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As families across the United States celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday, Leehom Wang (王力宏) quietly got married in New York. One day after Leehom announced that he is currently dating 27-year-old Columbia University student, Lee Jinglei, his manager revealed that the couple registered their marriage on November 27, which coincided with the wedding anniversary of Leehom’s parents. Leehom denies dating model Evelyn Lin . More. 30 Oct – The media is abuzz with the latest rumour concerning Taiwanese superstar, Wang Leehom and model, Evelyn Lin. Groove Asia reported that the singer was spotted picking up Evelyn Lin in his TWD 4.8 million (approximately USD 164,075) BMW in the wee morning hours of 28 October before he sped ... Nairobi raha dating site he finished a script, she read datingg two floors away so that he could not hear her laughing. The producer says that his first autism dating statistics were pretty much ready to shoot. The humour rating the show, according to Moffat, is in the context. Evelyn Lin not dating Leehom More 1 Nov – Unsatisfied with Wang Leehom's answer about his relationship with Evelyn Lin, the media turned to the Taiwanese model herself for more information. Typically, there are now rumors that Leehom is dating the girl in the short, sexy qipao in the video, television host Janet. There is talk of a bicycle riding outing that Leehom supposedly did not confirm or deny. *yawn* Seriously, I wonder how many of these stories this guy has a year… Leehom Wang (王力宏) was, at his peak, one of the biggest pop idols to ever come out of Taiwan.A million-dollar seller, Leehom was often compared to and pitted against Taiwan’s natural treasure Jay Chou (周杰倫), and for nearly 25 years, Leehom was a strong force in the Taiwanese music industry.. In 2013, Leehom announced that he would marry non-celebrity Jinglei Lee (李靚蕾), and ... Shu Qi has not been previously engaged. Qi Shu has been in relationships with Leehom Wang (2006), Leon Lai (2004 – 2006), Chen Chang and Takeshi Kaneshiro. We are currently in process of looking up information on the previous dates and hookups. Online rumors of Shu Qis’s dating past may vary. After his sudden announcement on his romance yesterday, Leehom Wang drops another bomb for his fans today. 37-year-old Leehom and his 27-year-old girlfriend, Li Jinglei have registered for marriage on 27 November 2013 (US time)! Leehom has also confirmed his wedding news via his manager today. “I am grateful for the blessings from my fans and … It looks like Jinglei already caught Leehom’s eyes years ago, although was subsequently romantically linked with A-mei (张惠妹), Shu Qi (舒淇), Crystal Liu (刘亦菲) and even rumored in a homosexual relationship with pianist Li Yundi (李雲迪). After several dating relationships, Leehom found that Jinglei suited him best. Who is he dating right now? According to our records, Leehom Wang is possibly single. Relationships. Leehom Wang has been in a relationship with Qi Shu (2006).. About. Leehom Wang is a 43 year old Taiwanese Singer. Born Alexander Wang on 17th May, 1976 in Rochester, New York, United States, he is famous for Popular Taiwanese singer.

Weekly Roundup

2018.01.01 03:01 AutoModerator Weekly Roundup

News roundup for the previous week.
In International news
  1. China, Thailand inaugurate construction of #Thailand's 1st high-speed railway: The 253-km first phase of the railway links Bangkok with Nakhon Ratchasima province. The planned second phase of the project will link Nakhon Ratchasima with Nong Khai on the border with Laos
  2. Xi's China rising, Trump's America waning: #Trump has managed to alienate more allies and provoke more enemies faster and more decisively than any of his predecessors in recent history. Meanwhile, US' chief rival, China, has steadily expanded its influence across the Asia-Pacific region and beyond
  3. Finland enjoys surge of Asian tourists
  4. Iraq reaches deal with China's Zhenhua to develop Baghdad oilfield
  5. The kitchen power from China conquering the world
  6. #Venezuela Minister attacks US during China visit: "Our country is under permanent attack and aggression from the United States of America," Arreaza said at a press conference where he also heaped fulsome praise on China, one of the country's largest creditors
  7. China, Pakistan to look at including Afghanistan in $57 billion economic corridor
  8. China Is Giving More Foreign Aid Than It Gets: China’s development aid to Africa totaled 47% of its total foreign assistance in 2009 alone, and from 2000 to 2012 it funded 1,666 official assistance projects in 51 African countries, according to the Brookings Institution
  9. Cuba to Boost Solar Power Production with China's Aid
  10. Trump: Agent Of Chaos (a.k.a. “The Kraken”)
  11. Australia least friendly country to China in 2017: poll
  12. Afghanistan, China, Iran, Russia, Turkey natural allies of one another, Speaker NA: For centuries, our forefathers have travelled each-others’ lands through the historic Silk Route, exchanging goods, creeds and ideas
  13. Russia’s Red Army Choir to return to Beijing in 2018
  14. Kuwait taps Chinese experience in youth empowerment: #Kuwait's Youth Public Authority (YPA) aims to draw upon the Chinese model to empower youth and increase their contribution to state building, YPA Director General Abdulrahman Al-Mutairi has said
  15. #Japan and China sign 23 energy-saving, environmental cooperation projects at Tokyo meet: At the meeting, Hiroshige Seko, minister of economy, trade and industry, expressed Tokyo’s support for China’s “One Belt, One Road” development initiative for countries along the ancient Silk Road
  16. China has immortalised Donald Trump as a dog to celebrate the New Year
  17. Pak Navy committed to protecting Gwadar port, CPEC: PM
  18. ISIS numbers growing fast near China’s New Silk Road, says Russia
  19. Trump 'disappointed' in China over NKorea sanctions
  20. As U.S. sanctions keep Western businesses out of Iran, China seizes the opportunity
  21. China says "this is not how a U.S. president should behave" after Trump tweet
  22. China no longer dumping ground for foreign waste
  23. 汉字意义仍举足轻重韩国2018年并行汉字 (South Korea to reinstitute Chinese literacy classes in education curriculum)
  24. Palestinians want China to replace U.S. as mediator in Mideast peace talks
  25. China, #SriLanka joint development in Hambantota rockets from vision to reality in 2017
  26. Japan's ruling parties to cooperate on China's #SilkRoad initiative
  27. Xi says China ready to promote mutual trust, cooperation with Russia in 2018
  28. Chinese FM: Afghanistan and Pakistan agreed to improve bilateral ties. Pakistan's proposal of establishing working panels in politics, military, intelligence, economy and refugee-related issues was echoed by Afghanistan and supported by China
In Domestic news
  1. Blue skies in Beijing signal turning point in China's war on pollution.
  2. The Party’s influence on China’s young generation has become omnipresent: In his work report delivered at the Party congress, President Xi Jinping said youth are the future of the nation and that the Chinese Dream will only be realized through the hard work of our youth
  3. China is methodically building the world’s most ambitious carbon market
  4. China takes steps to drive out foreigners with an illicit past: Recent years have seen considerably more effort being put into keeping #foreigners with a criminal history out of China. Some of the foreign fugitives were found to work in the teaching industry in China
  5. China's Communist Party to discuss amending constitution, graft fight
  6. China Communist Party takes control of paramilitary police
  7. WeChat will soon be China's official virtual ID
  8. WeChat Becomes 1st Social Media Platform for Legal Court Filing (in Beijing)
  9. Chinese parents push kids to get cracking on coding. Classes in coding, robotics and AI are the latest trend among Chinese parents looking to give their children a leg up.
  10. Hainan shopping mall offers ‘shareable boyfriends’ for lonely shoppers
  11. China's solar expressway meets light of day
  12. China is building a village simulating the environmental conditions on Mars, in northwest China's Qinghai Province. The project, as part of China's Mars exploration preparation, was approved by experts in Beijing Thursday
  13. 80% of China's new middle class feel better off than 5 years ago. In Japan and the U.S., just 40-50% of respondents answered the same way
  14. China outlines roadmap for rural vitalization - Xinhua English.news.cn
  15. Shows about tradition and culture hits of the year in China: shows like Chinese Poetry Conference and Letters Alive quickly climbed to the top of the national TV ratings, while also rising to the top on Chinese media review platforms such as Douban
  16. Beijing launches three rail lines
  17. Over 110,000 electric car charging poles installed in Beijing
  18. China Shuts Down Its Legal Ivory Trade
In SciTech news
  1. Long March 2D sends China’s second Land Surveying Satellite to orbit: LKW-2 (also known as Yaogan Weixing-32) is a land-exploration satellite that will be mainly used for remote sensing exploration of land resources
  2. How China is taking on the world in space
  3. China successfully tests artificial rain enhancement using drones: first rain enhancement operation using a drone to perform cloud seeding to trigger precipitation under complex weather conditions
  4. Beijing Uses Facial Recognition to Catch Cheaters in First PC-Based English College Entrance Exam
  5. China launches remote sensing satellites: As the third batch of the Yaogan-30 project, the satellites will conduct electromagnetic environmental probes and other experiments
  6. China’s moon mission to boldly go a step further: China may achieve a feat never attempted by the US or USSR – landing on the far side of the moon
  7. Chinese scientists marked several firsts in 2017, such as testing spy drones in near space and detecting the world’s first trace of dark matter. They also embarked on some groundbreaking research projects, including military breakthroughs, supercomputers, dark matter and more.
  8. China’s latest plans to dominate robot, smart car and railway industries by 2020: magnetic levitation trains able to travel at up to 600km/h by 2020. Other areas include smart cars, robotics, advanced shipbuilding and maritime equipment, advanced medical devices and drugs, new materials
In Economic news
  1. Your High Quality Caviar Might Just Be Made in China: The Kaluga Queen brand produced on Qiandao Lake—a man-made, 573 square kilometer reservoir about 200 miles southwest of Shanghai—is served in 21 of the 26 Michelin three-starred restaurants in Paris
  2. China's Geely opens UK plant for electric London taxis
  3. China stays top of global games market with over $ 30 bln revenue
  4. China's Jan-Oct silicon exports see remarkable growth
  5. China's civil drones are to fly high: China's civil drone market revenue is expected hit 60 billion yuan (US$9.1 billion) in 2020, with annual growth rate of 40 percent
  6. China, Flush With Cash, Sets Sights on Shipping: “It’s an unprecedented shift in ship financing,” said Basil Karatzas, a New York-based maritime adviser. “We’ve come from export credits, to a few Western owners, to China becoming a mainstream financier in both new and used vessels.”
  7. Alibaba founder Jack Ma's tips on how to become a rich businessman: Hire women
  8. The average age of on-line luxury shoppers in China is now 25, 15 years younger than European luxury consumers, and 20 years younger the US.
  9. South Korea Allows LG Display to Take #OLED Know-How to China: South Korea will allow one of its largest companies to build a new organic light-emitting diode production facility in China, the first time a Korean firm will transfer the sophisticated technology abroad
  10. China to cap overseas withdrawals using domestic bank cards
In Military news
  1. Chinese Military Ready to Develop Cooperation With Afghan Army
  2. Chinese report says South China Sea islands expanded 'reasonably': this year construction projects there including radar facilities covered about 290,000 square meters (72 acres)
  3. Introducing the DF-17: China's Newly Tested Ballistic Missile Armed With a Hypersonic Glide Vehicle
  4. Taiwan says Chinese air force exercised near island 16 times in last year: #Taiwan’s defense ministry listed the number of times China’s air force had drilled near the island since the end of October last year and which aircraft were involved, including bombers and advanced fighter jets
  5. China Tests Hypersonic Weapon, Rendering US THAAD Obsolete
  6. 'February sea trial' for China's first homemade carrier. The new carrier, known as Type 002, is expected to be tested after the Lunar New Year; third-generation carriers may be built concurrently after that.
Other Notables
  1. West hypes false Tiananmen death toll
  2. [Entertainment]Movie recommendations?
  3. Tajiks in China: Guardians of China's Frontiers
  4. The Retreat of Western Liberalism
  5. Chinese TV wows Koreans
  6. Seven Surprising Facts About Chinese Restaurants in the United States
  7. Western imperialists spewing fake news about the so called "Christmas ban" to push their agenda again
  8. Wang Leehom Full Address Oxford Union
  9. MaSiWei - Refresh (Official Video)
  10. Sweet holidays ad: The Magic Journey of Lilliput
  11. I really love this dialect i wish i can learn and understand it
  12. Yukon Huang // What the West Doesn't Understand About China's Economy—A Lot!
  13. Chinese in Australia
  14. "China's Socialist Economy: An Outline History (1949-1984)" (English-language Chinese book from 1986, just scanned, PDF format)
  15. 胡兵 Hu Bing
  16. Welcome the #TrumpDog: A giant dog figure sporting Trump's hairdo and gesture is seen outside a shopping mall heralding the upcoming Year of the Dog.
  17. Westerners should stop finding excuses to interfere with China's internal affairs
  18. Classic Chinese architects pioneered industrial processes
  19. 谢帝 - 瞎打发卡(diss了整个说唱圈的风气,提到的人物可以组成一个连队
  20. 外国人在中国 为爱起舞
  21. Westerners are now wanting to open and flood China's borders
  22. China TV studios form alliance to boost TV drama exports
  23. Lady White Snake - Traditional Han Tang Green Sleeves Dance
  24. TIL In the 1940s, Soviet construction workers discovered the ruins of a Han Dynasty Era Chinese palace that may have belonged to Li Ling, a Chinese general who defected to the Xiongnu after his failed military expedition against them, in Southern Siberia
  25. Quora answer to: Do younger Chinese especially the well educated Chinese born after 1990 support Chinese government more?
  26. Exporting the Chinese Model by Francis Fukuyama
  27. Stunning soup bowls dating back 3,100 years uncovered in China
  28. Time to end the "China Threat" mindset
  29. Kris Wu & Zhao Liying - Miss You 吴亦凡&赵丽颖《想你》MV
  30. Wooden slips reveal China's first emperor's overt pursuit of immortality. According to new archaeological findings, China's first emperor even went so far as to make it a government function, more than 2,000 years ago
  31. China stable as US shakes world in 2017
  32. Is high-end fashion blind to Asian models?. Burberry, Prada, Dior's models do not reflect their customer bases.
  33. A young chef in Jilin province created a cold dish in the style of a Chinese landscape painting using cucumber, sliced beef, carrots and tofu
  34. Most inspiring family photos of the year: Father and son stun Chinese netizens for losing pounds and getting muscular together within 6 months
  35. Chinese mall unveils #TrumpDog statue to celebrate Lunar New Year
  36. Big Buddha in Ningbo
  37. The tyrannical asymmetry of cultural exchange between Asia and the West
  38. Zheng He's Treasure ship vs Columbus's Santa Maria ship
  39. China tells foreign (fake news) media to stop it with the wild speculation
  40. China, the real left wingers, none of that libtard sh*t: 社会主义好 Socialism is Good 1957
  41. Since its china's fault for selling oil to NK
  42. Guilin sunset, Guangxi
  43. Good History Channels/Site
  44. In China, how common is it for businesses and factories to close for most or all of the Chinese New Year holiday period? And, do many businesses remain closed for an extended time beyond this period?
  45. Don't try 360-degree turnaround swing in Kunlun Fight for you'll probably leave your head wide open to heavy punch. Mexico's Thai boxing champion Jose Ruelas was KOed by China's Wu Xuesong after a failed attempt
  46. Shared pool at a housing complex in China
  47. Sanctions?
  48. JONY J 奴隶
  49. Western definition of neo-imperialism: anything China does
  50. Lucky Knot Bridge, Changsha, Hunan province, China.
  51. Foreigner exposes fake news about "China banning Christmas"
  52. Upcoming Chinese donghua(animation) in Winter 2018
  53. China Unknown: Screaming for Ice Cream!
  54. Ancient oracle bones added as UNESCO memory: They provide records of divinations and prayers to the gods from people in the late Shang Dynasty (c.16th century-11th century BC)
  55. 逃跑计划 - 一万次悲伤 my jam right now. Both the original and the cover.
  56. Did China Really BAN Christmas??? (No)
  57. 王力宏 Leehom Wang《奇遇的起點 Singularity》官方 Official MV
  58. China's Online Big Movies
  59. Symphony of Jianggan Ⅱ - Time travel in Hangzhou
  60. Asians Dont Participate in Merica's unjust wars
  61. Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers 2018 New Year Address in Beijing
  62. China Is the New Hollywood, Director Says
  63. Shanghai [1365x2048]
  64. The decline of U.S. influence is the great global story of our times
  65. Asians in Asia don't realize how dangerous the west is right now
  66. #Dujiangyan is the the world's oldest and only preserved dam-free water diversion irrigation system. It was built in 250 BC and still provides water to major neighbouring cities - incredible
  67. Tizzy T & Jony J 【想把你留在這裡】HD 高清官方完整版 MV
  68. I Hope Embracing My Chinese-Canadian Identity Inspires My Daughter To Define Her Own
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2015.08.09 10:57 blazingblue16 Memoir of a Roasted Duck Pt.1

I, blazingblue16, did NOT write these posts.
The Tinder hookup guide:
This is a guide on how to hookup from Tinder once you've already gotten her to meet you.
This is not the guide on how to set up your profile. PM disciple888 (RIP his inbox) if you want to know how to set up your profile, but basically:
  1. Look hot.
  2. Put dumb/basic shit in your caption.
  3. Look hot.
  4. Post pics with girls.
  5. Post pics with guy friends where you're the hottest.
  6. Look hot.
  7. Ask for lots of numbers.
Once you've gotten the number, go straight for the meetup. Your first text should be "Hey, this is [your name]". And then your second text should be "When are you free?"
Fuck that comfort shit. You know why you're on Tinder, and she knows why she's on Tinder.
Note that some girls may end up not meeting up with you. That's normal. But once you've gotten their number, a ~80% meetup conversion rate is quite reasonable...
Assuming you have unlimited time
Although you don't want to be that guy that asks "Is Monday okay? No? What about Tuesday? No? What about Wednesday?" If a girl offers you a day and you don't take it, she'll often just mentally "next" you, especially if she's a sexually active girl that has a lot of options.
Take whatever day she offers.
Make sure you have lots of time
Time is generally irrelevant as to night/day. What is relevant is to make sure that you guys have maybe 3 or 4 hours to hang out. It gives you time to escalate, time to pull her back to your place, and more importantly, she won't be pressured to check her watch every 5 minutes because she has to meet her friends for dinner at 8.
However, the night/day thing is relevant in regards to privacy. Obviously you get more privacy in a park at night etc.
You don't need alcohol
I don't know about you guys, but alcohol, in my experience, doesn't actually convert a non-DTF girl into a DTF girl. All it does is hasten the process.
You don't need alcohol to hook up.
Plus, clubs/bars are usually male-competition-heavy environments. You don't want to go into a bar with her to have her discover that there are tons of other hot guys there hitting on her.
A basic date plan
  1. Meet up at a landmark close to a Starbucks.
  2. Say hi, bullshit with her etc while walking to the Starbucks.
  3. Get your drinks to go (sitting down is super boring, and more importantly, doesn't give you an opportunity to physically escalate)
  4. Walk her to a park/private area nearby that you've scouted already.
  5. Make out with her there (actually you can make out wherever you want, but I guess a private place is better).
  6. Try and pull her back to your place.
Make sure your place is easily accessible, if not by car, then by public transport. You must try and pull her back to your place.
Sex and retention
This isn't highschool anymore. Girls have so many options that she'll kiss a guy and then have no intention of seeing him again.
The absolute best way to retain a girl (ie have her want to see you again) is to have good sex with her. And you can't do that without pulling her back to your place - thus the importance of having lots of time, and choosing a location close to your place.
The importance of trying
If you can't actually pull her back to your place (it's too far away, she has work in 2 hours etc) then you have to keep trying.
If she can't have sex with you, then the best way in which she can estimate your sexual abilities is by the way you act. By trying to pull her back, it implies that you're a) comfortable with sex b) you do this a lot which translates to c) you're good at sex, thereby increasing the probability of her wanting to see you again.
Physical shit: when do I kiss? etc
Let me make this clear: assuming that you look reasonably close to your Tinder pictures, any girl that meets up with you from Tinder is already down to kiss you at the very least. There are very, very, very few exceptions to this rule.
Therefore, the entire time you meet up with her, everything (including conversation) is just an excuse for you to inevitably/eventually kiss (and then hopefully fuck) her.
Therefore, assuming you have basic conversation skills (don't do negging or any PUA shit you don't need it, she already likes you) all you need to do is be really touchy. Hug her when you first meet her. Ask for hugs randomly. Wrap her in your arms and complain about being cold. Put your arms around her when you're sitting down. Etc.
Go for the kiss if you feel like it. Doesn't matter if she turns away, as long as she doesn't walk away she still wants to kiss you (and believe me lol, girls will walk away if they're not into you anymore). Just keep trying.
Don't kiss too much. Kissing diffuses sexual tension past a certain point.
Turn her on. Ask her which parts of her body being kissed turns her on (blah blah neck ear collarbone shoulder etc) and then keep kissing that, all the while asking her to come home with you.
The "come home with me" excuse
For ~very sexually active~ girls, you can literally just say "come home with me" and they'll be fine with it, because you've (if you did your job right) made them horny, they want sex, and they've probably already done this before.
With less experienced girls, you'll probably have to think of some stupid reason for them to come home with you. Make it semi-believable so they can lie to themselves and their friends that ~it just happened!~ but it doesn't have to be tooooo realistic. If she says no, just keep asking. As long as she hasn't walked away, keep trying.
Plan your shit. Know exactly where to go so that you guys can kiss, and then how to smoothly pull her back to your place.
Be really touchy. She already likes you, the kiss is inevitable. Make her horny so that she wants to go home with you.
As long as she's still sticking around, keep trying.
I'm not saying that you'll become more attractive to girls with practice (because that's PUA bullshit: your attractiveness is a direct reflection of a combination of your physical appearance and your social value/wealth), but you will get better at this process as your practice. You will know when to ask girls to come home with you, when to kiss, when to put your arm around her, how to give her plausible deniability to come with you, which girls are DTF and which aren't, etc.
You'll fuck up a lot and that's fine; I certainly did a shitload (and I still do llolololololol).
Masculine Asian pop music and its positive effects on self-identity
On a lighter note...
I've started to delve more into Cantonese and Mandarin pop. Ironically (or perhaps suitably), this interest started two or so years ago, when I hooked up with a girl from HK who was really into Cantopop.
Before then, I listened almost exclusively to rap and R&B.
Although Canto/Mandopop does occasionally feature more emotional lyrics, they are honestly on par with your typical Trey Songz lyrics in terms of ~feelingz~ (and Trigga was a great fuckin' album).
And it always helps that it's sung by someone that looks like you.
Positive effects on self-identity
This has been repeated ad nauseum, but it's important to see people that look like you be cool. It certainly helps to see Pak Ho Chau, Ronghao Li, Aaron Kwok, and even Wang Leehom. Much better than fuckin' Ken Jeong.
(Ronghao Li is also a very good example of someone who isn't good looking, but still manages to look good through the way he dresses).
And it helps that it sounds good.
Below, I've linked some of my favorite recent Mandopop and Cantopop releases. Most of them feature cool guys doing cool things.
Also, you'll notice that a lot of them are foreign (mostly Canadian) born Chinese.
Feel free to link K-Pop or J-Pop - unfortunately, I don't listen to them (except for one or two songs) so I don't have a comprehensive list.
I also haven't linked any female songs, although if guys want I can also do a quick post on some of my favorite female Canto/Mandopop singers.
Pakho Chau fucking a hot girl PakHo is a good mix of being naturally good looking and dressing well/edgy as well. Dude wears a lot of black. He has a streetwear line too, with a really cool leathewool baseball varsity.
Yan Ting doing MMA. Dude is cool for bringing MMA to the forefront of HK culture. His other single also sounds pretty much like a Justin Timberlake mid-2000s throwback, which is cool. And he's Singaporean.
Fred Cheng playing with goldfish Nigga's like 31 and his skin is flawless. Dope song too, especially the chorus. He's also a Canadian-born Chinese.
Dear Jane doing rock right Pretty much the only successful HK rock band. I think the band members are all Canadian. The girl is cute too.
Eason Chan being Eason Chan Pretty much 20 years as the king of pop in Asia.
Phil Lam: this is just a really pleasing song He's a Canadian-born Chinese too.
BOP straight-up jacking a Stargate/Max Martin beat The guys look a little gay (although they're good looking), but more importantly - bitches love them, and the beat is amazing, and nothing like a typical Cantopop beat.
Ronghao "I'm not good looking but I wear a lot of leather jackets so bitches love me" Li Good song, and his entire aesthetic/vibe is very rough/masculine, which is cool.
Jay "married a girl 15 years younger" Chou Jay Chou. No further introduction needed.
Zhou Mi over a DJ Mustard beat Well, not actually DJ Mustard, but it certainly sounds like it. Plus, dude is like 6'1, bitches love him, and he's a Chinese member of a Korean group. That's pretty cool.
Wang Leehom working with Wong Fu Fun fact: Wang Leehom went to Swarthmore and grew up in the US.
Eason "I can sing in Mandarin too" Chan This is just a cool song in general. Cool dark vibe in the music video too.
JJ Lin with a really hot girl If Eason Chan is the king of pop, JJ Lin is the second Taiwanese prince of pop after Jay Chou.
Leo Ku Just a good cover of a good song.
F.I.R.: yes it's a male/female duet but I don't care this song is great F.I.R. is amazing. Anyone who was around since the 2004/2005 will remember them.
Yundi Li playing La Campanella beautifully Because the piano is fuckin' cool. Have some pride, people.
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25 Facts About Tom Holland That Will Activate Your 'Peter ... 'I'm Not Worthy' - Charlene Choi & Wang Lee Hom SuperM Jopping: Ellen show - YouTube Wang Leehom Shirtless @ Mohegan Sun 王力宏 Leehom Wang - Julia (Clean Version) - YouTube Do you HATE your job? - Job Expectations - YouTube Day in the Life of an Average Japanese Salaryman in Tokyo LChiuy - YouTube Accidentally In Love MV  Chinese Pop Music (English Sub ...

Leehom Wang Got Married in New York JayneStars.com

  1. 25 Facts About Tom Holland That Will Activate Your 'Peter ...
  2. 'I'm Not Worthy' - Charlene Choi & Wang Lee Hom
  3. SuperM Jopping: Ellen show - YouTube
  4. Wang Leehom Shirtless @ Mohegan Sun
  5. 王力宏 Leehom Wang - Julia (Clean Version) - YouTube
  6. Do you HATE your job? - Job Expectations - YouTube
  7. Day in the Life of an Average Japanese Salaryman in Tokyo
  8. LChiuy - YouTube
  9. Accidentally In Love MV Chinese Pop Music (English Sub ...
  10. Strangers, again - YouTube

Do you ever feel pressured to do or be something you're not? Stay true to what you love! Behind the Scenes: http://youtu.be/KylIWv8KZBE Produced and Directed... Music video by Leehom Wang performing Julia. (P) 1999 Sony Music Entertainment (Taiwan) Ltd. These facts about Tom Holland will get your Spidey Sense tingling... Or should we say your 'Peter Tingle.' Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-... Fan-made music video trailer contains short scenes from the 2018 romance comedy TV drama series Accidentally In Love [惹上冷殿下] where a schoolgirl who changes h... Japanese work day at a Japanese office for an average Japanese salaryman in a Tokyo office. Living in Japan and working in Japan is quite a unique experience... Check out our Patreon page & help us continue to make original films! https://www.patreon.com/wongfuproductions Our movie 'Everything Before Us' is now avail... Leehom. 4:20. 王力宏 Leehom Wang - ... Cyber Dating - Duration: 4 minutes, 22 seconds. 241 views; 8 years ago; 4:10. 52 Weeks of Suki - Jonathan Fleming Photography - Duration: 4 minutes, 10 ... 09 Oct 2019: Baekhyun's high note lived this time will kill ya all !!! However, some part of the song has been cut off (Mark's Rap part) by the reason of lim... Charlene and Lee Hom met when they were in college, and started dating. Even after Lee Hom got signed to be a singer and later on becomes famous but his relationship with Charlene continued to grow. Leehom's concert in February 2007 at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. Sorry about the shakiness and blurriness...I was shifting and my camera's not that great...but enjoy anyways ;) ... Dating on Earth ...