely ever used in 7* era, Afla Dilith was 6* in 7* meta with only a good spark buff to warrant his use, Zevalhua and Cardes were good, but niche enough that you didn't really have to use them if you didn't want to. Maxwell? Well, for her, she sorta, kinda, has the minor distinction of being the BEST unit of the time. No competition, the spoils of war after completing her trial is probably the most satisfying outside of Mildran Ark, and even then, that battle was after the main challenge of Karna Masta. Why was she so good? Well, you know how the three disciples provided really strong damage? Zebra with his crit and Mare with her Elemental Dmg? Yeah, Maxwell has both. To hell with the fact that both values were 25% lower, the fact that she had both meant that if you fulfilled both conditions, then NOTHING could stand in your way. With double Maxwell, you would literally send everything on your path to hell if you crit, and if you fulfilled the elemental requirement, you'd be able to travel to hell yourself just to kick your enemy in the dick for good measure. A requirement which, instead of today, where the unit's element is taken into account, applied to ALL elemental buffs. Simply put, Maxwell + Shida makes for an extremely dirty combo. And unlike Zebra, Maxwell had 6* stats, the best stats for the time, and had a 30% crit buff built in, which pretty much allowed her to churn out absurd damage even without Duel GX. And she's even got an Omni Evolution in the horizon...she'll be back, and lord forbid they make her as insane as she was then...
Oh right, FH Units
Honestly, these ones were unaccessible to a lot of people, and for what they were, it really wasn't much of a rush to get them. Sans Tilith, they only had an effect on their LS, and a generic BB, so their worth was pretty much restricted as a lead. Not to mention, 5, so in a 6 meta, they would have been pushed around pretty hard. Seria has an unconditional stat boost LS, but it's literally the same as Grahdens but worse, and Grahdens actually has a secondary effect on his BB. Paris is pretty much barebones in term of BB on hit LS, with only a 1-2 BC gain, and the compensation for it is a severely weak chance to reduce damage to 1, which wasn't worth it. Speaks a lot when Tilith in 4* is more useful. Lugina actually had a decent LS for Arena, with 50% temporary buff to ATK/DEF. I mean, yeah, there's the more accessible, higher damage dealing Zurg, alongside other Rare Summon units, but I'll cut him some slack here considering it's serviceable. Tilith is essentially the prize. LS-wise, she's the only unit of the time to completely null status ailments, as well as 2BC per turn. Minor, yes, but its a little something else to a LS that some people might actually take on it's own. Her BB was and is something that no other unit can even come close to: a heal which is pretty much unrivalled to this day, and the largest BB gauge increase outside of UBB, where both escalate in sheer quantity as she evolves. Overall, these units were essentially just trophe's outside of Tilith, but they bear mentioning since they ARE the prizes of FH, which remains the most competitive aspect of the game (at least considering CA doesn't exist now...)
Arena these days pretty much boils down to slapping an AOE on hit/ABP boost units alongside Angel Idols and Mifune to get results. If you found a unit that simply does better, then you put it in, just like that. Early day arena also followed that logic, though the conditions for a unit to be usable in the arena was a lot more broad. For example, as long as your unit could drop a lot of BC on regular attacks or had a low BC requirement AOE BB, you were alright. The progression of arena was pretty simple. You'd at first, start off with units that could hit really hard (i.e Kikuri), which then transitioned to being able to utilize BB by the second or third turn, (such as the Felneus/Serin combo). LS would simply be of either category, where you'd either be able to hit really hard to kill some units on the first turn, or be able to prep several units with BB on the second. Another factor which sets the good arena units from the great ones lie in it's arena type, since can have a prominent effect on the chance of BB being used. Right now, arena types almost don't matter anymore due to the prominence of Angel Idols, but for the time, it partially defined the meta to an extent.
FH, on the other hand, was quite different. There was no Guard Frontier, and you'd often take more than one turn to simply kill off everything, and without much overkill points to boot. In fact, for a time Lario/Shida was meta simply because getting points off elemental damage was efficient for most. Similarly to now, you'd take units who could spark well, crit buffer, but you'd also have to optimize which floors to use BB. It was simply a matter of using your BB's properly, as infinitely sustainable SBB every turn would be impossible back then with a high damage setup. The best unit period in that era would have been Shida, as he both increased your BB gauge and provided the sacred all element buff, something which would be only replicatable with two or three elemental buffers in a single unit. Because he was the only unit who had the buff, he on his own would boost the score of players to standard far beyond those who didn't have him, which essentially made him irreplaceable, in comparison to spark/crit buffers.
Basically, the power creep of the 5-6* era is pretty simple. Often, a new unit becomes prevalent solely because of a new buff they have, or a combination of buffs they would have. It's simple enough that I'm able to list particular units, though my lack of knowledge of the period sadly leaves it to that. However, for 7* era to current, I'll be able to start discussing the changes to the meta by introduction of batches, which of them are relevant or irrelevant, and the overall change of state the game underwent in response to their introduction. I'll also be able to speak moreso about Global Exclusives, which, though was part of the 6* era, is something I have difficulty properly analyzing. I will be editing the text if I gain new information off the comments, since the point of this piece is to essentially record the history of Brave Frontier, which I believe would help new players understand the past of the game, and old players for the sake of nostalgia.
If any one would like to add to what I've mentioned so far, or recommend ways to format this, feel free to let me know. For now, I'll just list points of interest down below:
SBS Lots of people in comments giving me info about them, so I'll be able to list them soon
Usage of the 12 Guardians Progress: As of now, I literally know jack about any of the 12 Guardians on their relevance to the meta. Considering there's 12 of them, I'm pretty certain at least some of them were relevant at some point if their popularity is anything to go by. Realistella, plz help
Michelle Batch I'm well aware that Duel SGX and Michelle were meta, though I still need to look into it a bit
Other Misc. Units Exactly what it says on the tin
edit 1: Added Douglas, SGX, updated discussion on Zebra/Maxwell prepatch (credit to TheLastArchetype) and refined arena discussion (credit to dervalanana)
Part 2: coming soon
submitted by OwlsAndDevils to bravefrontier [link] [comments]

2015.11.23 00:38 Altivu Frontier Hunter Season 20 - Conversation Text / Skill Set


(Skip this section if you want to go straight to the conversations)
For those of us that are interested in the lore of Brave Frontier, Frontier Hunter is a recurring event that lets Gumi offer an extra layer of personality to some of the units. Many of us probably know that the conversation data can be found in Deathmax's data mine here, but probably can't be bothered to sift through the data. Well...I'll be taking care of that here. All text will be quoted in order of the datamine; this does not necessarily mean conversation will follow this same order, but I can't fully parse AI data, so I hope this will suffice...
The 20th Frontier Hunter is released in the midst of Brave Fronter's 2nd Anniversary, so the majority of this season's cast involves the main / well-known characters, with half of them giving celebratory messages. There's lots of conversation, and lots of special unit interactions of which I've hopefully been able to point out all of. Standard disclaimer that assumptions and missing information is existent, so please notify me if there's any glaring issues.
An additional thanks to blackrobe199 for some text confirmation, especially the Felneus part which I would have completely missed otherwise. As usual, let me know if you have any questions or comments.


Stage 1 - Lin (You Can't Stop the Fanservice)
Lin, at your service! (Gradual heal 1200 - 1500 HP (+12.5% target REC), gradual BB guage increase by 5, and ailment resist
to enemy party for 3 turns)
"It's our second anniversary!" (Idle)
"Two years of Brave Frontier!" (AoE attack)
"I'm Lin Merylham from Logistics Support..." (Idle)
"Grand Gaia Survey Office..." (Idle)
"...Bureau of Investigation at your service!" (AoE attack)
"I'm so proud of that title! He he." (AoE attack)
"It's been two years already!" (Regular attack)
"You've done so great so far!" (Regular attack)
"I'm so proud of you!" (Gradual heal 1200 - 1500 HP (+12.5% target REC), gradual BB guage increase by 5, and ailment resist to enemy party for 3 turns)
"I'll keep doing my best as your support!" (Regular AoE attack)
"Your adventures have just started!" (AoE attack)
"Ahh! My clothes! Not again!" (100% reduction to self DEF for 999 turns)
"I won't change this time!" (Strong AoE attack)
"Nooo! My clothes are in rags!" (Idle)
"I can't take any more damage!" (Idle)
"I'm so sorry!" (Unknown proc id; probably ends the battle a la Frontier Gate style)
(If Seria is in your party) "Seria, be nice!" (Heal 5000 HP (+10% healer REC) to Seria)
(If Karl is in your party) "Karl, please do something!" (Heal 5000 HP (+10% healer REC) to Karl)
(If Lugina is in your party) "Lugina, don't be so mean!" (Powerful ST attack (250% BB ATK mod + 500) to Lugina)
(If Grahdens is in your party) "Lord Grahdens, be careful!" (Heal 5000 HP (+10% healer REC) to Grahdens)
(If Owen is in your party) "Lord Owen! I'll get back to work!" (Unknown proc id; probably ends the battle a la Frontier Gate style)
(If Rantoul is in your party) "Eeek! What's happening?!" (Powerful ST attack (250% BB ATK mod + 500) to Rantoul)
(If Thunderbird / Crow Tengu is in your party) "Something's ripping apart!" (Powerful ST attack (250% BB ATK mod + 500) to unit)
(If Bozdell is in your party) "Oh no! Your clothes again!!" (Powerful ST attack (250% BB ATK mod + 500) to Bozdell)
"Huh? Well that's strange..." (Regular attack)
"Eeeeek! I'm so sorry!!" (Powerful AoE attack (+Light/Water element) (250% BB ATK mod + 200))
Stage 2 - Elf Queen Arbonella, Festive Mandragora, Jubilee Mandragora, and Sentimental Mandragora (Verbal Tic)
Elf Queen Arbonella
Aegis Wall (75% boost to party DEF for 3 turns and party cures all ailments)
Force Materia (AoE attack and party resists all ailments for 3 turns)
"The forest is in an uproar..." (Regular attack)
"Are we celebrating something?" (75% boost to party DEF for 3 turns and cures all party ailments)
"Even the Mandragora are dancing..." (Regular attack)
"I shall translate for them." (Regular attack)
"They wish everyone a happy anniversary." (Heal -1500 HP (+808.201% healer REC) and fill 10% BB gauge of enemy party) (wut)
"Thank you all, they say." (Heal -1500 HP (+808.201% healer REC) and fill 10% BB gauge of enemy party)
"And keep up the good work." (Heal -1500 HP (+808.201% healer REC) and fill 10% BB gauge of enemy party)
"Grrr... Oh, sorry about that." (Powerful AoE attack (+Dark element) (250% BB ATK mod))
"But the inhabitants of the forest..." (Regular attack)
"Won't forgive any damages..." (Regular attack)
"Even during a celebration!" (Strong AoE attack and party resists all ailments for 3 turns)
Vortex of Anger (Strong AoE attack)
Grr! (Heal -1800 - -1500 HP (+808.201% healer REC) of enemy party)
Grrrrr! (Increase hit count of enemy party by 1 for 3 turns)
Grr! Grr! (Fill 10% BB gauge of enemy party)
Stage 3 - Felneus (Trojan Horse Dragon)
Summon: Lugina
Summon: Seria
(This takes too long...) (???)
(I can't take this anymore!) (???)
(Same here! At this rate...) (???)
(Hey! Stop that!) (???)
Blizzard God Karl
"Oh, got some free time?" (Regular attack)
"Show me what you've got!" (Regular attack)
"Sorry to test you!" (Regular attack)
"So many things have happened..." (Regular attack)
"I knew you'd get stronger!" (AoE attack)
"Ha ha. Everyone's so excited." (20%/30% boost to self ATK/DEF for 3 turns)
"Let's keep up the good work!" (Heal 2000 - 3500 HP (+10% healer REC) to enemy party)
"Seria, take a break!" (Regular attack)
"Where did Lugina go?" (Regular attack)
"Paris, take it easy for now!" (Regular attack)
(If Karl gets posioned) "Poison? I have something for that..." (Idle)
(If Karl gets posioned) Old Friend's Special Antidote (Removes all self status ailments, resist posion for 999 turns, and 20%/30% boost to self ATK/DEF for 3 turns)
(If Karl gets posioned) "I knew it would work like a charm!" (Idle)
(If Grahdens is in your party) "Gramps, careful not to break something!" (Heal 2500 - 3000 HP (+10% healer REC) to Grahdens)
(If Lin is in your party) "Lin, keep up the support!" (Heal 2500 - 3000 HP (+10% healer REC) to Lin)
(If Tilith is in your party) "Goddess, thanks for all your help!" (Heal 2500 - 3000 HP (+10% healer REC) to Tilith)
Summon: Paris
(If you don't defeat Felneus in time) "So it's finally our turn..." (Regular attack)
(If you don't defeat Felneus in time) "I wanted to test you again, but..." (Regular attack)
(If you don't defeat Felneus in time) "Those two just ran off..." (Regular attack)
Flare Goddess Seria
"You couldn't even make antidotes back then..." (Regular attack)
"But now you're becoming more experienced." (25% boost to self ATK/DEF for 10 turns)
"You haven't done a thing though..." (Regular attack)
"I don't wanna lose to Lugina!" (Weak AoE attack)
"Already gone, Lugina? Hah!" (Regular attack)
"Karl! Don't lose to this one!" (Regular attack)
"Don't hold back on me now!" (Regular attack)
"I won't lose to a moron!" (50% boost to self ATK/DEF for 999 turns)
(If Owen is in your party) "Lord Owen, please train me!" (Extreme ST attack (+300% BB ATK mod) to Owen)
(If Lin is in your party) "Lin, don't spark any more weird rumors!" (Extreme ST attack (+300% BB ATK mod) to Lin)
(If Tilith is in your party) "Tilith's very p-precious" (Idle)
(If you don't defeat Felneus in time) "You haven't learned a thing!" (Extreme AoE attack (+500% BB ATK mod) with 100% boost to self ATK/DEF for 3 turns)
Summon: Lugina
(If you don't defeat Felneus in time) "I'll beat you into shape!" (Powerful AoE attack (+250% BB ATK mod) with 100% boost to self ATK/DEF for 3 turns)
Quake God Lugina
"It was all thanks to my training!" (Weak AoE attack)
"Whatcha say to me?!" (Weak AoE attack with 30%/20% boost to self ATK/DEF for 999 turns)
"I haven't even started yet!" (Regular attack)
"Feast your eyes on my greatness!" (AoE attack)
"Too slow, Nyonne!" (Regular attack) (BTW, Nyonne is Karl's alternate name.)
"Tsch! You're all talk!" (Regular attack)
"So that's how it is, huh?!" (Regular attack)
"Hah! It's the perfect chance!" (Idle)
"I'll show you my true power!" (70%/50%/10% boost to self ATK/DEF/crit chance for 999 turns)
(If Grahdens is in your party) "Even the Elders are here to see me!" (70%/35% boost to ATK/DEF for 999 turns)
(If Owen is in your party) "To think I'd fight with THE Owen!" (Maximal ST attack (+1000% BB ATK mod) to Owen with self defense ignore buff for 1 turn)
(If Lugina is in your party) "Another fake? You've no taste!!" (Maximal ST attack (+1000% BB ATK mod) to Lugina with self defense ignore buff for 1 turn)
(If you don't defeat Felneus in time) "Hey, don't make a fool out of me!" (Extreme AoE attack (+500% BB ATK mod) with self defense ignore buff for 1 turn)
(If you don't defeat Felneus in time) "Shut up! I didn't do anything wrong!" (Powerful AoE attack (+250% BB ATK mod) with self defense ignore buff for 1 turn)
Storm Goddess Paris
Rumbling Collision (AoE attack)
Regalia Fulgurite (AoE attack with 75%/50% boost to party DEF/REC for 3 turns)
"He he. This was to be expected." (Regular AoE attack)
"I don't think he did a thing..." (Regular attack)
"I won't lose either." (30%/35% boost to self ATK/DEF for 999 turns)
"I shall walk my own path!" (Weak AoE attack)
"K-Karl! Please have some rest!" (Regular attack)
"Wait! You're overdoing it!!" (Regular attack)
"Phew. Finally, some quiet..." (Regular attack)
(If Eriole is in your party) "Lord Eriole... I...!" (Regular attack)
(If Tesla is in your party) "Lady Tesla... I...!" (Idle)
(If Tilith is in your party) "Lady Tilith?! Must be Noel's work..." (Idle)
Summon: Seria
(If you don't defeat Felneus in time) "How immature..." (Regular attack)
(If you don't defeat Felneus in time) "Can't you act more your age?" (AoE attack)
Stage 4 - Raging Blade Owen and Twilight God Grahdens (Red Oni, Blue Oni)
Sparking Blazing Slash (AoE attack with 50% chance of Injury/Weaken effect and 20% boost to party crit chance for 3 turns)
Ars Magna (AoE attack with 60% party DEF to ATK conversion for 3 turns)
"Two years? Hmph, how foolish." (Idle)
"I shall right all wrongs!" (AoE attack with 50% chance of Injury/Weaken effect and 20% boost to party crit chance for 3 turns)
"You're naive, Grahdens!" (50% boost to self ATK for 3 turns)
"You know nothing!" (Regular attack)
"The enemy won't wait on you!" (AoE attack with 50% chance of Injury/Weaken effect and 20% boost to party crit chance for 3 turns)
"Two years? So what?!" (Weak AoE attack with 50% chance of Injury/Weaken effect and 20% boost to party crit chance for 3 turns)
"Our battle is not yet over!" (AoE attack with 50% chance of Injury/Weaken effect and 20% boost to party crit chance for 3 turns)
"I knew you would be involved." (Regular attack)
"I'll train you full force!!" (75% boost to self ATK for 1 turn)
(If Seria is in your party) "Seria, you must work on your technique!" (Extreme ST attack (+500% BB ATK mod) to Seria)
(If Lugina is in your party) Lugina, you think you're at my level?"** (Extreme ST attack (+500% BB ATK mod) to Lugina)
(If Karl is in your party) "Karl... I know of your powers..." (Regular attack)
(If Paris is in your party) "Paris! What are you doing here?" (Extreme ST attack (+500% BB ATK mod) to Paris)
(If Griff/Iris/Rhoa/Libera/Krantz/Kafka is in your party) "You are..." (Idle)
(If Oguro/Rize/Raaga/Aaron is in your party) "I won't lose to a demon!" (Extreme ST attack (+500% BB ATK mod) to unit)
"Well done, Owen." (Clears all party buffs)
"Two years should be celebrated!" (30%/50% reduction to party ATK/DEF for 3 turns)
"And you're too serious..." (Idle)
"There are times to be celebrated..." (Heal 5000 HP (+10% healer REC) to enemy party)
"I have no ears to lend you..." (Idle)
"I've no choice. Owen, will you help me?" (Idle)
"I will follow, no problem." (Heal 5000 HP (+10% healer REC) and 30% fire mitigation to enemy party for 3 turns)
"Stay strong!" (Heal 5000 HP (+10% healer REC) and 25% BB gauge fill to enemy party)
"Please calm down..." (70% chance of 30%/50% reduction to party ATK/DEF for 2 turns)
"Owen's power is..." (50% damage reduction to enemy party for 3 turns)
(If Eriole is in your party) "Why don't we celebrate together?" (Idle)
(If Seria is in your party) "Seria, don't get too loud now." (Idle)
(If Karl is in your party) "Karl, you've grown stronger." (Idle)
(If Lugina is in your party) "Lugina, don't overeat." (Idle)
(If Paris is in your party) "Paris, don't hold back now." (Idle)
(If Tilith is in your party) "Tilith, let's celebrate together." (Idle)
(If Griff/Iris/Rhoa/Libera/Krantz/Kafka is in your party) "To think life would turn out like this..." (Idle)
(If you defeat Owen only) "You've beaten Owen! Well done." (Regular attack)
(If you defeat Owen only) "Now I shall be your opponent." (AoE attack with 30%/20% boost to self ATK/DEF for 50 turns)
Stage 5 - Creator Maxwell, Cardes the Malevolent, Zevalhua the Supreme, and Beast God Afla Dilith (One Dimensional Super-villain Super Squad)
Genesis (Weak AoE attack)
Endless (Weak AoE attack (-100% chance to crit))
Meteor (Unknown proc ID; maybe fixed 6000 damage to single enemy?)
Sentence (80% HP AoE attack)
"My wish is..." (Idle)
"To have power once again..." (35% boost to self ATK/DEF for 15 turns)
"To create a new world..." (Cures all party ailments)
(If Tilith is in your party) "Goddess... Lift my curse..." (70% - 85% HP ST attack to Tilith)
(If Kanon is in your party) "I will judge those against me..." (Extreme ST attack (+350% BB ATK mod) to Kanon)
Hidden Dimension (Weak AoE attack)
Endless (Weak AoE attack (-100% chance to crit))
Deadly End (85% HP ST attack)
"My path was closed..." (Regular attack)
"So I shall open a new one..." (35% boost to self ATK/DEF for 15 turns)
"I will open a path with my power..." (50% boost to self ATK/DEF for 999 turns)
"I shall remove all obstacles..." (Weak AoE attack)
(If Lorand/Dean/Loch/Edea is in your party) "You sealed me away..." (Extreme ST attack (+500% BB ATK mod) to unit)
(If Zebra is in your party) "My own disciple dares to betray me?" (Extreme ST attack (+500% BB ATK mod) to Zebra)
(If Tora is in your party) "You sorry excuse for a disciple..." (Extreme ST attack (+500% BB ATK mod) to Tora)
Infinite World (Weak AoE attack with 35% chance of Injury/Poison/Sick/Weaken/Curse/Paralysis effect)
Endless (Weak AoE attack (-100% chance to crit) with 30% chance of 30% reduction to enemy ATK/DEF for 1 turn)
Kratia (AoE attack and heal 25000 - 30000 HP (+10% healer REC) to party)
Debacle Fang (ST attack)
"You are truly foolish..." (30% reduction to enemy ATK/DEF for 1 turn)
"Kneel before me..." (35% boost to self ATK/DEF for 15 turns)
"That power of yours..." (Regular attack)
"Is that your true ability...?" (Clears all enemy buffs)
(If Mare is in your party) "Mare, you dare betray me?" (Extreme ST attack (+500% BB ATK mod) to Mare)
(If Alpha is in your party) "We will put an end to our last fight..." (Extreme ST attack (+500% BB ATK mod) to Alpha)
Afla Dilith
Resonating Chaos (Regular AoE attack (+Fire/WateEarth elements))
Endless (Weak AoE attack (-100% chance to crit) with 10% boost to self spark damage for 1 turn)
Aggression (AoE attack with 30% + 50 DoT ATK to enemy party for 2 turns)
Lobo Purge (ST attack with 50% - 75% reduction to BB gauge and 80% chance of Injury/Paralysis/Poison/Weaken effect)
"I shall show you my power..." (25% boost to self ATK/DEF, and self Fire/Water element imbue for 15 turns)
"Show me your worth..." ( AoE attack (+Fire/WateEarth elements))
"It still doesn't suffice..." (Regular attack)
"Is that all you are good for...?" (Unknown proc ID; maybe 90% - 95% HP AoE attack?)
(If Zurg is in your party) "Zurg, you dare betray me?" (Extreme ST attack (+500% BB ATK mod) to Zurg)
(If Tazer is in your party) "I'll take back the power you stole." (Extreme ST attack (+500% BB ATK mod) to Tazer)
"So this is all it amounts to..." (Idle)
"We shall show your our true power." (Idle)
"Quadruple Endless!" (Idle)
Quadruple Endless (Maximal AoE attack (+1000% BB ATK mod) (+Light/Dark elements))
Stage 6 - Goddess Tilith (Memories)
(Starts with omni-element migitation)
Pretty Battle Kiss (Heal 2500 HP (+15% healer REC) to party)
Miracle Battle Kiss (Increase BB gauge by 0 and heal 3000 HP (+15% healer REC) to party)
Pretty Battle Steeeeeel! (AoE attack with 100% BB gauge reduction to enemy party)
Prism Heart (AoE attack (+Fire/WateEarth elements))
Celestial White (Strong AoE attack with 10% chance of Injury/Paralysis/Poison/Sick effect)
"Happy 2nd anniversary, Brave Frontier!" (Increase enemy BB gauge by 100% and heal 3000 HP (+15% healer REC) to enemy party)
"He he. Did I surprise you?" (Regular attack)
"I wanted to come celebrate too!" (Regular attack)
"Two years? Looking back on it now..." (Regular attack)
"I met you on that plain..." (Regular attack)
"And we set off to save the world!" (AoE attack (+Dark element))
"And you were lucky enough..." (25%/50% boost to party ATK/DEF for 3 turns)
"To have this pretty goddess with you!" (Regular AoE attack)
"You must've been glad, huh? He he." (Regular attack)
"I'm so proud of my Summoner!" (Idle)
"You're my precious friend!" (Increase enemy BB gauge by 100% and heal 3000 HP (+15% healer REC) to enemy party)
"So let's keep working hard!" (Idle)
"We'll always be together!" (Idle)
"Well, I said what I wanted to..." (Idle)
"Now let me show you my power!" (25%/50% boost to party ATK/DEF for 3 turns)
(If Tilith finishes the above conversation and reaches 10% HP) "I knew it! My Summoner's strong!" (Regular attack)
(If Tilith finishes the above conversation and reaches 10% HP) "But I'm pretty strong too!" (Unknown proc ID; AoE on enemy)
(If Tilith finishes the above conversation and reaches 10% HP) "So I want a 6 or 7-star evolution too!" (Idle)
(If you deal too much damage too fast?) "Hey! Are you listening to me?" (AoE attack with 25%/50% boost to party ATK/DEF for 999 turns)
(If you deal too much damage too fast?) "Now I'm getting angry!" (AoE attack with 10% chance of Injury/Paralysis/Poison/Sick effect)
(If you deal too much damage too fast?) "Hey! That was mean!" (30% reduction to enemy ATK/DEF for 1 turn)
(If you deal too much damage too fast?) *Sob* "You meanie!!" (Strong AoE attack and self add all elements to attack for 1 turn))
(If Seria is in your party) "Seria, I'm still counting on you!" (Increase Seria's BB gauge by 100%)
(If Karl is in your party) "Karl! Let's keep fighting as a team!" (Increase Karl's BB gauge by 100%)
(If Lugina is in your party) "Lugi, don't go falling into a hole!" (Increase Lugina's BB gauge by 100%)
(If Paris is in your party) "Paris, I want to chat with you soon!" (Increase Paris' BB gauge by 100%)
(If Grahdens is in your party) "Lord Grah, I'm still pretty! Right?" (Increase Grahdens' BB gauge by 100%)
(If Ark is in your party) "Ark, I wonder when your fight will end..." (Increase Ark's BB gauge by 100%)
(If Tilith is in your party) "Huh? What am I doing here?!" (Extreme ST attack (+500% BB ATK mod) to Tilith)

FH Special Mission - Light Lost in Darkness

Might as well include this for the sake of completion.
Stage 1 - Metal God
Metal God
"You'll be my practice dummy!" (Idle)
"Let's practice dealing Spark damage!" (Idle)
"Good luck, Summoner! " (Idle)
(Metal God idles till the end of time apparently)
Stage 2 - Memetes (x3) and Garroter Shida
Climb Pain (ST attack with 20% chance of Curse effect)
Dark Matter (AoE attack)
"Mwa ha ha. His darkness has been released..." (AoE attack)
"No one can stop him now..." (AoE attack)
Stage 3 - Holy Knight Atro and Holy Master Aem
Thousand Nemesis (AoE attack)
"We need his power to save the world!" (AoE attack)
Radiant Heaven (AoE attack)
"Rrraaah!! Make waaaaaaaay!!" (AoE attack)
"Lord Will!! Lord Wiiiiiilllll!!" (AoE attack)
Stage 4 - Dark Will
Astral Nova (AoE attack)
"So this is the power of darkness..." (ST attack)
"My heart feels disconnected!" (AoE attack)
"Rrraaah!!" (ST attack)
"I will not hold back!!" (AoE attack)
"Wh-What is this light...?!" (ST attack)
"Stop! Do not come near me!" (AoE attack with self angel idol buff received (1% HP recover upon activation))
"......" (ST attack with self 100% damage reduction for 1 turn)
"...I..." (ST attack with self 100% damage reduction for 1 turn)
"Yes...I'm...!" (ST attack with self 100% damage reduction for 1 turn)
"I love all of our Summoners!" (Apocalyptic AoE attack (+9999% BB ATK mod) with self angel idol buff received (1% HP recover upon activation))
"Please keep supporting us!" (AoE attack)
"Just what am I saying?!" (Regular attack)

Other Frontier Hunters

Frontier Hunter Season 20 <-- You are here
Frontier Hunter Season 19
Frontier Hunter Season 18
Frontier Hunter Season 17
Frontier Hunter Season 16
Frontier Hunter Season 15 (by BlueMew151)
Frontier Hunter Season 14 (by blackrobe199)
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2015.09.19 06:02 raiko39 Legend Stone Discussion: Farlon, Signas, Alyut, and Lunaris

Well, since the next 7-stars coming to Global (probably in a few days or in a week) would be Farlon, Signas, Alyut, and Lunaris, I might as well talk about how effective they'll be if you decided to evolve them. Take note that this is just my opinion about them, nothing more, nothing less. Alright, now that's out of the way, let's start.
Let's start with the perfectly sane guy, Farlon's one of the two (ATM) who has Infi-SBB AoE, other being Nemeth-Gear.
  • His Leader Skill boost Fire Unit's ATK by 120% while adding a 100% BB mod. This is a great mono-fire squad lead since arena teams can already handle BB filling without much help from LS. Not much to say here, if the normal attacks doesn't wipe off the enemy team then the BB surely would.
  • His BB basically does AoE while adding a 100% BB modifier buff. The thing here is that Farlon still retained his extremely short BC requirement for it (15 BC). Which makes it easy to spam over and over.
  • His SBB is like his BB only but it now has 100% BB refill making it spammable for as long as you like, until he gets BB drained, cursed, or paralyzed. The other buff is a 300% ATK buff but reducing DEF by 50%, the ATK buff is more than twice of the common but highest ATK buff (140% from Totetsu), although the DEF debuff looks bad, it's honestly not as bad as you might think. Sure, it mildly drop his DEF but his role is mainly for dealing tons of damage for OTK, he actually pairs well in normal attack nuking with Ruby (especially if you use Farlon's LS for this).
  • His UBB has increased damage based on his current HP percentage, which gives it a +800% Mod (at 100% HP) to a 1200% UBB mod attack. Add that to his 300% BB modifier buff to his already high UBB modifier. Like I said, he's main role is a nuker, this just proves it. Other than Farlon, your team would be hitting pretty hard for a couple of turns thanks to his BB modifier.
  • Last up is his ES that gives him a 150% ATK buff for one turn after he takes 10k damage. If you add him to a team for GGCs or Trials, this is where he'll benefit from his ES. Although, it won't stack with other ATK buffs, I think it would still matter considering that you almost need to make your team defensive but having some sort of nuke in it.
  • Overall, being able to stick his BB mod buff almost indefinitely while dealing tons of damage, makes Farlon a hard hitter in teams. Critical teams might be the place where Farlon would shine the most.
Worth the Legend Stone? Sadly no, his disadvantage is that he lacks any support to his allies, but you're desperate for a nuking unit then sure, why not?
Oh, the most devoted one to the helmet guy? Nice. She's hates Fire then and she's here to murder it more now, with added damage.
  • Her LS is still intended for Mono-water teams, which is 150% Elemental Damage that water types do to Fire types, with 15% Fire resist and her 100% Critical Modifier. Probably for making a Water crit team or just squashing Fire element content.
  • Her BB does Poison and Injury with a 45% proc chance, which would find use in FG's Grand Jelly (Poison) and a lot of Trials, GGC's, and FG are prone to Injury which is great. Signas now has a 40% Critical buff, which may not be the best (which is 60% on BB/SBB) but at least it works well with her LS.
  • Her SBB drops the status ailments for a 50% Critical Modifier buff along with a 60% ATK buff to Water units, while keeping the 40% Critical buff. Although the proc rate is 40% the added Critical buff kinda compensates for that, she only loses too Reis and Griff, they have same buff but theirs having a 60% Critical buff. She would compete with Michele having the same Critical chance buff and all, Michele has element support while Signas has damage support, kinda even.
  • Her UBB adds a nutty 300% Critical Modifier buff for three turns, and adding 100% Fire mitigation for two turns. Basically, use her BB/SBB then Overdrive then (Fuijin) activate UBB to gain maximum benefit. Her Fire mitigation is same as Will's Dark or Balgran's Thunder mitigation dropping damage to 1 from those elements. This would be great on Seria's EX Trial and Karl's EX Trial if Seria's the one giving you problems than Lugina.
  • Her ES is half of Griff's ES, which is 4 BC to herself whenever she lands a Crit. It's a crazy sustain if you're up against 3 or more enemies in a round (like for Raid).
  • Overall, I think they intended Signas to be a sub-unit instead of leader, but she's a decent crit leader for beginners. She's also one of the units that came close to being a Fire/Water Kira/Dion LS, if it had Fire element advantage, she'd be set. Also, she gains benefits from equipping Duel's Fragments if you lack Michele, her having a Critical Mod buff (which Michele lacks in exchange for stats) makes it a good tradeoff. Like I said, Signas was probably intended as a sub, her buffs won't make her into being a part of Critical-oriented squads but I think she'll be great in somewhat defensive squads that lack damage.
Worth the Legend Stone? Partially yeah, she finds use in 30-round FG (the decent poison chance and injury chance really helps there if you're out of options for status inflictors) and she'll be a good start for people wanting to try out Critical teams.
Hey, it's the guy who adored his brother and then killed him a few lores later. ._.
  • Alyut's LS is 120% ATK for Light units, while have a mini-version of his BB/SBB buffs. 4 BC/turn and 1k-1.2k (+10% REC) Heal/turn. Similar to Farlon, but for Alyut if the normal attacks won't kill the enemy team, then his team would be ready to fire their BB's the next turn (if they had problems filling on the first turn).
  • His BB is AoE with 45% Injury/Paralysis, 2k-2.5K (+10% REC) HoT with a 4 BC/turn. It's decent with the added status ailment support. Although, I won't be using it considering what his SBB does.
  • His SBB drops the ailments for a 60% DEF -> ATK convert buff, which is pretty solid if you pair him with Elimo, Zeldeus, and other DEF buffers. His other buffs upgraded to 2.5k-3k (+15% REC) HoT and 7 BC/turn. Since the upgrade is pretty high, there's almost no reason for you to use his BB over SBB even for the ailments the tradeoffs not worth it. So, he's a damage support, healer support, and a BB support, damn.
  • His UBB goes into overdrive (pun intended), and the DEF -> ATK buff is now 100% convert, someone like Balgran would start hitting pretty hard, including Metal Mimics XD. It also has a 75% Mitigation for one turn, it's probably for Zevalhua's Glorious or something if you fail to kill them in a few turns.
  • Finally, his ES boosts his ATK or DEF depending on his HP percentage. 100% is a 50% ATK buff, 0% DEF, while at 1% is 0% ATK, 100% DEF buff. So he'll hit hard in places like arena, while boosting his DEF when his HP drops, making him tanky. This makes him more flexible as a unit than he already is.
  • Overall, Alyut being incredibly versatile, damage, heal, sustain, and bulk, makes him a great unit. His HoT is actually higher than Will's but slightly lower than Selena's but given his support, I'd say that pretty worth that trade. He's also a decent sub for someone like Grahdens if you just use him for his BB/turn buff.
Worth the Legend Stone? Definitely, being able to add damage, HoT, and BB/turn makes him a solid unit.
Good job, Laris, you managed to stop the love triangle.
  • Her LS is 120% ATK to Dark units, 20% Damage to HP, 30% proc, 2-4 BC when attacked, 100% proc. Weird mix, the latter part is similar to Zevalhua's LS. Anyways, her LS is decent for GGC or Trials especially for mono-dark teams, in arena the only thing you would benefit from is her dark ATK bonus.
  • Her BB has a 45% Sick/Weakness infliction, then comes her specialty, status cleanse and nullify. She got upgraded too, before you had to wait for her to finish the animation before she started cleansing but now it's instantaneous.
  • Her SBB trades off the ailments for ATK/DEF debuff buff on attack to the party. The debuffs are -20% with a 10% proc chance. Other than that she retains her status cleanse and null. The ATK down is pretty decent, although it's kinda weak compared to the 1 turn ATK downs, it's something that most enemies can't cleanse and none are immune to it. Some defense is great, this is it.
  • Her UBB, which adds 300% Elemental Weakness damage to all elements and adds a 25% Overdrive fill. Her elemental damage is pretty solid as a damage boost but it only works on the actual element not via element buff, other than that, I guess it adds to more sustainable damage compared to sparks and crits. The Overdrive fill makes it faster to max out, I think other than Lucius, Lunaris is the only unit that adds OD support.
  • Last up is her ES, which is immunity to ATK/DEF/REC down. Honestly, this is a pretty bad ES, especially on a unit, whose main job it is to remove those kinds of debuffs. The silver lining of it is that being immune to DEF down means she won't take as much damage, which occurs in Raids and GQ.
  • Overall, Lunaris is pretty good, she does her job of keeping status ailments off better now. Although, she competes with a lot of units for status cleansing, she slightly lessens enemy damage via ATK down, which makes her unique compared to the others.
Worth the Legend Stone, the only time would be is when you don't have a 7-star status cleanser. Aurelia, Melchio, and eventually Reeze, are the best at what they're doing due to the extra support they give compared to Lunaris. Either way, she's a decent unit for stuff like Raids, so feel free to try her out, if you like.
  • Fixed Formatting
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2015.09.01 01:36 Kegos Mercato Over; just some thoughts.

Well, that was some silly season!
I literally cannot express how happy I am it's over, now we can just focus and get back to the business of winning.
The start to the season
"It's only been two games. It's only been two games." - My Mantra so far
Still the fact remains, this is the worst start to a season we have EVER had. And even though we were lacking in certain areas due to injury, that just not good enough.
Now, we've conceded three goals so far, so some people might call me crazy but, from the first two games I think we can take away that our defense was still outstanding. Bonucci and Chellini continue to dominate, and Buffon has made some decent saves (could've done more on that second goal against Roma-but we forgive him because he's the greatest thing ever).
The Padoin Problem; Poor lad. He's just not nearly as good as Pirlo or Marchisio. He's actually had the tied third highest pass success rate in the team, but the quality of service is just no where near as good. He knows he's not as good so he doesn't try high passes, he just lays it back to the defense, and being in that position on the field, where your supposed to dictate play, it brings down the level of the rest of the team when you're not making things happen. Thankfully he's contributed well defensively, so he's part of the reason we're not losing 6-1 to Roma.
I think that's lead to Pogba trying to do too much himself as well. he doesn't has the support of of really top players around him at the moment that he did have last season. He's defended really well, but seeing him constantly try high risk runs and passes when he gets the ball tells me he's feeling pressured to do it all. He's just need the help of better players around him and his form will pick up.
Mandzukic; I actually think he's been horrible. I get that the service has been poor, the midfield is bringing him down a bit, but the fact is, when he has got on the ball he hasn't done anything with it. I personally find he's been our worst striker in these two games not counting Llorente (I do miss you Nando i swear).
Dybala...Me Gusta..
Right, yes, the juicy stuff.
Vidal; Biggest loss. He's not as old as Tevez or Pirlo, so he's still got more to offer. There is literally not other player in the world like him, as complete, as well rounded. He didnt have his best season with us last year, but he was an integral cog for our recent dominance and resurgence.
Tevez; Honestly, it okay. He played phenomenally for the two seasons he gave us, and he never acted out or caused problems like I worried he might. He helped us to a Champions League Final, and wanted to go home, I cant hate him for that. On top of that he is on the wrong side of 30 so it's time freshen things up.
Pirlo; It was the right time. Just like Tevez, he's the wrong side of thirty, its time to freshen things up. He's been amazing for us, and it's going to be a difficult to transition our team away from his influence.
Coman; I don't like it. I believe in this guy. I think he's going to be something special. I really liked the thought of one day seeing a front three of Coman - Morata - Berardi. Suppose now Dybala will have to be in the mix., no biggie.
Ogbonna; I guess it's time. I liked him, but he just never broke into the 11. We got good money for him so I guess we'll live.
Isla; Good luck elsewhere my friend.
Dybala; Fantastic signing. he's destined to be great. Definitely going to be able to fill Tevez's shoes with time.
Khidera; No monetary risk in terms of a transfer fee so thats a positive. I think we all accept that his only downfall will be his injury proneness and that was proven before the season even started. Still, when he fit, he's really good, so lets see how this experiment goes.
Mandzukic; He's been shit thus far, but its not entirely his fault. He's been lacking service. He looked better in preseason so I think once we improve the quality behind him he'll be better. Still after the past two games, I'd start Morata over him.
Zaza; I like him. He's a fighter at heart, hope he surprises us and challenges for a spot in the starting lineup.
Rugani; Perfect time to bring him in, in what I think will be Barzagli's last season. He's an amazing talent and he's surrounded by the perfect role models to become a legend. I expect big things.
Neto; Good back up. Probably better than Storari and he's younger. Who knows what can come of him.
Alex Sandro; HE IS HERE. People this is a player we've been missing out on for a decade. Lichstiener has been good don't get me wrong, he's one of the most underrated wing-backs in the world, but Alex Sandro is going to be something else. He's got that ferocity we love, that skill that you need, an adventurous attitude that will create goals, and the ability to pull it off. Love this signing. Love that we went all out on it. Love that we left Siquera standing there with his dick in his hand. Thank you Beppe.
Cuadrado; He was excellent in Seria A so there's that. I think if he doesn't impress in Champions League though we're going to drop him. It's only a loan so we have that right.
Hernanes; Again, and experienced Seria A player, so we know he's safe in that regard. He's always impressed me when we've played against him so hopefully he does even better for us.
Lamina; I know nothing about this guy. aside from the pre season game we played against them, and the highlight videos I've watched I know nothing about the kid. Whatever, it's just a loan, we dump him if he's shit. He might just be there to keep Pogba happy. Who knows maybe he's better than Pogba. Beppe clearly saw wee needed backup in the midfield after the first two games so he made to quick low-risk purchases. We'll done Beppe, i think you've done okay.
In Summary
We're not going to get into the finals again this year, I've accepted that. I mean, I'd love to eat my words, but I doubt it will happen. The group we have is already extremely hard, and these guess need to mesh quickly.
Seria A is going to be a lot tougher. We've already dropped six points, and that matters. Once Marchisio is back in the team think all will be well. Still, with these last day purchases I'm really excited to see how we line-up next game. Based on what I've seen and hoping Marchisio is fit I'm hoping: 4-3-1-2
Buffon (c) - Lichstiener - Bonucci - Chellini - Sandro - Hernanes - Marchisio - Pogba - Pereyra - Morata - Dybala
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2015.04.12 04:27 mellyoz Michelle's GGC guide

I saw quite a few people having issues completing this dungeon and others feeling like it's only possible with a full 7* team. So I made this guide to show this isn't true and this GGC isn't as hard as it looks.
Michelle's GGC is one of the latest Hero Dungeon we got, at the moment is one of the hardest fights in the game.
The sole reason why it's hard is because it defies what you usually bring to a hard fight. You need certain de/buffs here that most of the time you don't even consider having on a trial/GGC squad set up. More on this later, let's start with the first fight:
First Dungeon:  
Energy: 30  
1st battle: Melchio.
2nd : Grafl and Falma.
3rd: Lodin
4th: Duel GX and Michelle.
1st dungeon or fight is quite easy, it consist of 4 battles of not so strong enemies.
The biggest challenge are the dynamic duo of Grafl and Falma, the later will love to paralyse you, just like all of his other GGC appearences . So an status cleanser or status null LS is a must here.
Must bring: Status cleanser, Mitigator, High hit count units or BB on Damage, BC buff.
Zel 22500 + 50k
Karma 11850 + 100k
Exp 5000
Second Dungeon:
Energy: 30  
1st battle: Tiara
2nd : Lodin and Zelban
3rd: Michelle, Lodin, Tiara, Zelban and Duel GX
2nd fight gets slightly harder: You will need need an status cleanser here, rather than LS, because you will get inflicted with ATK, DEF and REC down. You will also need a DEF buff with your mitigation because on the last part the enemies will start hitting hard.
3rd: Always keep up your mitigation and DEF buff and they won't be able to kill you. Overall, a toned down fight of the one coming next.
Must bring: Status cleanser, Mitigator, DEF buff, High hit count units or BB on Damage, BC buff.  
This fight will reward you with one of the most useful spheres the game has, Melchio's battle armor, I think it's the Japanese name. It nulls weakness, ailments and adds 30% ATK&DEF.
A wondeful sphere when you only have one mitigator or healer and the enemy you're facing is of an strong element.
Zel 39500 + 500k
Karma 20000 + 100k
Exp 5000
Melchio's Sphere:
Nulls weakness damage, ailments and boosts ATK and DEF by 30%
Third Dungeon:
Energy: 50 - Cannot gem to continue.  
1st battle: Melchio.
2nd: Michelle, Lodin, Tiara, Zelban and Duel GX.
3rd: Michelle and Duel GX.
Third stage is the real deal.
Items needed: 5 Fujins, 3 Revives, 2 Angel idols (A MUST!)
1st battle: Melchio is your enemy here, he has BC drop resist, he also doesn't do that much damage if you have a def buff: He also loves inflicting ATK down:
My suggestion is to normal attack him the first turn and second, and only mitigate once the bar is filled. You need to save all 5 fujins for the second part. Melchio should die very fast. He isn't strong.
2nd: You will start figthing against Michelle. She isn't particulary strong with def buff: You will have to kill her 4 times. Each time she has less and less HP. The first time it will take you around 4-5 turns to kill her, and when she revives it might take only one.
When this GGC came out and I got to this fight I thought it was a bug and almost closed the game...  
After the fourth time, you will deal some damage to her, and Duel comes, and so the rest of her teammates start to join her. Duel → Lodin → Zelban → Tiara last. They have exactly the same abilities as their units, adding that Zelban can buff wipe you.  
Lodin hits very hard, do not be surprised if he one shots someone, Duel keeps giving everybody the chance to CRIT, Zelban puts the def buff, and if he wipes your mitigation, your units will die if they don't have enough HP:, Tiara casts a HoT of about 30k HP x turn, and of course, their trademark element add. Only element that wont be present is Light, so dark units will receive normal damage.  
Eventually, Michelle self destructs, and heals everybody. She comes back a bit later.
When you get one to 50% They go loco and start hitting even harder.  
So, how to deal with these folks?  
It's actually quite easy, you need two debuffs: Injury and ATK down. Lodin and Michele can be injured, and suddenly their 1-2k hits become 1 hp dmg. Since the others can't be injured, you want them to be ATK down. If you are able to ATK down at least one x turn, the fight becomes very easy.  
The most dangerous part is imho, when you have 2 enemies left. Try not to kill everybody but one unit, because the BC resist will kill you. The enemy wont drop enough Bcs and you won't be able to mitigate, which will result in your units slowly dying. The trick is to use your mitigator's single target and try to do equal damage to each of the last 2 enemies. This is where the 5 fujins come into play, only fujin when you don't have the mitigation or +BC up.
3rd: Angel idol one unit, and just press whatever, you won't be attacked here, not even once. Michelle comes later, but it doesn't matter. Duel will suicide, kill Michelle, all of your units but the angel idol'd one, and you win.  
Explanation: This fight adds lore. Duel self-destructs because Melchio ran away and he feels he failed his mission, Michelle tries to stop him to no avail.  
This is why the reward is Duel's pieces.
Must bring: Mitigator, DEF up (!!), Heal ails (You get ATK/DEF/REC down'd too), BC-HC buff, as many ATK down units as you can and Injury buff. Leaders: dual +hp leads.
How to compose your squad for the third fight:  
When I defeated them my team was as follow:
Kanon Lead (DEF up – Heal Ails) – Griel Friend (ATK down) – Shera – Ardin (ATK down) – Fiora (ATK down) – Kikuri (injury)  
Basically, I ditched doing damage for survivability. I had no +spark or +critical. It did make the fight long, but thanks to the set up most of the time they did no damage, and I ended up with 2 revives left. You really need a decent DEF buff, for example: , +60% buff wasn't enough here.  
You need dual +HP leads, like I showed up there, if they buff wipe you, the will do 10k+ damage.  
Lodin and Michelle are extremely weak to injury, even with Kikuri's low chance, it proc quite a lot.
Tiara is weak to paralysis, Zelban weakness, and Duel to curse (I'm not sure of this one), thing is for some reason it rarely procs for them as much as it does for Lodin and Michelle o.O
Here is a list of ATK down units: Griel, Fadal, Fiora, Ardin, Belfura, Kira, Zevalhua, Ragshelm, Ruby (buff), Rhein°, Lucana° and Oboro°°.   Global: Zedus and Meiko.
°If you use them, imp their HP and DEF first.  
°°It's Single Target, not useful for this fight.
And units that can inflict or add injury buff:
Fadal (buff), Tora (ES), Kikuri (ES), Ragshelm (buff), Magnazord (buff), Owen (buff), Edea, Balgram, Kagura, Iris.
My suggestion would be to take a Griel friend, because she fills the most necessary roles, the 30% hp, HC+BC and atk down, and it's easy to get one, a lot of people use her too.  
If you have a 7* mitigator, don't UBB them, that single turn with no mitigation will wreck you. I tried doing that with Aaron, when only Michelle was left, and she killed him and two other units...  
If you've been very unlucky with summoning, Owen + Lucana + Rhein can work, but you will need strong teammates for the lack of damage they will do.
Based on the suggested units and buffs, build an squad you feel comfortable with.
Update 23/05 With the arrival of Ruby, Edea and Balgram this has become easier. So consider them, too!
Update 03/07 GGC Released in GBL.
Something to note, currently for JP players only, you can cheese this GGC hard with Sagavhel lead. I read somewhere it was possible to complete it with him, *no mitigator*, and your units equipped with Vermillions and Seria's sphere...and it's true xp. Add a mitigator and it's an auto-win.
Do not be discouraged if you lose, it's a very RNGesus based fight. Upping your level to attempt this with a full 7* team isn't necessary, I only had 2+friend 7*s when I completed this.  
Obviously, this isn't the only way to tackle this fight, but after so many tries, the squad I first cleared it with always wins, so I find it very solid.
Zel 15000 + 1m
Karma 7500 + 200k
Exp 10000
3 Gems
Duel's Pieces:
Boost HP and ATK by 30%, boost critical rate by 20%, 30% chance to ignore enemy's defense, and boost BB gauge when critical hit occurs (4-6 bc).  
Duel's sphere is so good. And totally worth the effort to clear this GGC.
All left is to wish you good luck!
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2015.03.23 19:03 RiseDFO Beginner's Guide: Getting Started With Easy Tips (Part 1)

Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

Part 1: Getting Started With Easy Tips



Hello, Rise here again! Some of you may remember me from my Blitz vs Fatigue post. Earlier this week, my friend MT also released another episode of Stories of the Past here as well. Earlier today, I released a guide by Geist as well. Man, what a busy week! But DFO is coming out tomorrow and I figure, what better way to celebrate? Today, I plan to bring to you a Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide!
First things first. This guide is incomplete and this post is only for the first part. The reason I split it up is because when I had originally asked for ideas for topics from DFONexus’s community, I got more than I imagined. Their ideas were all great and I figured it wouldn’t do to cut some of them out. So I plan to cover them all!
I have decided to break the guide up into three distinct parts. I’ll release each part every single Monday till I’m done. Or at least I will try, forgive me if I end up not making the deadline. Each part will also have its own dedicated video. The guide will be divided into the following sections::
Part 1: Getting Started With Easy Tips
Part 2: Choosing a Class and Importance of Alts and Professions
Part 3: NPCs, Special Dungeons, and More
And, I’d like to thank Regdren, MT, and Kaisen for helping me compile this guide. Without further ado, let’s get right to it!

All About Materials

Materials are a huge part of DFO. Here are several tips you should keep in mind when handling the materials you will end up getting in this game.
Tip #1: Save Cube Fragments
Background: Cube fragments are items you will find and accumulate on your journey in DFO. There will be a variety of colors as well. The types you need to keep track of are clear, white, black, blue, and red cube fragments. With 100 cube fragments, you can create a normal cube as well. A later patch simplifies it to just cube fragments.
Why Save? Two reasons:
  1. Higher level skills consume a clear cube fragment when used.. Most of these skills require one cube fragment, but some can cost several per use. By accumulating clear cube fragments, you will save yourself time and trouble later on!
  2. Cubes and cube fragments can be required by quests. By collecting cubes, you will save yourself a lot of time and money. A ridiculous amount of cubes may be required so be prepared!
There’s some other minor reasons but they aren’t as important. But the lesson is clear; make sure to save cubes! But that brings us to our next question (and tip!) do we get and accumulate cubes and cube fragments?
Tip #2: Grind blues and sell whites
Background: There is an item grade system in DFO.Like many other MMOs, all items and weapons can come in several grades.. The grades are as follows from worse to best (approximately):
Grey < Common (white) < Uncommon (blue) < Rare (purple) < Legacy (purple) < Unique ( pink) < Legendary (Dark Orange)  
I will go over the specifics of each grade in the third part, but for this advice, pay attention to white (common) and blue (uncommon) items.
What is disassembling? Disassembling is an action you can take with any type of equipment (be it armor or weapons). Players normally call disassembling ‘grinding’. The NPC you want to go to in order to grind your items is Morgan. There are players that can grind items as well, but that is a topic that will be covered in professions (Second Part). The way it works is that an NPC or Player has a disassembler that you can use to grind your items.
Fun Fact: Before Metastasis, the NPC you would go to in order to ‘grind’ your items was Loton. However, when the old God messed everything up and destroyed Arad in the process, Loton ended up being a casualty! Bet that woke you up! At least we’ll get a clone version of him in the Mirror West Coast eventually.
Grinding results in cube fragments. A white item will net you only clear cube fragments while blue can net you clear and colored cube fragments. Additionally, clear cube fragments are really easy to stockpile. So it really isn’t worth it to grind your white equips. So a common suggestion is to always sell your white equips for gold but grind your blue equips for cubes.
Tip #3: Pick up everything you see
Background: In DFO, while in dungeons, you will notice a variety of items after killing quite a few mobs. Some of you may believe that those items are useless and you won’t gain anything from them especially early on, but you would be wrong. So I recommend picking up everything you see.
  • You might need those mats for an epic/repeatable quest soon/later
  • Some of those mats might be useful elsewhere (Professions for instance)
  • Later down the road, you can make some money from selling those items on the AH
So, pick up everything you see!
Tip #4: Do NOT sell any materials in the beginning
Background: A lot of newbies will be tempted to sell their materials early on for early income (i.e. on the Auction Hall and in respect to how much money they have right now, a few thousand gold is a lot). This ties in with the previous tip.
Reasons NOT to sell early: Those materials may come in handy for quests and more as mentioned previously Especially since the market should be volatile in the beginning, make sure you know real market prices to make the most out of your money.
So, do not sell any materials just yet! Hoard everything!

Maximize Fatigue Points

As we all know, Fatigue Points (FP) is the system Neople will be using in the new DFO Global. That being said, there’s several methods to extend your gameplay beyond the normal 156 points given to us.
Just in case any newbies are not aware of what Fatigue Points are, here’s a brief description:
Fatigue is a system that gives you 156 points. Every single dungeon room you visit, you will lose 1 point. Upon reaching 0 points, you cannot run anymore dungeons till the reset. The reset occurs once a day at a certain time.
Tip #5: Run your last dungeon with 1 FP
Background: There is some prior information you need to understand about the dungeon system. When entering a dungeon, you will find there are a variety of rooms. To win a dungeon, you just need to defeat the boss. This means you do not need to complete the dungeon 100% to win it. This gives you some flexibility in terms of how much FP you spend per dungeon.
Logic: There is more to the fatigue system than meets the eye. The only restriction to entering a dungeon is to have some FP. So if you were to enter a dungeon with a single FP left, you are able to go above 156 points. And if you clear the entire dungeon, that’s a ton of extra experience!
Tip #6: Stack your quests!
Background: For those that have played DFO before, they know exactly what I mean by this. There are quests in this game geared towards a specific dungeon (i.e. Do dungeon X and beat it at Advanced difficulty!). If you carefully do your quests and manage to complete them all in the least amount of runs, you max out your experience. People really good at this can get to level 21 in a single day! This is what posters mean when they say they love min/maxing FP.
Logic: You know you have a limited amount of FP to play in your dungeons. If you do all the quests possible (you may get 5 quests for a single dungeon for example) and manage to complete all those quests in a single run, you not only used up only a single dungeon’s worth of FP, but completed 5 quests at once. This is compared to doing the dungeon five times per each quest separately, using up 5x the number of fatigue!
Additional Notes: Know that you can just use the quest box to grab quests now so you don't have to talk to an NPC directly. Also, note that you can't accept quests while in a dungeon. The only quests you'd need to talk to directly for would be the awakening/promotion quests. Thanks phenomen for the heads up on this.
Tip #7: Do Towers after finishing Fatigue!
Background: This probably makes no sense to anyone that has yet to play DFO. Towers are ‘special’ dungeons that you can do. They do not require Fatigue but there is a limit to how many times you are allowed to enter them. They are a great place to stay ahead of the game with experience.
I will cover every single Tower and other special dungeons in the third part in greater detail, but for now I will briefly tell you about the first two you need to look out for. Generally speaking, towers get harder every floor you manage to progress. And the higher floor you end up completing, the more experience gained.
Tower of Illusion
Level: 20-30
Description: Tower with 15 floors in total. Costs one Dreyfus’s Invitation. You get 3 Invitations every day and they are reset once a day as well (same time as Fatigue). You won’t be able to use any clear cube fragments not found in the dungeon itself nor any consumables.
Altar of Infinity
Level: 40+
Description: 15 waves of monsters in 3 rooms with character buffs. Requires gold to enter and increases on each run. Nearly as much experience as Tower of Dead upon completion.
Tower of the Dead
Level: 50+
Description: Different tower with 45 floors in total. Costs one Dreyfus’s Invitation. Same restriction cube and consumable restriction as Tower of Illusion. This tower gives more experience if you manage to complete it, but it is also harder as a direct result.
Both of these towers and the altar can be found in the Valley of Fallen Souls.
Tip #8: Join a guild!
Background: Guilds are actually relatively useful beyond just being a community hub in DFO. Guilds have levels and guilds can earn guild points. The more points they earn and the higher level they are, the more they can spend on guild perks.
Logic: Some guild perks include added stats and more EXP. So, as you can clearly see, guilds are a must have to expedite your dungeon experience. I might make a guide on guilds in general later, but for now I think that’s good enough to give you an idea about why joining a guild would be beneficial to you and how it maximizes your FP.
Advice: Following up on the guild tip, I suggest you to find a guild worth your time as well. Guilds that spam messages in chat most likely would not be a great fit. You are also unable to join another guild for 72 hours after leaving! So pick wisely! Look at the forums, or scout out the guild by talking with its members online!

Magic Seal Equips

Magic Seal Equips are an important part about the game and a lot of newbies won’t know what to do with them nor what they offer to the table. Let me briefly go over some facts that you will need to know about magic seal equips first. Also, I’d like to thank lolwitchlol for the original guide on these. They helped me out a long time ago.
  • They are a particular rare (purple) weapons/armor.
  • They are really common and drop often in dungeons.
  • They have certain properties that make them extremely useful even to end game players.
Note: Since I keep using tips in this guide, I might as well format the last part of the guide with tips as well.
Tip #9: Do NOT grind Magic Seal Equips!
Logic: Magic Seal Equips, despite being rare, are not exactly the same. That’s why when you grind them, you don’t get much if anything as a result. You get way more cube fragments from blues or whites!
Exception: What do I do when I have too many Magic Seal Equips or if I have a full set of them for my level? Then you can grind them for low grade crystals or sell them for some extra cash.
Tip #10: Go to Seria and break magic seals!
Explanation: Basically, Seria is an NPC that will ‘break’ magic seals on your equips. So if you wish to use your magic seal equips, go to her to break them. It only costs a small fee.
You should also note that you get 1-3 effects on your magic sealed equip. They will all be different stats, so you won’t see STR twice for instance.
Additional Notes: A user brought to my attention that you can break magic seals by simply right clicking on them. He's right, I completely forgot about that. Most likely that's how it'll be in DFOG.
Tip #11: Change Unwanted Stats!
Explanation: You are allowed to reroll a single stat from your 1-3 stats indefinitely till you get a good one you want. This option is known as “Convert Magic Seal”.
Note that I said a ‘single’ stat. This means you need to choose the one you want to keep retrying, as the others would be locked afterwards.
Tip #12: Convert equip into a new one!
Pitch: Can’t find the right equip for you? You need class X, but you only have class Y and Z equips? Not a problem!
Explanation: Seria has another option called “Recast Magic Seal.” You can take two broken magic seals (aka the ones you released the seal for already) and sort of...combine them for a new equip! But it will offer options for you. So you can make that Class X equip!
Now for some added facts since you now know the basics:
  • You can get Auras. Auras are ranges at which your stats can affect other players. And you can potentially stack Auras. Example: Let’s say you have one equip that gives you an INT aura of 100 px. And another equip that gives an INT aura of 150 px. Within 100px, both auras stack, but beyond 100 and before 150, you only get the INT from the second aura stat.
  • You can get skills as well as stats from Magic Seal Equips. For instance, +1 on a particular skill on a class.
  • There are rankings for certain stats. The best is S rank, while lowest is C rank.
And that’s pretty much it! If you’d like to know more about Magic Seal Equips, this is a good place (has some nice charts!).


We are done for now, but I will update with the next the following week. I debated between creating this part first or the second part first, but in the end I figured this might be more useful starting out! Anyway, hope you all enjoyed!
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2014.10.17 08:30 Xerte Mechanics Analysis: Drop Checks and BC

This guide is outdated - check for the up-to-date version
Welcome to another of my completely unscheduled Mechanics Analysis posts! Today, I'll be discussing Drop Checks and BC mechanics.
A huge thanks should go to Deathmax for his work in making this possible.
It's unlikely I'll update the tables in this post due to reddit's character limits, so look to BFLMP's analysis for units not listed.
1. Contents [CT]
Browse by searching for the listed tags.
  1. Contents [CT]
  2. Drop Checks [DRC]
  3. Notable Drop Check Tables [DRT]
  4. BC [BaC]
  5. BC-related Leader Skills and Effects [BLS]
2. Drop Checks [DRC]
Drop Checks are an internal value, usually hidden from players, which determine how many times the game rolls RNG on BC per hit. AoE attacks roll their total drop checks for each individual enemy; random target and single target are unchanging. For example, Dilma has 5 drop checks per hit on his regular attack. Each time he deals damage during his attack, RNG rolls 5 times to determine if a BC drops. Drop checks don't appear to affect HC, zel, karma or items, which are tied purely to hit count.
Each hit can additionally spawn a maximum of 1 drop of each remaining type. This means that a drop check could simultaneously spawn 1 HC, 1 item, 1 karma pick-up and 1 zel pick-up, but cannot spawn more than 1 of any of those. A hit with multiple drop checks can, of course, spawn more than one BC - up to the number of drop checks tied to the hit.
As a general rule of thumb, for regular attacks the majority of units have 2 drop checks per hit, but a lot of low hit count units have higher values. An average total is somewhere around 17-23 drop checks. More is good, less is bad. Units usually have the same drop checks per hit at every evolution, though total drop checks goes up proportional to number of hits. Spheres which increase hit count do not change the total drop checks per hit, so they also change the total drop checks by the same % as the hit count.
For BB and SBB attacks, the drop checks per hit are almost always simply 1. This is generally a balancing check against the AoE and higher hit counts factors.
3. Notable Drop Check Tables [DRT]
The following tables are for drop check totals on basic attacks. Note: except in extreme cases, this number is only particularly important in the arena and Trials/Chronicles.
Notable Drop Check Totals - Basic Attacks - Good (24+)
Unit Drop Checks per Hit / Total Unit Drop Checks per Hit / Total
Melchio 3 / 39 Lucina 3 / 36
Deemo 2 / 34 Rickel 2 / 32
Grybe 3 / 30 Cerise 2 / 30
Duel-SGX 2 / 30 Michele 2 / 30
Elza 3 / 30 Alyut 3 / 27
Logan 3 / 27 Zelnite 2 / 26
Faris 2 / 26 Serin 2 / 26
Notable Drop Check Totals - Basic Attack - Bad (16-)
Unit Drop Checks per Hit / Total Unit Drop Checks per Hit / Total
Lava 2 / 16 Orwen 2 / 16
Magress 4 / 16 Twins 2 / 16
Lira 2 / 16 Ronel 2 / 16
Luly 2 / 16 Atro 4 / 16
Oulu 2 / 16 Arius 2 / 16
Dean 2 / 16 Nalmika 2 / 16
Zellha 2 / 16 Rina 3 / 15
Lance 3 / 15 Eze 5 / 15
Lancia 3 / 15 Uda 2 / 14
Darvanshel 2 / 14 Loch 2 / 14
Dilias 2 / 14 Douglas 1 / 14
Darvan 2 / 14 Vargas 2 / 14
Phoenix 2 / 14 Mega 2 / 14
Ophelia 2 / 14 Tree 2 / 14
Zelban 2 / 14 Tiara 2 / 14
Lugina 2 / 14 Tilith 2 / 14
Zebra 2 / 14 Will 2 / 12
Leorone 2 / 12 Aem 2 / 12
Elimo 2 / 12 Aisha 2 / 12
Duelmex 2 / 12 Kajah 2 / 12
Felneus 2 / 12 Vanila 2 / 12
Seria 2 / 12 Behemoth 2 / 10
Fennia 2 / 10 Bayley 2 / 10
Lico 2 / 10 Paris 2 / 10
Blaze 2 / 8 Gilnea 2 / 6
Units not on either list fall into the following groups:
  • Units with a total drop check of 17-23 inclusive. This range is small enough that it should be easy enough to work out what the unit's total checks must be, as it has to be divisible by the hit count.
  • *Units in the following batches: Agni tier, Firedrake tier, Elemental Heroes, Sibyl Sisters, Zegar tier. These batches are receiving 6 * evolutions in the future but are more or less irrelevant until then. *
  • Units not present in Global data as of Elza batch's 5 * release, including the Reed vortex batch, Urukina's batch, JP exclusives and Cardes.
  • Units with no 5 * evolution or no combat use
The following table lists Drop Check information for BB and SBB skills which break the norm of 1 drop check per hit, or those with inherent drop rate increases. If a unit isn't present, assume that the drop checks are simply 1 per hit with no drop rate increases. All values assume 6* form for BB.
Unit (BB/SBB) Drop Checks per hit / Total Misc bonuses
Maxwell (SBB, JP) 2 / 66
Maxwell (BB) 2 / 30
Douglas (SBB JP) 2 / 60
Douglas (SBB, Global) 1 / 30
Douglas (BB) 2 / 44
Dilma (BB) 15 / 30
Dilma (SBB, JP) 15 / 30 +20% BC Drop Rate
Dilma (SBB, Global) 12 / 24 +20% BC Drop Rate
Faris (BB) 1 / 30 +30% HC Drop Rate
Faris (SBB) 1 / 20 +85% HC Drop Rate
Will (SBB) 3 / 30 +40% HC Drop Rate
Azael (SBB) 2 / 30
Mega (SBB) 2 / 22 +75% BC Drop Rate
Loch (SBB, JP) 20 / 20 +50% BC Drop Rate
Loch (SBB, Global) 10 / 10 +50% BC Drop Rate (May be bugged)
Mariudeth (BB) 6 / 18
Mariudeth (SBB, JP) 6 / 18
Mariudeth (SBB, Global) 5 / 15
Hogar (BB) 2 / 12
Hogar (SBB) 13 / 26 +30% BC Drop Rate (Bugged)
Heidt (BB and SBB) 1 / 20 +50% BC Drop Rate, +30% HC Drop Rate
Lidith (BB) 1 / 18 +100% HC Drop Rate
Lidith (SBB) 1 / 22 +70% HC Drop Rate
Lilith (BB) 2 / 30
Lilith (SBB) 2 / 32
Stya (BB) 2 / 30 +75% BC Drop Rate
Stya (SBB) 1 / 30 +60% BC Drop Rate
4. BC [BaC]
BC, more formally known as Battle Crystals, increase the BB gauge on pick-up. That's common knowledge. Less common knowledge is how often they drop, how drop rate buffs affect them, how various LS affect their value.
We'll start with the drop rate formula. This is... relatively simple.
  • Base Value. 35%. This can change in FH, but apparently that function is still unused.
  • Inherent Drop Rate Bonus. This is a stat inherent to some BB and SBB, but usually 0%.
  • Unit Buff. The currently active BC drop rate buff from a unit's BB or SBB. Only one can be active; newer buffs delete older buffs.
  • Item Buff. The currently active item drop rate buff. Again, newer buffs delete older buffs.
  • Sphere 1/2. Bonus from equipped spheres.
  • LS 1/2. Bonus from equipped LS. Note that some LS are only active during sparks.
  • Enemy BC Resistance. A hidden stat that enemies can have. We're yet to find a case of it being used, however.
  • Overkill Multiplier. This is x2.0 to all drop rates (not just BC) but only present on hits that land after the target hits 0 HP.
The formula itself looks like this:
BC Drop Rate% = (Base + Inherent Drop Rate Bonus + Unit Buff + Item Buff + Sphere 1 + Sphere 2 + LS 1 + LS 2) * (1 - Enemy BC Resistance / 100) * Overkill Multiplier 
On each drop check, the game rolls RNG between 0 and 100, and if that number is equal or lower than the final BC Drop Rate, spawns 1 BC. Drop rates 0 or below will never spawn a BC, and 100 or more will always spawn 1 BC.
As an example, let's look at the following scenario: (Global) Dilma attacks using his SBB (+20% Inherent) while buffed by Felneus SBB10 (+30%) and equipped with Sol Creator (+15%) and Guardian Cloak (+5%). The hit is an overkill. :
BC Drop Rate% = (35 + 20 + 30 + 0 + 15 + 5 + 0 + 0) * (1 - 0/100) * 2.0 BC Drop Rate% = 210 
As drop rate is over 100%, Dilma spawns 12 full BC per overkill hit. If this seems a bit much, note that his regular BB and attack only have 85% BC drop rate at this point unless overkilling.
The average BC dropped by an attack is simply Final BC Drop Rate% * Drop Checks. Minimum 0, maximum equal to the number of drop checks. When the drop rate is between 0 and 100%, the final amount can vary according to RNG, but with more drop checks, becomes more stable.
Fractional BC can be produced as a result of arena start BC, Fill Rate LS and BC fill effects with randomized values. These carry over between turns.
In the arena, a unit starts with half of the BC required to fill its regular BB; there is no rounding so fractional BC can matter here - if you have no way to produce fractional BC, consider the start BC as rounding down. BC distribution at end of turn is completely random.
5. BC-related Leader Skills and Effects [BLS]
  • BC Drop Rate Increase Examples: Zelnite's LS, Felneus' SBB buff, Sol Creator, Ares Flute This is just a flat boost to the BC drop rate as discussed in the formula previously. When in buff form, the player may have one from an item and one from a BB/SBB (New buffs overwrite old buffs when they don't stack)
Unit/Item Name Type Drop Rate Bonus Unit/Item Name Type Drop Rate Bonus
Felneus SBB 30% Sol Creator Sphere 15%
Aem SBB 30% Thief Cloak Sphere 15%
Uda SBB 25% Omni Gizmo Sphere 10%
Ronel SBB/BB 25% Tech Gizmo 2 Sphere 10%
Dia SBB 22% Guardian Cloak Sphere 5%
Lilly Matah SBB 20% Skill Bracer Sphere 5%
Zelnite SBB 15% Demon Flute (FH) Item 30%
Zelnite LS 18% Holy Flute Item 25%
Tridon SBB 15% Ares Flute Item 20%
Eru BB 18%
Stya SBB 20%
Lario SBB 20%
  • Inherent BC Drop Rate Increase Examples: Douglas's SBB, Dilma's SBB, Stya's BB This is a drop rate buff that only applies to the specific attack which has the effect.
Unit Type Drop Rate Bonus
Mega SBB 75%
Stya BB 75%
Stya SBB 60%
Loch SBB 50% (May be bugged)
Heidt BB/SBB 50%
Hogar SBB 30%
Dilma SBB 20%
Ren BB 10% (5* only)
  • Spark BC Drop Rate Increase Examples: Luther' LS, Leorone's LS Same as BC Drop Rate Increase, but this boost only applies to the BC drop rate of sparked hits (all drop checks of all sparked hits). Only currently found on Leader Skills.
Leader Skill Drop Rate Bonus Units
Fighting Strobe 70% Lario, Luna, Stya, Weiss
Pulsating Vigor 50% Rashil
Raging Might 30% Luther, Leorone, Garnan
Crusade Strobe 30% Lancia
Soul Tourch 30% Lemia
  • BC Regen Examples: Aisha's LS, Evil Shard, Lodin's SBB buff Each affected unit's BB gauge is refilled by a specific amount of BC at the end of each turn. Hard capped at +10 BC per turn.
Leader Skill Type Amount per turn Units with LS
Pulsating Guidance LS 5 Alma
Pulsating Ascension LS 3 Aisha, Aem
Concert of Light LS 3 Miku
Love Palpitations LS 3 Arius
Light God Barrier LS 3 Raquel
War God's Magic LS 2 Lucca
Goddess' Miracle LS 2 Tilith
Five Light's Aggression LS 2 Tiara, Eric
Intense Pulse LS 2 Dilma
Pulsating Vigor LS 2 Rashil
[Element] Lord's Power LS 1 Lava, Mega, Douglas, Emilia, Will, Alice
Famitsu Power LS 1 Nekky(Unreleased in Global)
Name Type Amount per turn Name Type Amount per turn
Lodin SBB 5 Andaria SBB 5
Elulu SBB 4 Garnan BB 4
Lilly Matah 6* BB/SBB 4 Kuhla SBB 4
Ophelia SBB 3 Alyut SBB 3
Miku BB 3 Raquel SBB
3 Eric SBB 2
Fake Stone Sphere 5 Magic Ore Sphere 4
Evil Shard Sphere 3 Dandelga Sphere 2
Twinkle Gem Sphere 2 Demon Crown Sphere 2
Demon Core Sphere 2 Demon Shard Sphere 1
  • Instant BC Regen Examples: Lodin's BB, Zelnite's BB/SBB, Tilith's BB Instantly fills the BB gauge by a set amount once the skill animation begins. Doesn't affect the user except for Items.
Name Type Amount
Tilith BB 40
Shida SBB 10
Kuhla BB 8
Zergel BB 8
Lodin BB 8
Zelnite BB/SBB 8
Raquel BB 6
Raquel SBB 5
Galant BB 5
Fujin Tonic Item 100%
Fujin Elixir Item 100%
  • BB Fill when Attacking Examples: Karl's LS, Orwen's LS Fills the BB gauge by some amount after the unit uses a regular attack. The effect triggers once; attack hit cont doesn't matter. Value can be random. Chance of activation can be random. This is unaffected by BB Fill Rate Increase effects.
Name Type Amount Activation Chance
Karl LS 7 33%
Orwen LS 5 50%
Elulu LS 4 40%
Dragon Studs Sphere 7 33%
Dragon Stud Sphere 5 25%
Demon Core Sphere 3-4 100%
Dragon Ring Sphere 0 0% (Apparently broken?)
  • BB Fill when Attacked Examples: Lilly Matah's LS, Lilly Matah's BB/SBB buff Fills the BB gauge by some amount after the unit is hit by any attack. The effect triggers once per full attack taken, regardless of hit count. Value can be random. Chance of activation can be random.
Name Type Amount Activation Chance
Lilly Matah LS/SBB 3-6 100%
Lilly Matah BB 3-5 100%
Orna LS 2-4 100%
Vishra SBB 1-3 100%
Reeze LS 1-2 100%
Paris LS 1-2 100%
Divine Crown Sphere 4-7 10%
King's Crown Sphere 3-5 25%
Demon Core Sphere 2-3 100%
Holy Crown Sphere 1 50%
Over Killer Sphere 1 50%
Demon Crown Sphere 1 50%
  • BB Fill when an Enemy is Defeated Examples: Star Blade Fills the BB gauge by some amount after an enemy is defeated. User needs to be the unit that lands the killing blow. Value can be random. Chance of activation can be random.
Name Type Amount Activation Chance
Demon Core Sphere 3-5 100%
Star Blade Sphere 1-5 100%
Demon Flag Sphere 1-3 100%
  • BB Fill when a Battle is Won Examples: Demon Flag Fills the BB gauge by some amount after a wave is cleared. Value can be random. Note that Karl, Maxwell and Cardes battles appear to be a single wave, so this effect would not activate during them.
Name Type Amount
Demon Core Sphere 5-7
Ares Crest Sphere 4-7
Demon Flag Sphere 5
  • BB Fill when Sparking Examples: Deemo LS When an attack sparks, each sparked unit's BB gauge is filled by a set amount. The amount can be random. Chance of Activation can be random.
Name Type Amount Activation Chance
Deemo LS 2-3 100%
  • BB BC Requirement Reduction Examples: Phee's LS, Summoner Hat Reduces the amount of BC required to fill the BB gauge by some amount. There's no rounding so fractional BC can matter - if you have no way to make fractional BC, consider the cost as rounding up. Arena starting BC is now reduced to match, so you start at 50% of the new cost.
Name Type Cost Reduction
Phee LS 20%
Zellha LS 20%
Kuda LS 20%
Lucca LS 15%
Ardin LS 15%
Ulkina LS 15%
Lucana LS 15%
Elder Hat Sphere 25%
Summoner Hat Sphere 10%
  • BB BC Consumption Reduction Examples: Lilith's SBB, Cardes' LS Refunds some amount of the BB gauge after activating BB/SBB. The amount of BC refunded is determined according to a % of the BC cost after considering BB BC Requirement Reduction effects. The amount of BC refunded can be random.
Name Type Consumption Reduction
Lilith SBB 100%
Rogen SBB 100%
Sergio (JP) SBB 100%
Cardes LS 25-30%
Yujeh LS 15-20%
Godly Statue Sphere 15%
  • BB Fill Rate Increase Examples: Felneus' LS, Lodin's LS, Aegis Cloak Increases the value of dropped BC by a certain amount. This can create fractional BC. This only affects dropped BC; BC from other sources are not increased.
Leader Skill % BC Value Increase Units
Ares' Excelsior 50% Bordebegia, Felneus, Uda, Faris, Duelmex, Elza
Ares' Authority 40% Oboro
Ares' Aurora 30% Orna
Five Light's Spirit 30% Lodin, Dia
Concert of Light 25% Miku
Blood Red Power 20% Kikuri
Bright Light's Power 20% Sefia
Sphere % BC Value Increase
Shadow Cloak 50%
Alzeon Pearl 50%
Aegis Cloak 25%
Miroku Pearl 15%
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2014.09.29 11:48 pillock69 SaintsWatch: 22nd to 28th September 2014

First Team - Premier League

Southampton 2 - 1 QPR
Bloody hell. Six in a row, someone pinch me! This match along with Swansea the previous Saturday were exactly the sort of matches that we would've lost or drawn last year and to come away with six points instead of one or two is a massive deal. It's not about how pretty it is, three points is three points! But it also does help when a big beautiful Italian helps you along the way with what can only be described as an absolute stunner.
Pre-Match Infographic Thanks to jebsticles
Post-Match Infographic Thanks to jebsticles
Match Threads: /SaintsFC ; /Soccer
Post-Match Threads: /SaintsFC ; /Soccer
Match Reports: BBC ; Guardian ;
Match Highlights
Full League Table

First Team - League Cup

Arsenal 1 - 2 Southampton
I'll be running out of superlatives before long. First time we've won away to Arsenal for 27 years, what an astonishing game. Arsenal didn't field their strongest 11 but it was still pretty bloody strong and don't forget that our starting 11 wasn't what we'd usually start with either. It's wonderful to see us win two consecutive away games after going behind, I can't remember the last time we've done that and looked so comfortable. The second half was difficult to watch as we really packed in to defend the one goal lead but there were a couple opportunities we had on the counter attack that came pretty close. Fantastic win and what a screamer from Clyne! He just can't score boring goals!
Pre-Match Infographic Thanks to jebsticles
Post-Match Infographic Thanks to jebsticles
Match Threads: /Soccer
Post-Match Threads: /SaintsFC ; /Soccer
Match Reports: BBC ; Guardian ;
Match Highlights
Fourth Round Draw
Another away game midweek, that's exactly what we need... We've been drawn away to Stoke which is going to make for a very interesting week. On Sat we play at home to Stoke in the league and three days later we travel there for the cup game. Will there be some squad mind games on the cards? Also, we have to travel away to Hull the Saturday after so a pretty unideal draw to be honest but it could've been worse!

Elsewhere in the Premier League

Not quite as barmy as last weekend but not bad at all for us.
Liverpool 1-1 Everton: Both of these teams are going to be at the top end of the table by the end of the season regardless of where they are now. Everton is certainly a team that we might be looking to finish ahead of if you're feeling optimistic. Regardless of your hopes this season, advancing another two points on both Liverpool and Everton can't be bad!
Chelsea 3-0 Aston Villa: We're never going to finish ahead of Chelsea so it's in our interests for them to beat everyone else this season. Villa suffer their second consecutive 3-0 defeat meaning there is now a three point gap between us.
Crystal Palace 2-0 Leicester I'd like to think that neither team will be a problem for us this season but Leicester did have the chance to leapfrog us had the results gone in their favour.
Hull City 2-4 Man City: Another good result here, Hull are looking like an extremely good side this season, going to be a very difficult game indeed when we travel away in October.
Man Utd 2-1 West Ham: Blimey what an upset! It's a shame this didn't also finish level but we're still a decent amount ahead of both teams.
Sunderland 0-0 Swansea: I've got a real nasty feeling in my stomach that we're going to struggle to take any points from Sunderland this season. They've drawn five of their six games this season and it was such a frustrating fixture to watch last year, hope I'm proved wrong! Not bad for us though that Swansea couldn't take all the points.
Arsenal 1-1 Tottenham: Another good result, pulling away on both teams. Spurs looked strong and played well, the Emirates is a difficult place to go and win as we all know!
West Brom 4-0 Burnley: I don't feel quite as bad about not getting all three points against the Baggies now, they've had a wonderful week. Burnley are really looking like they'll have a shocker of a season although still not quite as bad as that Derby side a few years go...
Stoke - Newcastle: Monday night kickoff so no results yet. A draw or a Newcastle win might be nice though.

Loan news

Artur Boruc got his first two clean sheets for Bournemouth as they claimed all three points at home to Wigan in a 2-0 win as well as thumping Cardiff 3-0 away in the cup.
Jos Hooiveld played the full 90 minutes as Norwich won 3-1 away at Blackpool to top the table. He didn't feature for Norwich's away loss to Shrewbury in the cup.
Jordan Turnbull played two full matches again for Swindon Town this week beating Barnsley 3-0 away and Newport County 2-1 away in the Paint Trophy. Jack Stephens made his season debut for Swindon in the Barnsley game also but picked up a yellow card.
Gastón Ramírez played the last 16 minutes for Hull in their home loss to Man City. Ramírez went close to leveling the game a few minutes after he came on but his effort was well saved.
Dani Osvaldo played in two league matches for Inter Milan in Seria A this week and scored in both. On Wednesday he scored the first in a 2-0 home win over Atalanta. On Saturday Inter hosted Cagliari, it was quite the first half with Inter going 1-0 down before Osvaldo equalised several minutes later. Ablin Ekdal then scored a fifteen minute hat-trick to give the bottom of the league side a shock away thrasing of Inter.
Jake Sinclair was an unused substitute in Hibernian's 2-0 away win at Ross County in the Scottish League Cup.


Southampton FC's Under-18's squad hosted Brighton at Staplewood on Saturday morning and suffered a 3-1 defeat. Shortly after the second half began, Brighton broke the deadlock before controlling the game to keep a three goal cushion. Substitute Joe Lea clawed one back for Saints but it proved to be just a consolation. Match Report.
Southampton FC's Under-21's squad travelled away to Everton last Monday evening and also took a 3-1 defeat. Ryan Seager equalised for Southampton shortly after half time but a late brace from Chris Long for Everton proved the difference. Match Report ; Match Highlights
The Under-21's squad play this evening home to Norwich. This match will be played at St. Mary's and is free to enter so if you've not got anything planned then go and support them! It will also be broadcast live on YouTube so if you can't make it to the ground then try and catch it online!

Articles and News

The Mirror run a positive story about us which is rare enough as it is but they also poke quite a bit of fun at the departed.
Ryan Bertrand hints at a permanent future with the Saints
Metro compare our results to what the bookies predicted
Scheniderlin discusses European Football with the Echo
Koeman is surprised at how well the season has started
James Ward-Prowse will be out for 10 weeks after fracturing his foot during the trip to Swansea. He will also miss the England U-21 playoff vs Croatia
Previous Round-Up
Throwback Wednesday
Video Thursday
Feature Friday - The Great Managerial Exodus of 2004

Interviews and Videos

Pelle seems pretty happy after his winner vs QPR!
Koeman doesn't seem to upset either
Pre-Match vs QPR Press Conference
Nice chat with Tadic after scoring his first vs Arsenal
Clyne smiling from ear to ear after his thunderbastard won the game

Week in Numbers

  • 13 - Southampton’s total of 13 points from six games is our best in the top-flight since claiming 14 in 1983-84 (when we came 2nd).
  • 4 - Southampton have won their last four Round 3 League Cup ties, scoring exactly twice in each game.
  • 27 - Only Chelsea (32) have fired in more shots on target in the Premier League this season than Southampton.
  • 4 - Longest current winning streak in the league

This coming week

Our next league fixture is away to Spurs on Sunday afternoon. It's going to be an extremely difficult game and I have a hard time convincing myself we're going to come away with anything. Spurs do have a Europa League game on Thursday at home to Turkish side Besiktas and they won't want to lose that so hopefully they'll play a strong side and could pick up a few knocks before Sunday. It's going to test their squad depth for sure. West Brom beat Spurs at their last home game so it is definitely possible and we do have some strong momentum right now. As much as I'd love to win away vs Poch's new side, I just don't think it's going to happen. But then I've been pessimistic before the last three games and we've won all of those so hopefully I'm wrong again!
submitted by pillock69 to SaintsFC [link] [comments]

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Opera for Beginners

Opera is a kind of musical drama in which some or all of the dialogue is sung. The history of opera is very particular and distinct from that of instrumental music, and the exact form of opera has varied over the centuries. Some are strictly divided between arias (songs for one singer which often stop the plot and allow characters to display their emotions) and recitatives (sections with minimal orchestral accompaniment which are sung in a more conversational way and advance the plot). There are also choruses, duets, trios, quartets (and so on) for singers. The complete text of an opera is referred to as the libretto. Other kinds of opera, like the German Singspiel tradition, use spoken dialogue instead of recitatives. Other varieties of opera include opera seria (serious drama) and opera buffa (light and comic works). At various times in opera's history, the division between arias and recitatives has broken down, being replaced instead by a more continuous, through-composed style. Composers like Wagner also started using leitmotifs (repeated musical themes associated with particular characters, objects, themes and emotions) to unify their works. In the late 19th century, a new, lighter form of opera called operetta emerged. For more on opera terminology, have a look at this glossary and this article about voice types.
  • The operas listed here can also be found on this spotify playlist.
  • A list of the world's most frequently performed operas can be found here.
  • Further resources and places to find libretti can be found in this list.
  • If you want recommendations of recordings or DVDs, or if you need the libretto and English translation of a particular opera, please feel free to send me a message.

Places to Start

If you want to listen to some arias first, rather than jumping straight into a full opera, try this excellent list.
Each of the works below has the language and era/style in brackets after the title.

Mozart - The Magic Flute (German, Classical)

A perfect place to begin, The Magic Flute is a light-hearted, tuneful and whimsical Singspiel. The Magic Flute contains: giant snakes, the Queen of the Night, a bird-catcher, two intertwining love stories, and of course, undercurrents of masonic symbolism and the promotion of Enlightenment values. Great fun from start to finish.

Mozart - The Marriage of Figaro (Italian, Classical)

Like Mozart, but feel like listening to something a bit more challenging than the Magic Flute? The Marriage of Figaro is an excellent place to start, and will help you familiarise yourself with the compartmentalised aria/recitative format. Although based on a satirical play about class, this opera works as a straightforward comedy about everyday human failings and absurd situations. It is also absolutely packed with brilliant arias. If you enjoy this, try Don Giovanni.

Puccini - La bohème (Italian, Verismo)

A relatively short opera set (as the title suggests) amongst a group of bohemian artists trying to find love and success in Paris. The opera is mainly focused on the tragic love story of Mimi and Rodolfo, and is a good example of the Italian verismo style, which drew inspiration from real life rather than mythology or fantasy. This work shows Puccini at his lyrical, colourful, over-the-top best - moving and intensely beautiful. If you enjoy this, try Tosca, Turandot or Madama Butterfly.

Verdi - La Traviata (Italian, Romantic)

Another relatively short opera, and another tragic love story - it's difficult to say any more than that without giving away the plot. Full of such recognisable (and ridiculously Italian) tunes as "Libiamo ne' lieti calici". If you enjoy this, try Rigoletto, Il Trovatore or Aida.

Bizet - Carmen (French, Romantic)

Yet another tragic love story (this comes up a lot in opera, you'll get used to it), this time set in the Spanish city of Seville, with plenty of Spanish-influenced music to go with it. Carmen is a gypsy who works in a cigarette factory - she seduces Don José, an army officer. It quickly becomes clear that this relationship can only go badly. Featuring such famous arias as "L'amour est un oiseau rebelle" and "Toréador, en garde!". If you enjoy this, try Roméo et Juliette, Werther or Manon.

Rossini - The Barber of Seville (Italian, Bel Canto)

The Marriage of Figaro is based on a play of the same name by the French writer Beaumarchais, but it was actually a sequel to an earlier work - The Barber of Seville. However, Rossini's operatic version was written after Mozart's version of the sequel. Confused? It doesn't matter - just listen to this hilarious and relentlessly cheery work. The bel canto (Italian for beautiful singing) era of opera occurred in the early 19th century, and is characterised by a light, pleasing and frequently virtuosic vocal style. If you enjoy this, try L'Elisir d'Amore, La Cenerentola, Lucia di Lammermoor or Don Pasquale.

Johann Strauss II - Die Fledermaus (German, Romantic)

A hugely entertaining comic operetta set in Vienna, focused on a very eventful New Year's Eve ball. Die Fledermaus is one of the most popular of all operettas. If you like this, try Lehár's Die Lustige Witwe, Humperdinck's Hänsel und Gretel, or Offenbach's Orphée aux enfers.

Beethoven - Fidelio (German, Romantic)

Not too bothered about all that pretty Italian warbling? Want something with a bit more... power? Try Beethoven's only opera, which takes the idea of political liberty as its theme. The plot concerns a man named Florestan who has been imprisoned for exposing the wrongs of a nobleman - his wife Leonore tries to rescue him, but to do so she must disguise herself as a man - Fidelio. If you like this, try Weber's Der Freischütz.

Wagner - The Flying Dutchman (German, Romantic)

Wagner followed on from Beethoven and Weber in the German operatic tradition, and his works are even heavier and more powerful than his predecessors. This opera is one of his earliest, shortest and most tuneful, and provides a more accessible way into his dense, complex work. The story is set on the coast of Norway, and concerns a ghostly sea captain seeking salvation through true love. If you like this, try Lohengrin, Tannhäuser or Die Meistersinger.

Richard Strauss - Salome (German, Late Romantic/Expressionist)

Feeling adventurous? Richard Strauss's dark and highly dramatic opera could be for you. The work is based on a play of the same name by Oscar Wilde, and draws its inspiration from the biblical tale of King Herod's daughter, Salome. The opera centres on Salome's terrifying obsession with the prophet Jochanaan, and has an incredibly disturbing finale. If you like this, try Der Rosenkavalier, which shows the lighter side of Strauss, but is fairly long, or Elektra, which is even darker than Salome.

Other Suggestions

If you want something very short, try Leoncavello's Pagliacci. If you want to avoid Italian, German and French operas, try Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin. If you prefer the Baroque era to the Romantic and Classical eras, try Purcell's Dido and Aeneas (short) or Handel's Giulio Cesare (long). Want to try some modernist operas? Try Stravinsky's The Rake's Progress, Britten's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Bartók's Bluebeard's Castle or Janáček's The Cunning Little Vixen. If you're feeling extremely adventurous and want something contemporary and avant-garde, try Philip Glass's Einstein on the Beach.

Attending an opera?

Have a look at my guide on what to do when attending a concert or an opera.
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